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  1. Easily comes from a server on Minecraft when I saw some guy that has the word "easy" in it so I thought hmm maybe i can make something out of it so then i changed my name to EasilyWatchedMovie but then after a while i changed it to Easily to shorten it and that has been my name since then.
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    @Aegean may i be able to see the demo?
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name ✪ Easily Identity STEAM_0:0:189669519 Ban Type Server Ban Information While I was playing jailbreak on vipinthemix there was a bhop round. I finished without messing up and I was the first person to complete.I feel that I was unfairly banned because I in no way was using scripts,cheats,macros,etc.yes, I have cheated in the past on cs:go but not in anyway related to community servers.I hope this gets resolved as soon as possible and I feel that it shouldn't be a permban without any recorded evidence.If this does get resolved please let the admins know i'm willing to help change their perspective about the way they use admin.