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  1. +1 really enjoyable to play with
  2. In-Game Name chamber Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:0:136103440 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 26 hours Reason for Joining Buckle up, it's going to be a wild essay In this essay, I will be presenting my reasons to join xenogamers.com. In the second paragraph, I will be talking about how this jailbreak community has had an impact on my life, easily connecting with them, in the third paragraph will be about my enjoyment for jailbreak, in the fourth paragraph I will be reminiscing an old story of mine from elementary school,? in the fifth paragraph I will be concluding my essay. This jailbreak community had been so understanding and easy to talk to, I could hop on and be able to get good laughs from the community. It reminded me of the old jailbreak servers that I had played before they had shut down and I really miss that. The community is really fun, but sometimes could be too overwhelming with their jokes, makes me lowkey cri out loud dedass. Shout out to you Hg2cl2, Pear, Dukey, CJCasper (NINJA > CHICKEN), Lunar Rhymes, Bullseye, segfault, maybe ScottNi. Jailbreak has always been something I could rely on to relax to get my mind off things like sometimes I want to beat my meat during NNN, I get on jailbreak and its gone like wtf, it went POOF. ( Played on another server but it wasn't enjoyable). The jailbreak was fun as there weren't any toxic people like others. I love you guys no homo ??? In the third grade at recess every day in elementary school, I would watch a group of fourth graders play four square. I always wanted to join them, but alas they were a grade above me. My teacher motivated me to go ask them to play. They said no. Since then I have always longed to be apart of a group of peers I could connect with. Now with this server, I finally have a clique to fit in with. I really have never felt that feeling before. It makes me warm inside knowing I can talk to people who are gamers like me. So after all this, you should like be nice and give me that community embracement of love<3 and let me become a part of this community. Honestly, how do you get Greenland is the same size as Africa Scottni????? ScottNi saying that Greenland is the size of Africa on a map, not a globe. @Dannypicacho
  3. chamber


    +1 very chill and easy to talk to. GREENLAND ISNT THE SIZE OF AFRICA.