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  1. Owlknight_

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Congrats @RealChance on getting mod! But is sad to see you [email protected] and @Segal.
  2. Owlknight_

    How do you say DannyPastacio

    Just call him by his normal name or Danny for short, this meme from the TF2 servers is quite dumb and @Dannypicacho doesn't even like being called the names.
  3. Owlknight_


    Dude, you gotta stop making member applications, 1 is fine, you'll be accepted or denied in 2 days.
  4. Owlknight_

    Goodbye, again.

    None of us really know you (to the best of my knowledge), and when you make these posts saying that you're back or going again and also saying that none of us care, we don't really know who you are so why should we care?
  5. Owlknight_

    Am I Way Too Talkative

    I mean on the servers, yes, very. From what I've seen, you don't tend to read chat that often, but you do talk a lot on mic, I'd say a 9/10 for how much you tend to talk. Also you sometimes talk over people, so you should keep an eye on when people are talking.
  6. Owlknight_

    Promotions and Demotions #208

    Congrats @ABlueSkittle123 on getting moderator
  7. Owlknight_

    come on now

    Members help represent the community (also people with the xG-rep tag), staff work for the community to help keep it in shape and not deteriorate.
  8. Owlknight_


    No that name isn't odd, its just when I checked your steam name through the forums, it had said that it still was "Nohelp". I didn't go to your actual steam profile, and the forums hadn't updated it when I saw it earlier.
  9. Owlknight_


    I would ask @virr about it if I were you, but then again your name on steam is a bit odd to have on the forums.
  10. Owlknight_

    New Community Leader??

    I dominated Aegean on tf2 on Trade Gaming History and I didn't get his powers .
  11. Owlknight_


    +1 I wish he already gotten staff, he knows his stuffs and is pretty active again.
  12. Owlknight_

    Suggestion - Allow vote for extend

    You only can extend the map if it's a rock the vote, and its the "Don't Change" option. But on a map change vote its not there.
  13. Owlknight_

    [applicationformfield_7] - [applicationformfield_6]

    +1 I've seen Red change badly from these past few months, I remember one time seeing that he had three or four calladmin's in one day under a previous alias "gingo" for micspam, I finally had caught him the third time or fourth time, but it took a long while. He's also been acting really toxic recently too, as Elcark said, he had people leave the server due to it. Although I haven't seen it myself him making people leave, I have seen the more disrespectful side Red.
  14. Owlknight_

    Cross country

    I mean cross country would be good for your health due to you running for a long period of time helping your legs in the outcome but you could also hang out with your friends if you want, but I'm not the judge, is your decision.
  15. Owlknight_


    +1 He's been on really often for the past month, and is good boy telling people not to break rules, I thought he was mod a few years ago but apparently not, probably someone else I don't remember.