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  1. Egossi

    Favorite comfort foods?

    Pepperoni pizza from papa johns
  2. s2Xft.jpg i found this picture 😄

  3. Egossi

    Chicken, Beef, Or Pork?

    Definitely chicken, fried chicken at that, it's finger lickin' good. @Skitters also likes chicken, he thinks it goes well with grape soda.
  4. Egossi

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    As a serious response, i say fuck no to censoring words alone regardless of the context, if the context is something similar to "lol fuck off fag", it shouldnt be taken as the same thing and punished the same way as someone who says "god i fucking hate faggots, i wish they didnt exist". That is plain dumb.
  5. Egossi

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    I think the "word" faggot is highly demeaning and should be a bannable offense, we have people who lose their lives over this stuff and it is a serious thing. I really don't think i should have to explain why I think the word faggot "should" be banned. It is such a terrible word along with other words and frankly, I think we should ban all profanity cause it can make other people uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable and I think its wrong that anyone can offend other people and thats wrong. And I also think we should ban insults because they are usually just used to demean and make fun of other people and it is only used by internet trolls and thats wrong. So i think we should just make it so that everybody is forced to say they love everyone on the server at least once an hour to keep up the positivity and the happy fun time going because we need that kind of an environment in order to be able to remain on the server
  6. Egossi

    New plugins

    OwO wats dis *nuzzles wuzzles* I want hug and kiss .3. cause they would add on to the furry erp i participate in along with helping me bond better with my boyfriend ^3^ teehee *nuzzles* OwO :3 (dont judge me cause im 12 and gay and furry okay?) rawr x3
  7. Censors are removed thanks to @Rhododendron, go crazy you shitheads

    1. Nyxll


      Yay, I can finally say "fuck"!

    2. Dannypicacho


      wow you finally did a thing egossi

  8. Egossi


    -1 he's literally autistic, but then again +1 cause he sucks dick at fortnite which is a good thing
  9. Egossi


    +1 for real tho lmao
  10. Egossi


    +1 ive known bagel for longer than most of his closer friends have known him and Ive literally seen nothing considerably bad about him, he's a good staff member on tf2 and deserves it on dc as well
  11. Egossi


    -1 sucks at video games, probably sucks at real life too lol
  12. Egossi


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name george lopez Identity /id/egossi Ban Type Team Ban Information I'm deeply sorry for mass tarping my bad i forgot it was against rules but it was still funny so i'd probably do it again
  13. Egossi


    https://osu.ppy.sh/users/2243891 this isnt me but my irl friend who plays this game like crazy
  14. Egossi

    Rip mouse

  15. Egossi


    Are you okay?