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  1. In-Game Name Destroyed Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile Artic Wolf 1#8544 Age 12 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 90.06 Reason for Joining I am applying for membership because I want to help the community, I would want to motivate people to play this server and have fun. I think the xG community could become the biggest jailbreak server with the help of members and staff helping the community. I think if we could embrace people to apply for a membership we can make this community a lot better. I have been playing on xG for about 3 months and I think this is the best jailbreak server because of the amazing admins helping the community I just hope I could be a member to also help the community and if I join a different server it will say xG so people will recognize the xG tag and will check out the server and we will get more players. I think I would be a great member because I would help the community and I would respect every person with my pleasure.
  2. I'm not a alt i'm on the server a lot and im a regular I am not a alt for hotkey lol. Btw idr know if your allowed to type here if it isn't a +1 but it's a +1
  3. +1 Bro Amazing admin application one best I've ever seen Edit:Not to loud of a mic