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  1. I don't think that's a real massive concern as long as it doesn't affect xg.
  2. I can understand that mental health was a factor at the time. It sucks. I am glad that you may be feeling better around this time so +1
  3. Bit late but this is me 8 years ago living in a society
  4. You should try a computer building forum. I don't know how much accurate answers you can get here.
  5. Just saying you could have you know connected Razorscooter to Razor on the discord or you could have already known and just decided to be toxic and compare someone you didn't know to someone who acted like a retard
  6. I own this game But doesn't the current launcher not work anymore or something?
  7. One year on xG...

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    2. Egossi


      Try 6 years that's when it gets good

    3. jaygoki


      8 years is the sweet spot

    4. hongkongatron


      your final year on xG*

  8. This is all very good and accurate except the top right and bottom left panel
  9. yeah. who's idea was this. @virr CS Pop role
  10. I agree Danny really bad.