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  1. Honestly, +1. I thought he was fine at first, but now I can tell he isn't. He constantly gets hostile during discussions for no reason and can't handle people having different opinions than him. He blocked me for saying "your opinion is wrong" as a joke when he said he liked CS:S over CS:GO. He clearly isn't intending on not being like this anymore because he has been like this consistently during the time I've known him. At some point in the past he was on the TF2 server Pokémon Trade Center and was harassing @Dingbat just for having a bad connection under the reasoning of him being frustrating to fight. I don't think he should be kept around xG unless he fixes his attitude.
  2. Minecraft bad Also grats @ABlueSkittle123 and @hongkongatron!
  3. It's not Sunday
  4. bro +1 i hate getting killed bro
  5. This may be the dumbest thread I've seen in a while. Heavy -1. You gonna ask to disable the market gardener too? There isn't really any reason to disable this. It's just the market gardener on demo.
  6. Is degenerate an occupation?

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    2. Semper


      i've made 300$ this past year just from trading so yes, being a degenerate is an occupation

    3. Thorax_


      Only on Wednesdays

    4. Egossi


      For you we'll make an exception

  7. Gonna be honest. +1. He's improved a lot in maturity, especially considering his last member application. From what I've seen, I think he's fit to be member. Good luck, dude. A: 7 on Discord, 0 on servers M: 6
  8. Big big big -1. Staff and donators can do votes. If the server has only a few people on (none having access to sm_vote) and everyone responds and says yes, I don't see why not, but if there's just suddenly music playing while people are trying to have a conversation over voice chat, it's definitely a problem.
  9. +1 is penguin He's cool and doesn't cause any trouble A: 4-6 M: 7 (I think)
  10. Grats @TBOHB, @Klure, @hongkongatron and @Chrono!
  11. Well, although it would remove the main point of TGH, it may be a good idea. Keeping things fresh would help population likely. If we found some really good maps and added them, that would likely be a good course of action in my opinion. There are people that won't be happy about non-gaming maps being added, but as long as we keep the old maps, it shouldn't be too much if a problem I think.