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  1. Egossi

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    What im trying to say is why are they arguing rather then reporting if they care?
  2. Egossi

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    I'd say keep the shitposting channel cause i really love furry porn and will be really sad if i cant see all of it But for real do keep the channel, i personally love idea of one channel where almost anything goes, and I don't see how something against the TOS being posted can effect the server, doesnt that just get the user banned?
  3. Egossi


    Nigmode disabled
  4. TriHard 7 Cx

  5. Egossi


  6. Egossi

    I'm back, forever

    Just come back when you're older, i was also a complete retard when i was 13 so it's all good
  7. Egossi

    I'm back, forever

    That was quick
  8. Egossi

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    Please stream this if it happens ill donate 1 bit too
  9. Can someome give me 2000 dollars for a laptop thx

    1. realBelloWaldi


      i can give you 20 lira

    2. cook


      I got like, a few dimes. Maybe

    3. Dannypicacho


      I'll do it if you buy me a 3000 dollar laptop

  10. Egossi

    Selfie Sunday

    Holy shit you look exactly like i imagined you would You are also a literal retard once again for using that snapchat filter
  11. Egossi

    Good Mobile Games

    This probably was answered somewhere on the forums but im too lazy to check so i'll ask here, what are some good mobile games? I wont have a laptop/pc for at least a month or two so im just here playing shitty mobile games, i wanna know if there are some good ones
  12. Egossi

    Cats or Dogs

    Obviously cats, they're adorable and much easier to strangle, they also are a whole lot more delicious when made into stew Here's my cat

  14. "Everyday when you're walking down the street, and everybody that you meet, has an original point of view. And I say _______!" Fill in the blank!!!

    1. VinylScratch
    2. MJP


      Fuck you and uh fuck her say if I was richer I’d still be with heeeer!

    3. realBelloWaldi


      egossi lets play fortnight

  15. Egossi


    Fuck you @Dannypicacho you tucking cunt