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  1. Solty


    @Thorax It'd be very great if you asked for context before picking a side. But because you didn't know, I'll just go ahead and point out that Box was being a raging funnyman not even an hour before you joined and only started getting offended when he realized he wasn't the big dick swinger he thought he was. Regardless, I'm going to be recording next time I play just to debunk the whole Bogeyman people love to carry around while pretending they understand someone they don't even know. That person being me since you clearly don't know me well enough.
  2. Due to my last months playing TF2 being a drastically different experience.(Which I owe to my upgraded setup.) I have learned a lot of things about Team Fortress 2 and my own gameplay habits that I've been able to use to my advantage. Whether it be an FPS and Network config improving my accuracy, extra map knowledge making me better at adapting to different pressuring situations, or even something oddly specific like THIS monstrosity of a revelation. I have learned A LOT about the game that I didn't even know in my initial 2.2k hours of the game and it's seriously opened my eyes for so many different things. One of which being the realization that I've been wrong this ENTIRE time about (Most) of my hackusations. While nobody can confirm Jo or Caribou were not cheaters before they stopped showing up on the servers, I'd like to apologize to Box, Spaghetti, and Galaxy for accusing them of doing it. The fact of the matter is the sheer size of the iron bomber's pills making a lot of their shots look extremely off. While it IS kind of cheap and broken, it's not necessarily cheating. So I sincerely apologize for the accusation. Also Box just really needs to learn how to aim before taking shots. Sorry not sorry.
  3. Solty


    Member's Name Box Identity STEAM_0:0:83527098 Information Very toxic in-game. Has a bit of a soft reputation among the more casual players of the Team Fortress division for joining the servers and chasing others out with really persistent shit talking paired with a tendency to violently focus and try his absolute hardest against anyone who even thinks to kill him a single time. His way of handling things is immature to the point of it not even being worth replying to because more likely than not, he'll just give you a generic middleschool bully response of "You're bad." or "You're retarded.". Even if he's the one dominating you through mostly lame and illegitimate means, he'll attempt to belittle the other player rather than backing up his words. He shouldn't be outright banned, but he should be held accountable for his frustrating behavior. When people genuinely start migrating to another server as soon as someone specific joins, that person obviously has a problem and it should be addressed. Otherwise we're always going to be stuck with a low population as new players who have one bad misstep with Box will feel unable to live it down unless they quit the server group entirely.
  4. Solty


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Dropped Egg Sandwich Identity STEAM_0:1:105104099 Ban Type Server Ban Information I received a day long ban for banter towards another player(Who you know as Box) in the comments section of their steam profile AND in the servers themselves. Calling them a coward and inept in-game following after a toxic, half hour long scuffle in the Pokemon Trade server. While I do not mind being unable to play on the servers for a day, I do feel like this should be a more open discussion and I'll most likely elaborate on my reasons why in a Member Protest thread following after this one. Please look out for it sometime later tonight.