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  1. Owlknight_

    TF2 Loadout Sharing!

    My birb heavy, it makes no sense at all, but I thought it looked good since I like the hair and the birb, and I made it in Garry's Mod. The cosmetics: Hunter heavy (shirt), Chicken Kiev, and the One-man army (the hair).
  2. Owlknight_

    The future of xG

    How exactly are you supposed to get people on every server and you being on the servers too? And an even better question, how do you get people on zombie fortress?
  3. Owlknight_

    Stepping down

    Is big rip to @Caleb956, we'll all miss you and hopefully see you around servers .
  4. Owlknight_

    Hijack scammer warning

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, except there was 3 guys, 2 of them telling me to send my items to a "valve" bot to check if they're duped or not, the third guy basically telling me he "accidentally" reported me for duped items. The "admin" showed a fake gif of him threatening to delete my account, in which I gave him the big middle finger, the 2 others however seemed like normal accounts that had been hacked and might get trade or steam banned sadly.
  5. Owlknight_

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    I'm never ready for Christmas, me and my family always sets up things late, and always go shopping when there's like nothing left.
  6. Owlknight_

    Promotions and Demotions #212

    Congrats @QueenOfHearts and is the big rip to @Spirit .
  7. Owlknight_

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    +1 He's changed since he got back, he's for nice now and notify's staff when someone is breaking rules, he's also on about everyday. A:9 M:8
  8. Owlknight_

    TF2 Operation: Populate v2

    Aren't the higher ups the only ones able to do the announcements however?
  9. Owlknight_

    -1 Utopia

    -1 Even when I use discord (very rarely) I normally get annoyed by Rhythm, most people just spam meme music into it (even though there's a mute option on voice chat). But still, I wouldn't want others' music getting constantly skipped and arguing of who's playing what then having a big feud about it. I'm sure most people would be annoyed of it.
  10. Owlknight_

    Does tf2 div turn you into a furry?

    You're no furry, you're just birbie boy like Owl, birb's are nice boys who are normally happy go lucky people. Owl no furry, Owl strong birb and knows surroundings.
  11. Owlknight_

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    Owl is the big dumb sometimes, and makes stupid errors like that sometimes.
  12. Owlknight_

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    Huh, is not happened to me before, probably because I almost never edit.
  13. Owlknight_

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    You can, there's an edit option under the posts that you've made to edit the message you typed.
  14. Owlknight_

    General_Beret - Team Fortress 2

    From what I've seen, Kiro has barely done anything wrong (aside from calling Seg "segger" sometimes) but overall is a nice guy. I haven't seen you on surf recently Matteomaxx but also from when I'm there, he hasn't brought up political discussions, he's really changed a lot since his departure from March. I like having Kiro around on our servers, so I'm gonna give him a +1.
  15. Owlknight_

    Promotions and Demotions #210

    Congrats @-Diphikult on getting admin