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  1. Joined in October of 2013. It already has been 5 years. This clan has, without a doubt, been a huge part of my childhood.

  2. Egossi

    Stepping down

    Moment of silence as the xG TF2 division anthem plays
  3. I just gambled literally all of my credits away, dont get the mystery box it's a scam

    1. Duke


      why not just give them to me?

  4. Rate this post "Fuck off" if you hate em

    1. hongkongatron
    2. Precious


      who may you be referring to my guy

  5. Egossi


  6. Rate this status "furry" if you think the furry reaction is being overused

    1. Egossi


      @Caleb956 @Aegean @Thorax_wow fuck y'all too, uncalled for

  7. Egossi

    What's your favorite drink?

    Alcoholic: long iseland ice tea Non alcoholic: pepsi max
  8. Egossi

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    I came here in 2013, got permanently banned from all servers, evaded my ban on 16 alt accounts, then i got unbanned and got staff in 3 divisions, including division manager in TF2
  9. Egossi

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    My favorite animals are ponies from my little pony
  10. YeEternalTuna more like YeEternalFurfag


  11. Egossi

    List of things to do

    Buying a map in Minecraft with real money btw 12 btw
  12. Egossi


    Sheeeeiiiiiiiiitt sup dude Minecraft DL is occupied so we dont need you anymore sorry
  13. Egossi

    CHALLANGE Post ALL your attachments

    cmonBruh why you be digital blackfacin so much cuh?
  14. Attention, all xeno gamers! Check out this thread

    but to do this, all I need is your credit card number, the 3 wacky numbers on the back and the expiration date and ye

  15. Egossi


    Welcome back my boi