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    For now, I gotta go neutral. Don't get me wrong, you seem like a decent guy, but me not seeing you on the servers that much (if my brain is telling me correct things), coupled with me not knowing you very well, makes it hard to +1. Anyway, good luck on your app. If I see ya on the servers more, I might end up going to a +1 (or a -1 if I end up finding you not suitable for being staff).
  2. A rule rework, eh? Well, personally i think the building in spawn rule on surf should be a bit more lenient. Like, it should only be against rules if it's in enemy spawn or a teleporter is on a spot where people spawn, getting them stuck when they spawn in, or if it's in a doorway making it impossible or hard to get through. That's all I got at the moment in terms of rules. As for plugins and all that, I got nothing. I trust you guys will be able to get shit done and do it well. I believe in you two nerds. You got this.
  3. Well, congrats to @Donakonda, @-Diphikult, @PolarCoded, and especially @Lithium. It sucks that @SegFault has to go. I'll miss you as DL, jew mom. Thanks for everything. I really hope you can come back some day and get unbanned and all that. I'm glad you can still 10man and go on CS:GO surf. At least that much is still possible. I'll see you whenever, dude. If you ever wanna play CS:GO or something, hmu. Peace.
  4. Oh shit I got put in it. Cool. Good work on that, gave me a good chuckle or two. Btw, for me, you could've done a piece of meat or one of my old chicken drumstick profile pics. I get the wanting to go for consistency with only using forum profile pics, but those are better representations of me I guess is what I'm saying. Another option could be my original form from when the now dead Meat Clan was formed. Damn, now I'm thinkin' about Meat Clan and getting sad. Had some good times with those folks. The Discord server is still up and I'm still a high power in it. I'm going off on a tangent, sorry. This was kind of a dumb nitpick, but I wanted to say something. Ya did good on this my dude. Kudos to you. (my original form I mentioned)
  5. squirt squirt

  6. Meaty

    Old Names

    What are some old names you used to use (and possibly regret), if you have any? I had forgotten about my old names until I played Unturned a bit ago and the name of my character was the first name I'm gonna mention, flyingflame7. I think it was just one of those auto generated Xbox Live names, but I could be wrong. The second one I just remembered when I was reminded of "flyingflame7" when I played Unturned, which is WarriorKing06. I don't know why I decided this was a good name, but I did for some reason. The only name I truly regret is one I only used once during a period where I didn't have a set name and never used again, which is "smol birb | trade.tf". I'm sure you can see why I regret that name. Anyway, what are some of your old names?
  7. hey 😉

    1. -Diphikult


      It's free real estate

  8. Congrats to all who were promoted!
  9. Neutral. He's been on a lot recently, and he was fairly decent, but considering his past and the lack of proof that he's really improved enough to be member, I have to stay neutral.
  10. What game/games are really nostalgic for you? A few for me would be Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Sonic Adventure 2, and Pikmin 2.
  11. Meaty


    +1 big jew beard
  12. I've seen him on surf a few times and he was pleasant to be around and knew rules/didn't break them from what I remember. Cool guy, seems pretty mature. +1 A: Not sure M: 7-8 probably