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  1. Nimbusland for me ?
  2. Osiris


    As a former staff member who was around when Caleb signed on to the team, I wholeheartedly agree he should be considered for admin again. Very competent mod/admin/DM, friendly guy, fun to chill with. A huge +1 from me.
  3. That means we keep Nimbusland, right? kappa
  4. Clickclockwood and Freezypeaks were notoriously irritating because of the extreme lag. Interesting maps to be sure but the delay often prompted me to swap to Pokemon Trade. Oh, and Bunker is only fun for the side that isn't getting camped that round. Edit: Why am I still tagged as a server mod? Incentive to return? ? @realBelloWaldi
  5. ANOTHER MAP PROPOSAL! Okay, so I ran across this map just now and think it meets the adequate meme criteria for xG. I feel like TGH would approve but that may not be the best fit unless we count the 27 Simpson's vidyagaems. Whaddya think? Map link here: Steam Workshop :: Steamed Hams
  6. I remember when we used to have Celadon City. Never again.
  7. Yeah, just throwing that out there. I agree there are too many as it is, but I just wondered if this would be preferable to one of the others we currently have. Thanks for clarifying!
  8. As an add-on to my previous post, here's another Goldenrod map by @ColdEndeavour that seems to have gone unnoticed, unless I'm missing something. hgss_goldenrodcity_b2 | Team Fortress 2 Maps
  9. This thread hasn't been touched in almost two years. Wut. Okay, so recently I was comparing the number of maps on other servers to those on Pokemon Trade. Surf has almost 40. TGH has almost 50. Pokemon has . . . 6. I understand that Poketrade has a very narrow theme and not everyone is champing at the bit to make a Pokemon map, but we have three Goldenrod maps, two Ecruteak maps, and Sylux's custom map. So I'm proposing a few more. I don't know if they have any crippling map glitches as I don't have my own test server, but here's hoping we get a bit more variation. :D Lavender Town (and Routes 8 and 10) Pokemon FRLG: Lavender Town | Team Fortress 2 Maps Saffron City (CPs can always be disabled) Steam Workshop :: Saffron City (Pokemon) Another Saffron City map (can't tell if it's the same one) pkmn saffroncity b3 (Team Fortress 2) Victory Road (Payload optional) pl_victoryroad_b1a (Team Fortress 2) Thoughts? ~Hero
  10. Cyberpunk apparently takes elements from many different games and mashes them together to make the glory and terror that is Cyberpunk. I agree with you about MassCC, but the map creator gave xG explicit permission to use it so it's kinda stuck there. Anyway, I agree that the chaos of trainsawlaser can be super fun sometimes, kinda like that one map on Surf. But it just ... it doesn't have anything to do with a retro game, which is the whole "theme" of the server. Maybe Uber Upgrades would be a better host for this map. I'm staying neutral on this one.
  11. Osiris


    Moving things along. Here's a link to his steam profile with steamID64: Steam Community :: Osmo Not much to say here. Nice guy, follows the rules, fairly active, always fun to play with. +1 from me. Maturity: 9 Activity: 6
  12. Found a pretty funny mash-up of the official 2Fort and Turbine CTF maps. It's totally functional and looks fun as hell, but I'm not sure which server would be appropriate to host it. Food for thought. Link here: Steam Workshop :: ctf_2bine
  13. Yeah, I saw an older version as well which is probably what you're talking about. A couple other servers currently run this version and it seems to be fairly popular. One server even put it to a vote and it was met with a significant amount of support. Whether it'll be well-received on TGH remains to be seen. Looking forward to it! :D
  14. Been awhile since a new recommendation in this thread, so I'm just gonna propose another map: Pinna Park. It's another Super Mario Sunshine map, from the same game as Delfino Plaza and Delfino Airstrip. It's of comparable size to dm_mariokart2_b3 or trade_smsdelfinoplaza_a4, albeit a little smaller. I think it would be a fun map reminiscent of the SMS game I enjoy that doesn't elicit a server-wide groan whenever we switch to it (like the Delfinos sometimes do). I couldn't find a Gamebanana link, but here's a straight map download instead.
  15. And I appreciate a calm, well-reasoned reply. I don't give -1's lightly and when I do, I try to give a clear reason for doing so. I do empathize with you that there were a lot of "buddy" moderators before, and though I'm not calling anyone out, I'm relieved that they have improved their behavior, resigned, or been removed. From my limited observations, you seem much more patient, friendly, and mature in your recent conduct on TGH and Poketrade than previously noted. Good luck on your application. :)