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  1. You can say yiffas but not yiffers Later my n word with a hard r
  2. It probably shouldnt matter for you, but looking at it from a community leader perspective it should, due to the political climate in america and how much more sensitive the topic of racism is (compared to homophobia) it would look better for the community if we were very slightly more against racist slurs, as long as it's reasonably done so Also I dont think aegean means "my nigga" when he says racial slurs, he's probably talking about things like "nigger, spic, kike" etc. No?
  3. Nooo I'd agree if this was a real life community maybe, but these slurs are generally part of the gaming and internet culture, and while they may be indirectly slightly damaging towards the communities the slurs are for, I would say it's also not that big of a problem as long as, for example, the word "faggot" isnt coming out of the mouth of someone who clearly geniunely hates gay people We all have heated gaming moments people let's not act like we dont
  4. Any tf2 map is gaming history at this point since the game is ancient, add jailbreak maps to tgh and I'll join
  5. Stop gravedigging before i get upset
  6. I don't think people would be ok with voice chat being just micspam and no talking, except for very rare occasions maybe, and even then it's unlikely. When I say "if the server seems generally ok with it" i dont mean if 60% of the server is somewhat enjoying it and the 40% of the server fuckin hates it, i mean if literally everyone is enjoying it except for at most maybe like 1 or 2 people who are ass pained for no reason (because we know anti-fun people exist, even if rarely), which might not be the case most of the time, in which case you would mute the micspammer based on the reactions of the people who are on the server.
  7. That actually used to be the rule believe it or not My take would be to always keep voice changers and earrape banned (maybe potentially slightly more lax on earrape if its very rare and is timed well for comedic effect or something) Soundboards on the other hand, i would say allow them for as long as people on the server generally seem ok with it, judging it more with common sense An example of a good soundboard use would be if a warden on jailbreak (rip) had a good soundboard setup and wanted to play some background parkour music for obby, and the music and the quality of the spam was good, whereas a bad soundboard would be that but with shitty quality/earrape or things that have been mentioned as negative ways of using a soundboard in this thread so far (there are a lot of ways to make it obnoxious) I would personally go as far as allow spamming songs with good quality on TGH when there is no map song, since those can just be client side muted and could be nice Idk it really depends on who's micspamming, an interesing idea could be to only allow admins/trusted mature people to micspam
  8. Egossi


    -1 fuck you shadower, i do not like you because you are black
  9. shenmue 3 and chivalry 2, the new terraria update is also pretty exciting so far, we'll see what the rest of this E3 has to offer
  10. Egossi


    Wrong, i did tell shadower i was gonna post this and personally he might still be my friend, but this is by no means a joke, I do want him banned partially for his sake so that he can stop embarrassing himself
  11. Egossi


    I completely disagree that the reasons I've listed are inadaquate to get him kicked out, when the membership process was changed it was agreed upon in the clan that kicking someone out if they clearly don't have a reason to be here would also become easier, and if you look at shadower he's the prime example of someone who deserves to be kicked out and potentially banned (i think it would be better if he was banned as membership doesn't really mean anything). He himself has no objections to anything i've pointed out, clearly agrees that just about the entire reason he still does anything in xG is just to "troll", and contributes absolutely nothing else. If a person wants to be nothing but pure annoyance to people, that's perfectly fine, but if the annoyed people want that person gone, that's perfectly fine too.