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  1. I will admit I contribute to some of the toxicity in the discord while its not through the text channels I do have my toxic moments in voice channels. I also have to admit I was toxic to icy and goldfish at points in the past but I was also accepting of them often too, I would help him with school work when he wanted outside opinions or when he just wanted someone to kickback and chat with which are the times me and him got along greatly but towards the end of Icy's stay I wanted nothing to do with him because of his toxic personality in 10 mans and in the discord (joining gen 2,3,4, and 5 while its full just to be annoying or to troll). Goldfish was a whole other ball game because when I got back into the community he was a meme and people would joke with him and some actually be hurtful towards him and I contributed in the memeing on him I don't think I have been hurtful to him but I could be wrong, There were moments when goldfish and I actually did have fun though whether it was just playing csgo or memeing on each other for fun, I wasn't the nicest when he started trolling 24/7 and trying to double clan but since his return he's improved alot and I have gotten to liking the new goldfish so I hope he continues to improve. I guess my point of this whole thing is just admitting my wrongs and putting it out there that I will continue to work on improving my attitude and not holding peoples screw ups against them. I'm still gonna insult you all in a joking way though.
  2. +1 because I hardly see members on the surf server.
  3. PolarCoded


    But ALL csgo staff has to be mc staff
  4. The best xG map is HUMAN TETRIS don't @ me.
  5. I've played with him a few late nights and hes admitted his wrongs and sees his toxic ways and has been improving on not being so toxic in a few ways. +1 A:8 M:6
  6. I dont really know scott outside of the jailbreak server but from the times Ive played with him on there he was friendly and was very helpful teaching newer players the rules. Ima give it a +1 because he's always a good guy when I see him on.
  7. Fun dude to play with and makes a great warden. Always been a pretty chill guy so ima give it a fat +1 A:8 M:9
  8. I feel like I dont many of you very well so why dont we have a fact of yourself thread? EX: Ive been in the servers for 6 years. Fun Fact: I'm only 20 and im already having a child.
  9. I gotta try those, I usually stick to whiskey but malibu and cream soda sounds pretty good