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  1. rate the fit for halloween 🤪🥶🤯


  2. +1 we need more tf2 mods, he is town hall 11.
  3. alright imma be honest here, आप सूँघने की तरह गंध

  4. 🥵 <--went from no drip (necklace) to -->🥶 icy wrist!! (watch)

  5. +1 Stays on the server with me to try and populate it. Great guy and I hope he gets mod
  6. In-Game Name Galaxy Primary Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/mommythiccalpey Age 15 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2016-2019 Reason for Joining I really like xG servers, and I feel like I would be contribute to the servers, since I know lots of common xG players.