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  1. o: Holy hecking grats to @BonfireCentipede and @DiaperHyperWolf And grats to @fetusdeletus (finally noob smh) and @you get a gold star !
  2. Don't like TF2 anymore bai also y'all are cool thanks for the good times I might come back at some point if I start liking TF2 again but idk if I will anyway cya nerds
  3. idk who you are but I really like the image you attached to this post so hi have fun good luck meeting the good people here and not the noob gay dumb dummy dumb heads like @-Diphikult (jk ly buddy)
  4. You forgot Donakonda to L Fix pls
  5. You forgot Donakonda to L Fix pls
  6. Bitch I like surf more than tgh stfu
  7. +1 chill, doesn't really exist anymore, but he's cool A: like 1 lol M: 7 ish idk good luck nerd