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  1. bitch. Bitch.

    1. Bumpy
    2. Precious


      is this a dunkey reference?

    3. Egossi


      Not even close babyyy

  2. MC NAME: egossi POSITION WANTED: DM WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE DIVISION TO HELP: good moderation and moderators COMMENTS: I love minecraft
  3. You dont even know that meme newfriend
  4. My vote is neutral and I definitely needed to make a post here saying that I'm not vouching for or against your member application +0
  5. yeah i found that out after I checked if he has nitro i retract my previous post i would have never guessed that's a coincidence
  6. Nevermind his tag is #1488 and after talking to him he seems to be a degenerate at heart, I change my vote to +1 Pretty much this
  7. Reminds me of myself a few years ago, but I'll go with a -1, honestly I dont think any amount of toxicity should warrant a direct ban, targetted harassment and bigotry would be different but he doesn't seem to be doing anything besides being a toxic edgy retard all the time Most you should do initially is warn him, doubt that'll do anything but at least you can say you warned him when you ban him after he doesn't stop being toxic
  8. Brand new selfie for the selfie friday thread
  9. I recognize that name You had like 10000 likes on the forums at one point for whatever reason
  10. Push me to the edge, all my friends are dead

    1. Bumpy


      Bumpy is still here

  11. Congrats on the marriage thanks for letting us know btw I wanted to crash your wedding Make sure you stop by the Aegean sea it's the best sea it was named after me
  12. You can say yiffas but not yiffers Later my n word with a hard r
  13. It probably shouldnt matter for you, but looking at it from a community leader perspective it should, due to the political climate in america and how much more sensitive the topic of racism is (compared to homophobia) it would look better for the community if we were very slightly more against racist slurs, as long as it's reasonably done so Also I dont think aegean means "my nigga" when he says racial slurs, he's probably talking about things like "nigger, spic, kike" etc. No?
  14. Nooo I'd agree if this was a real life community maybe, but these slurs are generally part of the gaming and internet culture, and while they may be indirectly slightly damaging towards the communities the slurs are for, I would say it's also not that big of a problem as long as, for example, the word "faggot" isnt coming out of the mouth of someone who clearly geniunely hates gay people We all have heated gaming moments people let's not act like we dont