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  1. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Mind Offender's Steam ID: Steam Community :: Mind Rules Broken: Building Blocking / Body Blocking = bad Ban Type: Server Ban Evidence: I really never wanted to have to make one of these, but this stuff isn't funny. At all. Even if you're on the same team. The player in question decided to buildingblock on clocktown, while Red-Team, of course, and when informed on several occasions that buildingblocking is against rules, he simply responded with "Nah". Axtin was on the server at the time, dunno if he saw this... Scoots came on at SOME point, and liekos barely missed this. Screenshot of base. In case it is hard to tell (because it is), this is on the exit near the frost area. Steam Community :: Screenshot :: oh boy, buildingblocking. my favorite.
  2. ah crap forgot. he's on TGH n Pokemans. called clocktown good like a bright banana. +1 A: ehhhh he has a bedtime. i think. 8/10 M: 9/10
  3. How do i know violence won't solve stuff? this isn't a Fast&Furious movie.
  4. How do i know vioence won't solve stuff? this isn't a Fast&Furious movie.
  5. oh well. social media activity was never a strong suit. sorry~ <3 preferrably i'll eventually get into socializing more and not being so holed up x3 but for the meantime i have algebra to murder~
  6. A: 9/10 M:9/10 A very trusting, honest person. not a piece of shit. likes jojo's bizarre adventure more than Sanford and Son. 'nuff said.
  7. welp sure. can price skins accurately. need someone like that. +1 A:0.00000000000069/10 M:10/10
  8. Still prettier than the girls I know.
  9. Kirby 64 Miracle matter. it starts loud and violently, then calms slightly into an intense synthy baseline.