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  1. Egossi

    Finish the Story

    when the world needed rhodo, the master of forum elements the most, he vanished
  2. Egossi

    Finish the Story

    No, clearly not.
  3. +1 very active, friendly and hilarious dude definitely deserves to become a member A: 6/10 M:7/10
  4. Hahahah Hows it goin bros, my name is peeeeeeewwwwwdieeeepie and welcome tooooo... fridays with peeeewdiepieee! like and favorite if you enjoyed, subscribe to become a bro today, and I'll see you in the next episode stay awesome bros mahhaaaaaawwww
  5. No, fuck YOU leatherman.
  6. Egossi


    yikes anybody else cringing cringe cringe crrrrinnnging cringennnierringe
  7. Egossi


    weather is nice? in canada?? I bet you miss the superior weather of turkey
  8. Egossi


    what are spending your time on during the lockdown/quarantine if you are on lockdown I am so beyond bored that I came back to these forums to make a post or two, my pc is at my college dorm so the only form of entertainment I've had for the past 2 months has been through my dads crappy lenovo laptop which can only run 8bit indie games, so I've been playing binding of isaac and watching a lot of porn, what have you been doing xeno gaymer?
  9. and that's why masturbating to muscular Garfield isn't gay, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk

  10. Egossi


    When I play heavy weapons guy
  11. Revert the fucking forums back to fucking 8.0 or whatever the fuck you fucking retard fuck you [email protected] fucker
  12. Also (since apparently you can't edit posts anymore after 5 mins) unless you've done something genuinely horrible you shouldnt feel responsible for someone else's attempted suicide or even committed suicide because its for very certain that you didnt single handedly cause that to happen, since depression is extremely complex and hard to deal with, and often has a multitude of factors, most of which are underlying, contributing to it. But of course I understand a friend telling you that you caused them to attempt suicide would really mess with you and make you feel both horrible and responsible, but all you should do is suggest them to get help and apologize, not put yourself in a guilt trip.