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  1. Meaty


    just realized this is wrong, whoops (still only his infractions on mee6, I'm sure there were plenty when we used modulo)
  2. Meaty


    Member's Name Brady1780 Identity @Brady1780 on forums, Brady1780#5918 on discord, https://steamcommunity.com/id/Brady1780, STEAM_0:0:102474235 on steam Information Brady has repeatedly been problematic within the community. Below, I will attach some screenshots of his blatant bigotry. While the following are not as recent, they show that Brady has been a problematic member of the community for a very long time: Also, his infractions on Discord, via MEE6: Remember: This is *only* the infractions from after he was kicked from the server for his statements above. There were countless infractions before this. One more thing: this was posted to a subreddit I created a while back as an unfunny joke. (Meaning I made the subreddit as an unfunny joke) I obviously do not have concrete proof that the poster was Brady, but he is the only one that I would expect to act in this manner. Take this part with a grain of salt, as it cannot be proved, but I figured it was worth including. Someone that expresses such blatantly bigoted and transphobic beliefs should absolutely not be allowed in this community. The first 3 of the above messages were part of an attack on me for identifying as non-binary. This kind of behaviour can not be tolerated. I am not only calling for a removal of his status as member, but a permanent ban from the community. Brady has been consistently problematic during his time as a member of Xenogamers, and he should not have been kept in the community for this long.
  3. wtf is xg also hi precious
  4. I also have cats and they probably can
  5. idk man my guinea pigs are pretty cool
  6. Meaty


    give more info when replying to a staff app than just "+1" without any other info, it's hard to tell whether it's a meme response or not
  7. Meaty


    +1 Has shown himself to be a good staff member in the past, and I'm confident he will make efforts to help the division. If he doesn't get DL or DM, he should at least get moderator or administrator.
  8. Meaty


    Most of what I've seen and heard of you is that you're a dick. You aren't the worst, and I've seen a few good points, but I don't think you'd be a very good staff member. But hey I don't know you very well so I might be wrong about that. Overall, it's a -1 from me, at least for now.
  9. It's in no way a fun thing to have there are no funny situations that arise from it, unlike random crits pls remove it makes me sad