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  1. I still have 12k and was planning on donating for the donator status or whatever and more creds to keep up on treasure hunts lol
  2. So I came up with this little activity for people to hunt for credits by finding me and another guard that have a bounty I set during reverse hide n seek, the first time it was great people had fun and someone earned 1500 credits but this last time the kids (other cts) call out the location of the ones with the bounties which defeats the whole purpose of the treasure hunt. Could there be a "no snitching/pinging location" rule enforced when I decide to do "treasure hunts"?
  3. PolarCoded


    +1 I remember him being admin in the og days and he was great at it.
  4. Thank you for the honest criticism, I will work on cutting down my trolling to change that neutral to a +1.
  5. by all means I’m not trying to be toxic but if it’s the maturity your -1’Ing about I get I do fuck it mods and admins quite a bit but other than that I do enforce rules when other don’t even when they are present.(you may message them privately but I let them know publicly so everyone will know that that’s a no no) my activity has dropped substantially but I’m still known throughout the community and a lot of people ask me questions as if I’m a staff member because I try to let EVERYONE know the rules not just the one in the wrong and I feel that should be the proper way a moderator or admin should do things rather than keep the call out on rule breakers a secret via admit pm.
  6. Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Polar Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/polahplz/ Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 12 days? not plus mg Information I've been familiar with the rules for quite sometime and while I may be one of the many trolls in the server I get along with mostly everyone and I'm known through out the jb server and mg (sort of). While I feel like its time I finally applied, I would fully understand if it wasn't considered "ready" for the position of power. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  7. PolarCoded


    I'm staying neutral because I seen you in discord once and never in servers but from what I hear you were a great admin in the past I just feel as you should re-familiarize yourself with rules and get more connected with the community again before applying for staff again.
  8. +1 fun to play jb with and fun to 10 man with honestly don’t think I’ve seen him break rules when I’ve played jb with him.
  9. +1 he has improved quite a bit and I know he’s missed being back in the community. The fact that most of the -1s are because he sold cheats is stupid, if you had the chance to make money for someone else doing all the work then why not? He hasn’t used them on the severs or around people in the servers so why scold his ban request because for his activities outside the community? That’s just my two cents in the matter. Best of luck on the ban protest
  10. Today’s my first day starting at a new factory building cattle trailers.