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  1. anybody wanna buy me a copy of gmod in exchange for my tf2 items or something

    1. Tatost


      would if I had money 😞

    2. KSPlayer1337


      i thought you had gmod already


    3. Caleb956


      Got this boy taken care of o7

  2. Egossi

    Im out

    After several years of checking the forums everyday for no good reason, over the past few weeks /months i just kinda stopped doing that as well, which was the only thing i had been doing related to xG for the longest time, therefore its safe to say im outta this clan for a while if not for good (unless i gain interest in tf2 again or if csgo becomes stably active which doesnt seem likely), but this place will always have a special place in my heart no matter what, so many memories have been had. But relax n*gga its not like im dead, if you wanna hang out with me you can find me on a gmod cinema server by the name of "swamp cinema" formerly known as "Cereal Box Cinema" as i now spend a huge portion of my time there, feel free to hmu on steam too, not discord though miss me with that gay shit
  3. Egossi

    Im B[l]ack boiiis

    Kfc and watermelon
  4. If Jesus walked on water did he also swim on land?

    1. Bone


      Actually, he drove a Hummer

  5. Egossi

    Why is silence jewish

    I don't get it, can someone explain why @Rhododendron is a jew? I legit don't understand.
  6. Egossi

    Goodbye xG.

    Now while this thread seems to have left the impression on some of you guys that it's not much more than a rant for not being promoted, I strongly disagree for the fact that she actually provided what she thought was wrong within this community in detail, which I genuinely find to be admirable, and while there are certain points I respectfully disagree with, there are some I actually actually agree with as opposed to some people here, which I'll now leave my response to, without getting into too much detail, from not any up-to-date experiences but rather experiences I've had when i was active in the TF2 division. I think this is what is needed to be accomplished, I've always felt like there is something that just doesnt work with our current system of staff ranking, one major problem imo which creates a lot of bitter feelings (as shown in the quote below) in especially mods and pmods is HOW the pmod/mod/admin system is being used. One solution i've always had in mind for this and still support is that pmod and mod should be used as what they were intended initially to be used as, which is where the Mod and in this case Probationary Mod ranks are purely to observe someone's qualifications for being a staff member before making them an admin. Which would mean that there should be more admins than mods, and while I feel like long-time mods really have no reason to stay as mods, I'm still uncertain as to whether or not this would possibly cause problems, and how so. And another solution which could be deemed a bit too excessive would be to have official sub-divisions as in having a DL for a certain server for example, and while this may sound like it'd be unnecessary, I feel like it could show some real positive outcomes. As people have already mentioned in this thread, one problem with the TF2 division is that there are higher ups who don't get on each and every server and know everyone in those servers, or at least nowhere nearly as well as they do on the servers they actually are regulars on. But of course this is just an idea, and I think it'd be both fun to implement this and it could potentially solve a bunch of core problems some people face within our community. Also, this I completely agree with in every aspect, and feel that more people in the staff rankings need to have a better understanding of. I personally don't consider this a punishment role, but rather another rank in the system that is once again imo counter-productive, im talking about the sort of "Staff Class" usage of the ranks pmod, mod and admin, which once again should be replaced with a much more productive way of using the ranks, as I stated in the previous paragraph. This I strongly disagree with, for the simple fact that from all my experience in the TF2 community I've seen again and again how most people don't know what they really want when they demand something, it's just a fact that whenever something that majority wants is implemented, the new majority becomes the people who complain about said implementation. I mostly agree with this, although along with the point bello brought up, it has become apparent that this issue just isnt that simple as to how it can be resolved, and at the end of the day what it boils down to is the quality of staff members and higher ups. Other than that my personal opinion is that staff should indeed be treated as witnesses themselves, and a staff member should always have more credibility than a witness and shouldnt always require proof when they take action against something. And the rest of the topics seem a bit more subjective and more case-by-case scenarios as to what they apply to and what they imply, and since I havent been in touch with the TF2 Division as of late, I won't touch on those subjects. This last part I will assume you didn't write with a clear piece of mind, I feel a debate about things like this is the most important thing to have. And regardless of what you say here you still will be welcomed back if you do change your mind, either way, take care & peace.
  7. So ironic that Fox News in Turkey is the left-winged liberal media while CNN is one of the many right-winged and conservative media outlets
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    2. Egossi


      CNN and the government media is all widely considered fake news here, whereas Fox is considered the only more truthful media which opposes the government, so yeah CNN is also FAKE NEWS here
    3. Rhododendron


      Opposite day?

    4. Egossi


      but it's everyday bro

  8. Egossi

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  9. Egossi

    XenoGamers History

    I had most of my fun in xG before I joined the forums, and back when i was a little kid and was hated by almost everyone, which is the entirety of 2013 summer ( i probably would have liked 2011-2012 better if i joined back then) Thats most definitely because games you play in your childhood feel the most fun, and also that was like the prime time of tf2 jailbreak I also tried out cs:s jailbreak at the time during one of the last few months it had 60 players on it, and it was pretty shit xd
  10. you so? fuckin?? precious?? when you ?❤️️SMILE❤️️??
  11. Damn, E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day
    1. Egossi


      But Dre Day only meant Eazy's payday All of a sudden Dr. Dre is the G thang, But on his old album cover HE was a SHE thang
  12. IcePoseidon is a fucking retard
    1. bagggel


      true but he likes ika musume so LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO
    2. YeEternalTuna


      just say squid girl you weeb
    3. YeEternalTuna


      also what did he do this time lol
  13. Egossi

    xd bye?

  14. Egossi

    time 4 xG to throw a party

    I prefer Steamed Hams http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69_mWyat9tw cya dude
  15. Egossi

    Promotions And Demotions #190

    damn @mrnutty12 congrats dude you've been dm for as long as i can remember lol, glad to see you've kept at it for all this time