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  1. Kypari


    PM is specifically for those who have abused, which is why we give them less commands. It would likely just be straight up mod.
  2. Kypari

    How did you make your username?

    I came up Kypari (without the !) because one time after I'd watched sword art online there was a widget that I downloaded for my phone that displayed your phone's battery in SAO health bar form, but I needed a name for it, so while I was having a poop thinking of names for it I just randomly typed stuff until I came up with Kypari. Truly inspirational. I ended up adding the ! to make it Kypari! because I used to do a lot of trading years ago and I took inspiration from many higher-tier traders, one of which being someone called Mattie! I thought the ! looked cool so I added it in
  3. Kypari


    Hey, it's a learning experience. Happy to start things again ^^
  4. Kypari

    Horrible xG Member

    (this one is literally targeting me for my mental health and anxiety, see the rating) If this is your personal idea of "not causing chaos" I might need to throw a dictionary at your face. Blatantly disrespecting members, staff and such because you didn't get your way. All of these silly passive aggressive comments and massive posts on the forums in which you try to make something that's not even that big of a deal into a huge deal could be dealt with SO much better, and in fact are causing chaos. You can contact your local higherup alternatively to making passive aggressive comments and trying to cause a poopstorm. We can prevent this together just so long as everyone tries to be civil and friendly! https://imgur.com/a/zHarbM5 Not even going to paste picture after picture anymore because this post is getting very long >.> , but it's pretty evident that you guys weren't happy with the overall decision people were coming to. Just because you didn't vouch doesn't mean you didn't have an opinion regardless. Had I been doing what Jackie was doing on the server, I'm preeeetty sure you guys would have been all over that. Though I'm assuming that entirely, I think plenty of us are genuinely confused why you guys thought that was justified. You're entitled to your opinions of course, but it doesn't always come across very well if you guys just rate things instead of actually saying anything, it just looks like you guys know that she should be in trouble but want to deny it with ratings (of course, that may not have been your intention, but that is how it definitely comes across to me personally).
  5. Kypari

    Horrible xG Member

    There are far more groups than just the furry group. That specification is so broad that I don't think I can even place who you mean by it. There's groups of Wyverness' discord, Krampus', Healix's, Hachi's, and many of us are in multiple of them. Just labeling everyone as furries despite how surprisingly enough a lot of people aren't actually furries doesn't exactly come across very well at all. I'm really unsure why you're pinning this all on Tuna, I don't have problems with any of you solely because of tuna because that's completely unfair. Many people in your friendship group I have had problems with in the past and currently, and since most of the people in that group go around sort of in packs and often do things together, I don't think it's unsurprising personally to say that a lot of us aren't a fan at all of how many of you have acted. Hopefully we can all put a change to that! I don't even know if I would have called it the tuna group in the first place to be honest Things could definitely have been handled better to a degree where (I mean this with the upmost respect) it just makes you guys look rude, snarky and I hate to say it but kind of childish. As virr said, we're a gaming community and there's no need for drama and I just want everyone to get along, but when I see passive aggression (from both sides too) it just makes me feel like we've lost something. You're saying you're much better than the other and that's obviously entirely biased and pretty unfair to say, but obviously you see your group from a different standpoint to what many of us do. In my personal opinion I would think the total opposite, no offense of course. I feel a lot of drama stems from private discord ranting and people disagreeing with opinions. Why is it so bad if someone disagrees with your opinion? We are all human (surprisingly considering the current state of the tf2 division) and we all have feelings and opinions, and no one should be shamed or insulted for that. If someone disagrees with you, ask why, try to change their mind, and if all else fails that's OK! This leads me to another problem that I've been having, which is in regards to people on TGH essentially tryharding and playing "as if it was competitive". This came up in an issue recently when many maps had votes to be removed and people were making comments such as "24/7 Aquatic Ruin". Complaining how people play in the first place is the problem, and I don't even play competitively - I just kill people because that's my way of fun and I prefer maps that are more balanced and are fun to fight on, I would join a comp team if I played competitively, not hang around on xG. Hanging out with you guys and killing is great and why I love playing on xG servers, so if people would stop judging other people for playing they way they do that would be nice, and I'm directing this at the people who play it competitively and call people idiots for liking to explore maps too (that really bothers me), not just the people making snarky comments towards those who do play it competitively. People play in their own way and as long as we're not breaking rules or hurting anyone is it really such an issue? I hear things like "why are we voting for this fudgeing map lol" (specifically from the competitive people since I'm often with them in a call) way too often and I also hear others complain like "lol competitive tf2", but I just don't understand why people can just vote for the maps they like, try to rile people up to go to the map you like and just get along, not argue over something so silly.
  6. Kypari


    Yeah, just stating things that have definitely tilted my opinion since yeah of course people change but if there are hints of what happened in the past still here today, it shouldn't be dismissed unfortunately. You definitely dealt with Skelly VS Tuna well, so that's a good thing to come from that frustrating ordeal >.> In regards to the other thing about surf spawns I agree with you now! ^^ Unfortunately it still does look bad. We didn't negate what people thought, it definitely went into mind, but we felt that the best option was to just disable it solely for charging since we can't negate the people who do find it annoying for the people that do find it fun, especially since it's such a pointless feature (though it was very funny). I know exactly how you feel about when you want something to go your way; it doesn't and then you get really angry with the overall decision and you want to complain to someone and make snarky comments (literally me over a year ago). It's completely understandable and I know exactly how you feel, but unfortunately you just have to respect the decision made, maybe rant a bit to your friends if you need to, but making public and passive aggressive statements just make you look immature I can personally see where Krampus was coming from but I can also see where you were coming from and I'm glad we have adjusted to be more fitting towards your side. Regardless, this is mostly about you, and even then it's probably a smaller thing than the others It's nice to see that you are putting the effort in, and trust me, I have seen it. It's a pleasure to talk with you on discord when you talk about your baking or just normal chatting! On the contrary however, I know how frustrating it can be because I was in a similar situation to you for a very long time a bit ago, but as long as you keep the hostility up, however much you improve does often get overshadowed by the negatives sadly, no matter how hard you try. Keep on improving and try to be less hostile overall and I'm sure you will really shine
  7. Kypari


    Friendly reminder to be civil and well, friendly here please @Tekage
  8. Kypari


    +1 Really friendly and lovable dude A: 7 M: 10
  9. Kypari


    Beats me, I haven't seen him in a while since he's been at his gfs house for a while now OK then, I'll give you some examples. Bagel slays you and you make passive aggressive comments in the xG general discord instead of contacting a higherup and being civil (excluding nutty, could have been virr?) Skelly VS Tuna situation Arguing with me in particular on surf, such as what spawn is classified as (which I admit I was in the wrong too for arguing and have since improved) passive aggressive statuses https://youtu.be/9cpFkVa14o0 Arguing with staff on the server/talking over staff (situation was awkward overall but should have been dealt with less hostility. Good for you for bringing it up but I don't like how it was handled at all) There has also been an attitude problem that a lot of people, new and old, have been mentioning. The thing is, though examples would be preferable, it would be very hard to remember every single slay/mute/gag just to specifically pinpoint where you have been as people have described. Clearly it can't be dismissed as multiple people have to have gotten this vibe from somewhere. I know in my experience you sort of have an issue like maf does where it comes down to being very blunt about rules and can come across as argumentative and rude. Hopefully this clears things up on where you need to improve, but all I've seen so far is just more passive aggression really. Hoping to see a change soon. ^^
  10. Kypari


    +1 Haven't had any issues with you and you seem friendly A: 8 M: 7
  11. Kypari


    +1 In the long time I've known you I don't think I've really ever had an issue with you. Nice to see you back A: 7 M: 9
  12. Kypari

    What Mouse do you use?

    I use the Logitech G302 and I have for about 3 years now. I should upgrade but....meh
  13. Kypari


    https://bans.xenogamers.com/index.php?p=commslist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:77656723&advType=steamid Really not much in there...if you have personal experience yourself then that's fine but this does feel like a shaky -1, no offense
  14. Kypari

    Smash Ultimate!

    Toxic but sadly true story
  15. Kypari

    Smash Ultimate!

    I miss my favs Ice Climbers so hecking much. I'm going to miss not being able to wobble disabled kids at comic-con but it's probably for the best Otherwise Ike and Wolf are characters I'm really hoping are good. I'm a bit of a tier whore so diemBless that they're high tier (doubt Ike will be)