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  1. Valorant Jailbreak when @Aegean @Chrono
  2. DrLee


    Wish there was an edit function.
  3. DrLee


    Division Discord In-Game Name Lee Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/kennySBest/ Position Administrator Time Active on Servers 7 years Information I would genuinely enjoy being a bigger part of this community again, something beyond just playing and hanging out. I have always enjoyed conflict resolution and working things out when I was moderator, administrator, division manager, and community leader here. Discord is where I hang out the most and I would enjoy having the ability to resolve we may have. I know when to take things seriously and I also know how to not just use powers on people who don't deserve it. I don't too much else to say. If it isn't appropriate or if I am otherwise unqualified, then I understand. @virr @Aegean @LeToucan @jaygoki I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  4. Got my dates for the Air Force ?

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      Mean Emoji GRRRR

  6. Ming Hin for Chinese Dim sum.
  7. DrLee


    @Pepper @Aegean @Bleed @[email protected] @Jaydow @virr please i'm secretly insecure.
  8. We should definitely do it more often. I was busy working the past ones I think, but it'd be fun. And I think for previous cheaters, or at least @lilbleed I think it should just be a' higher up choice. Even though I wouldnt object to him or some others
  9. DrLee


    Division Discord In-Game Name Lee Identity STEAM_1:0:33738893 Position Other Time Active on Servers 5 years Information Hello, I video game within the counter-strike realms (In house games, mini-games, occasional jb), MOBAs, random party games, and MMOs. I thought I may as well apply because I enjoy spending time in voice chat and text chat and I am not a complete jackass.