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  1. Egossi

    I'm famous bois

    reddit btw haHAA
  2. about time lmao you became DM at the same time as me i think, or shortly after me
  3. Egossi

    quick psa

    Bunker is the best map, if you disagree you are fucking stupid
  4. Egossi

    Guess My Name!

    Jermo jiggo jehro jahro jombo jambo jimbo jajao jeito jageo jabio jumbo jigbo jomeo jaeuo jetro jetto jaggo jerio jerro jeppo jequo jaquo josuo josho jobro jqwero jaguo jasio jerro jebbo jupio judio Inb4
  5. Also this is coming from a black man so if you dont make the word "nigger" allowed everywhere for this african american's comfort, you are a racist piece of shit and i am literally crying and screeching right now
  6. This. I personally don't mind the usage of the word, but i understand why other people do. I wanna add on, the reason why the word "nigger" is still used with the intention to be racist or seen as more offensive is because of the past surrounding that word which a word like "cracker" wouldnt share, along with the current public opinion and politics in the U.S regarding racism, everyone knows racism is bad now, and people know there are extremists who will hunt you down for using the word "nigger" in any context, therefore want to avoid using it, while homophobia is seemingly more common, as two men kissing is just very unappealing to most straight men. Its also the reason why on a platform like youtube or twitter, you can be banned for using the word "nigger" regardless of context, while if you call someone a faggot as an obvious joke or an insult that has nothing to do with gay people, you probably wont face any repercussions, or at least nothing as heavy. If the media and US politics wasnt as touchy on that topic as they are rn tho, your argument would be completely valid @james8470 Also id say "nigga" should be fine, if it isnt already that is, as its generally known to be a term of endearment and almost never used in a geniunely racist and hateful way, and even then its not as aggressive
  7. Egossi


    Im glad the dumbass "hurr you have to be mod first or its unfair to mods now durr" norm has seemingly changed and people seem more interested in competence and experience rather than "fairness" +1
  8. Egossi

    Guess My Name!

    Jaco Jago Julio Jacinto Jairo Jerchio Jiro Juro Jericho Jamio Jermo Jojo
  9. You dont need to take middle school exams that seriously
  10. When i first discovered t1 i kept hearing he was autistic so for a while i thought he was actually autistic