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  1. happy birthday my dude

    1. Bonk


      thanks! hope you're well

  2. Egossi

    xG Gamer Revival

    Bring back John_Madden and Vector
  3. i like the destiny


    he deabte all the alt right peeple like pewdiepie and ben shapiro

    1. Egossi


      What are you a LibTARD?? LOOL fucken destroyed epic ben shapiro rekt compilation watch free online working 100% free 2013 (updated)

  4. Make n word NOT against the rules ok ok hear me out first before you downvote, liberals. When you disable N Word you take away right of black americans right to say n word as well!!! You guys are the REAL racists conservatism arent racist just because they support free speech?? We need to stop this community from becoming a liberal WASTELAND by allowing every one to equally be able to say the n word to combat the reverse racisms. Its just a word anyway whats so wrong to say a freaking word!?
  5. Anything with caramel
  6. Gonna cry? Gonna piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?
  7. Think these are getting old
  8. Galaxy s7 edge, i think was chosen the best phone of the year in 2016 so i bought it back then, might upgrade to s10 or s11 when it comes out
  9. Tay kah gay My nickname originated from my real name, "Ege" as my dad called me Egossi when i was a very small child, i dont really know why. But when it came down to picking my nickname online i just went with it, i also changed my nickname to "Christian Brutal Sniper" once when i was 13 because i loved those videos, only to change it back to egossi a month or two later and keep it that way to this day
  10. Tfw people are illiterate and vote for ttt because they want it Also i dont see cinema on any of the options
  11. Goodbye dude it was nice knowing you Also kill yourself @Chrono you socially awkward degenerate autist
  12. ssx3 was my shit on ps2 Favorite childhood game would be Dynasty Warriors 3, even tho its a shitty game looking back at. Other favorites would be Resident Evil 4, Bully, gta: san andreas and maybe daxter (psp game of jak and daxter series)