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  1. Kypari

    Random Crits on Surf

    Two overpowered characters on both teams doesn't make that character balanced is what he's saying.
  2. Kypari


    Stay away from me
  3. Kypari

    TF2 Requesting to represent XENO

    You would probably have to talk to @Rhododendron or @Aegean about representing xG. A vote is meaningless really
  4. Kypari

    6s Tournament

    In terms of actual prizes we could throw in some credits and items. Here's to competitive event actually happening for the 3rd time, but I guess 3rd time's a charm
  5. Kypari

    lolisme - Discord

    It's been literally like 7 hours. We can leave this open longer
  6. Kypari

    Turn pan into the market gardener

    We were already talking about this in higherup chat. I don't want to make the pan the market gardener for demo as almost every other class now has a nerfed version of stock as a weapon, not to mention how the pan is already a meme weapon and is widely used. I would much rather make it for the Scottish Handshake as it is a Demo-only weapon which is literally only a reskin of stock, much like the pan but not multi-class to ruin it for the other classes.
  7. Kypari

    Want To Get Unbanned?

    20-30 minutes isn't fair since the others are decently short. It should only be something like 3 minutes.
  8. Kypari


    Donation has not happened yet but expect this ban protest to close soon because of @shwash and @Red the absolute ledges
  9. Kypari

    Random Crits on Surf

    Anyone complaining about how people don't play on TGH and were still voting "no" to remove random crits and then proceed to vote "remove" on this thread are by default trolls
  10. Kypari


    "Context" refers to the situation that is occurring and considering it with the punishments that you may or may not give. However, context does not make you void from punishment if someone else is breaking a rule. If I got to tell everyone who micspammed, spammed chat, was racist or whatever to suck my dick and call them a faggot or whatever insult exists then I would have a lot of fun but I would also get in serious shit. Someone else breaking a rule does NOT give you permission to break rules yourself otherwise you are no better than the person who broke the rule in the first place. Whether staff was present or not doesn't make a difference to whether you broke a rule or not.
  11. Kypari


    All parties will be talked to but equal punishment isn't fair since we aren't going to be banning someone who hasn't even been banned yet permanently because red got permed
  12. Kypari


    That doesn't make sense. You don't just randomly say "suck my dick" to nothing.
  13. Kypari


    After being warned you immediately told Precious or someone else to suck their dick already followed by the toxic examples you just gave
  14. Kypari


    Almost all of this is irrelevant to your ban but I'll see what I can do. Regardless, I will post the chat logs again. You keep saying all you said was "suck my dick" but there's more than just that.
  15. Kypari


    I promise you that is just simply not the case as not all staff even have mics so making that a rule would be extremely inconsistent. It used to be that text warnings were mandatory and verbal ones weren't really recommended if that's what you're getting confused with.