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  1. This best thing in history of world.
  2. Congrats to @Xander, @Meaty, and @Ms.Spooks on moderator :). Tis the big sad that @mrnutty12, @Precious, @Sora_, and @Semper step down :(. Will miss you guys as staff.
  3. Not precious too :(((((, am hope you still come around on servers every now and again :(.
  4. Oh noes, Kypari Isn't feeling good at moment. Hope you get well soon .
  5. Congrats @Caleb956, @Skeletal, and @Red .
  6. +1 is more active on servers more, is good boy, and helps and calls staff when needed.
  7. +1 Unless you've been living under a rock, or you're new to here, you know who Caleb is, he is very good boy, is nice, promote back to admin.
  8. Is big and easy +1, Meaty a good boy who is almost always on whenever I go on surf, he occasionally goes to TGH now, he should most definitely get member, best of luck .
  9. Congrats @SegFault on DL and @Ms.Spooks on moderator!
  10. Aquaticruin, Bunker, Clocktown to a minimum, Delivery, Delfino airstrip, Sollytude, and sometimes Rogueport, I don't really like these maps since I dislike the competitive side of TGH which most of these maps are, well except for Sollytude, I just hate medieval mode.
  11. -1 Despite seeing him pretty often on TGH, most of the time I hear him say some form of the n word whenever he's on. A: 8 M: 3
  12. If we were to do this, more people would most likely keep complaining about dying and being spawncamped, which would make staff have to punish more people for complaining of it.
  13. Wouldn't embarrassing them be torturing them mentally?