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    When I play heavy weapons guy
  2. Revert the fucking forums back to fucking 8.0 or whatever the fuck you fucking retard fuck you [email protected] fucker
  3. Also (since apparently you can't edit posts anymore after 5 mins) unless you've done something genuinely horrible you shouldnt feel responsible for someone else's attempted suicide or even committed suicide because its for very certain that you didnt single handedly cause that to happen, since depression is extremely complex and hard to deal with, and often has a multitude of factors, most of which are underlying, contributing to it. But of course I understand a friend telling you that you caused them to attempt suicide would really mess with you and make you feel both horrible and responsible, but all you should do is suggest them to get help and apologize, not put yourself in a guilt trip.
  4. Oh I didnt look at the screenshots since imgur is still blocked in my third world country, but I would argue its outrageously fucked up when someone says things in bad faith in hopes of intentionally damaging or ruining the reputation of someone else, not when they're hardcore attention seeking by mentioning a whole bunch of depressing shit they havent actually done I understand suicide is a serious topic and isnt meant to be "toyed with" or whatever but you have to understand, depressed people tend to seek attention really hard and sometimes they rationalize things they can do to seek attention in their heads (i.e. attempted suicide) which doesn't necessarily make them a horrible person But hey I'm just giving a reasonable argument in defense of the guy since I have no idea who he is and hes seemingly being attacked by everyone else here
  5. Nobody has anything to do with the tf2 div at this point But honestly I think it's a bit harsh making this a public post and shaming him in front of everyone here for lying about a whole bunch of dumb shit, the kid probably is a bit miserable if he constantly lies about all that stuff anyway, and it's not like he's done anything outrageously wrong or fucked up, hence you listed all the things hes done wrong which only collectively make him look bad. Just saying I woulda brought this to aegean or virr's attention in private
  6. Egossi

    Minecraft server

    @jubens45 I'll play pure vanilla only
  7. I check these forums once a month and everything is almost always completely the same as the last time i checked it, what an embarrassment 

  8. aaaaand its a big dissapointment cause it sucks ass
  9. They call me Mr. Fantastic, ass kick rapper nasty blasting sticky mass in ass and other fat things

  10. Hello friend welcome to ghost town Population: 0
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    Checking In

    Nothin much seems to be going on in this clan anymore, and when it is it's just on discord. I've just been lurking the forums once every week or so at this point, have fun at college bruv