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  1. I will not be on my account kraft din din right now, im using my alt on "ReOp" so add me there if you want to notify me right away
  2. Hello! I am looking for a 6 v 6 group to join in. I am not the very best demo, but I am awesome in TF2 in general. Also got a new computer so im getting used to the controls, Thanks! add me on steam: kraft din din
  3. Although medic doesn't has a medigun for secondary slot so the medic would have less ammo, and less fighting power. The melee is very bad against reds because, you don't want to go near the reds or they'll most likely kill you. And the reds always get a fricken crit.
  4. Server) Jailbreak Suggestion1) Crusader's Crossbow should have crits when the player is on blue. Server) Jailbreak Suggestion2) Allow Gpan I will add more Suggestions later.