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  1. Kypari

    Vacation Notice!

    I'm jealous! Have fun dude!
  2. Though this map looks really cool, it is not designed with tf2 in mind at all. Everyone is too scared to go through each of the pipes as the entire enemy team or a sniper will take you out instantly. Aside from that, the main reason I believe this should be removed is because you have to manually kill yourself if you fall off the map, which not everyone knows how to do in the first place if they are newer to TF2.
  3. Kypari

    Henlo! (◕▿◕✿)

  4. Kypari

    FF2 server ideas

    Honestly I don't really see the point in removing any bosses for not being played if we can just add more on top of it, unless it is literally impossible to do that and you have to replace them. I'm completely fine with re-working bosses or if they're in cases like Fujiwara No Mokou we could straight up just remove them.
  5. Kypari

    Anime Merch

    @bagggel has an extensive collection of squidgirls
  6. Kypari


    Oh there's a 3rd demo? I wasn't aware of this, my bad. Probably better to keep it open just in case ^^
  7. Kypari


    This is pretty irrelevant at this point. It's up to @maf427 if he goes on alt accounts or not and we cannot punish him for doing so. @[email protected]@[email protected]@Vargas I think personally a swift unban would be neat ^^
  8. Kypari


    Or just a normal human missing shots and landing some which is relatively normal
  9. Kypari


    +1 Watched both demos. Nothing suspicious from what I saw at all really, and instant-respawning is only not allowed when you use cptele and gain an advantage from it (like the element of surprise).
  10. Kypari

    Selfie Sunday

    We both got it cut in like mid-early 2016
  11. Kypari

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    Yeah, Own Little World. Good song
  12. Kypari

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    Hello!! I love all music apart from reggae fudge reggae simple stupid fudgeing poop music My favourite genres are probably pop, metal and electronic. Anything ambient is incredible as well, like Ambient Folk
  13. Kypari

    Hi hey hello!

    It feels like I can finally do whatever I wanted and I'm not barred because of laws, it's great
  14. Kypari

    Hi hey hello!

    My birthday was on the 11th that just went by! Finally legal to do everything I've ever wanted to We actually celebrate Mother's Day in like March in the UK
  15. Kypari

    Selfie Sunday

    Was my birthday yesterday so it was my first time going clubbing, took a picture just before I left