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  1. Yeah I agree like he has literally done nothing at that point lol
  2. favorite food style/type/whatever Don't want to go with the generic answer but there is a really good hibachi place where I live then there is a Japanese barbeque place I like down in Houston a lot too favorite actual specific meal Probably my dad's like chicken and rice just comforting. favorite foods I love cajun food or tex-mex depends on what state
  3. -1 Reason is Seems weird to me as I don't know these people. Can be slightly annoying on the server at times but overall not bad A:6-7? M:6
  4. Hmmm? made 3 minutes ago I wonder what this could be Need member to vouch. You can still make statements and stuff just know it wont be counted for the total
  5. ScottNi


    -1 lol got on last night spammed the n word in chat like 8 times Nvm was his friend but still May 12, 2019 7:32:24 pm 131 ᴮⁱᵗᶜʰ Maxx FUCKING KILLYOURSELF YOU DUMB NIGGER
  6. Hey I saw that person on pokemon
  7. ScottNi


    It doesn't matter that everyone should have seen it by now. It's the experience as they see it.
  8. -1 Extremely toxic. Barely knows the rules and overall a badly represents our servers. A-9 M-4
  9. Alright whoever comments next that is NOT me is the final comment
  10. ScottNi


    -1 has always been pretty toxic do an unban challenge
  11. Oh yes an arrow that teamkills 3 people that should be fun
  12. Like yondu's arrow from guardians of the galaxy
  13. We can hit backspace on tf2