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Metal, Rock, Punk, And Hardcore

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A7x (Avenged Sevenfold)

Their first two albums are more of the 'growling/screaming' most of their stuff after wards has little to none.


Seize the Day is from the City of Evil Album


Nightmare From the Album Nightmare

I cant remember which song it was in this album but it was for their drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan




@@Tsuchikure @@Gkoo @@Forest

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This is some entry level stuff to get you started. Just because its entry, doesn't mean they're not good. Just easier to find and stuff.


Metal (no metalcore/hardcore bands here, pure metal):

Deafheaven (Black Metal. controversial and considered "hipster black metal", but fuck em its still good)

Ghost [Ghost BC in the US] (Modern Heavy Metal. Play in a style that's evocative of older doom metal bands like Black Sabbath. No screaming)

Warforged (Death Metal band from Chicago)


The Faceless (Experimental/Technical Death Metal Band)

Death (One of the most respected Death Metal Bands)

Darkthrone (Second Wave Black Metal. HAIL SATAN)

Devin Townsend (Very influential metal artist. Heavy as fuck and fun to listen to. Check out all of his projects and see what is your liking)


Metalcore/Hardcore (OPEN UP THIS PIT):

Shai Hulud (Hardcore/metalcore band that adds elements from progressive metal. Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory has been in the band a few times)

Misery Signals (Metalcore band from Wisconsin, probably one of my top metalcore bands)

Killswitch Engage (You probably know this band, but they're a pretty damn good metalcore band, imo, even when they're singing about love and heartache)

The Devil Wears Prada (Another well known band. I would listen from With Roots Above and Branches Below and on. Listen to their first two albums if you want to hear how they've progressed)

Parkway Drive (Australian metalcore band. P. damn good and aggressive)

August Burns Red (Metalcore. Good. Nuff said.)

Every Time I Die (Hardcore band with elements of mathcore and southern rock)

Converge (Earlier stuff was more metalcore, but later is mathcore/hardcore. One of the best bands in the scene, hands down)

Architects (In terms of style, a reverse of Converge. Ruin and Hollow Crown are great. The Here And Now is a huge hit or miss. Daybreaker is a slight improvement of The Here And Now. New album coming out, and it sounds promising)

The Dillinger Escape Plan (Mathcore. One of the most influential groups in the genre. Has joined bands like Nine Inch Nails and Deftones on stage)

Counterparts (Hardcore from Canada. Early music was progressive hardcore/metalcore. Rest of their albums go for a more hardcore sound)

Norma Jean (Chaotic Hardcore/Mathcore band. Has a slight southern rock influence, but more on the hard and heavy side than Every Time I Die)

The Chariot (Mathcore/Southern Rock. Band started by the original vocalist of Norma Jean, but have a more chaotic and sporadic sound)

Protest The Hero (Mathcore/Progressive Metal. More melodic than most of the other bands on this list. Mix of Heavy Metal vocals and growling/screaming



i have a bunch more where that came from that i might post later

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Finally someone else posted so now I have an excuse to continue my list!


Periphery - Progressive metal band from Washington DC. They're know for using a technique called "Djent" and they're considered the ones responsible for popularizing it. Their first album and EP were written mostly by the guy who started the band, and the second one is the band writing the album as a whole. The latest release, Clear, is an experiment where each member wrote their own song and had complete control over the production of it. The Icarus EP has electronic remixes, one of which is made by

Between The Buried And Me - Progressive metal band from Raleigh, NC. They started out as a progressive deathcore band on their first two albums and branched out into progressive metal with their third album, Alaska. They incorporate different genres in their music from surf rock to polka to bluegrass and it sounds pretty damn sweet.

Animals as Leaders - Progressive metal band that also uses djent in their music. If you're a fan of crazy guitar stuff, these guys are definitely for you. They play with a lot more jazz influence in their music compared to other bands that use djent, so it leads to some pretty insane sounding songs instrumentally. No vocalist, so if you're looking for stuff with vocals, you're not gonna find it here.

The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - If you just want some brutal in your face shit, this is one band to definitely listen to. They're an experimental metal band that plays really dissonant music with mathcore, death metal, and grindcore influences.

Weekend Nachos - Powerviolence/grindcore band from Chicago (FUCK YEAH). If you're into any of the hardcore/mathcore bands I had in my last list, try these guys. Less on the technical/complex side and more on the fast, heavy, and brutal side. This shit has fucking WEIGHT to it.


that's all I can muster up for now because I'm mentally exhausted right now and I've been listening to hip-hop and pop more recently. I'll edit this post with more shit later.

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Killswitch Engage: A metalcore band; the main singer in this video has switched over to a band called 'Devil you know' after a few albums. The original singer took over that part I don't know how long ago.


Megadeth: Welcome to the wave of thrash metal. With its fast tempo and aggression, Megadeth was part of the 'big four.' Themselves, Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer were the ones who (created, for the most part) popularized thrash metal.

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Anyways, i finally got the time to actually do this, so yea

Obey The Brave - Its a Canadian metalcore/melodic band. They only have one album and are currently making another one. The one i listed are probably their top imo. They also have a track in french which surprisingly sounds good even though idk wtf they're talking about.


Silverstein - Basically a post hardcore band (Once again from Canada <3) They have 6 albums. Their new stuff has a lot more screams if you're into that kind of stuff and is alot better personally speaking. Once again their top songs personally


Of Mice and Men - They are a band that i just started getting into, They are once again a metalcore band. Their first album was more or less metalcore, while their second one is a more of melodic.Not much as else to say...


Meh if i think of anything else ill add on, This is what we listen to in Canadia

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A few bands that stand out for me are:

- Volbeat

- Stone Sour

- FFDP(Five Finger Death Punch)

- A7X(Avenged Sevenfold)

- Disturbed

- System of a Down

(these are not the greatest but these are ones i enjoy)

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