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Katawa Shoujo

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Game Name:

 Katawa Shoujo


 Any computer

Time Spent: (A rough estimate is fine if the game doesn't track it)

About 70 hours (I spent time getting 100%)



Do you recommend?



What you rate the game: 


Initial Thoughts:

 If you didn't know, I enjoy playing visual novels. They are games with no gameplay, just reading. When someone recommended this game I thought it would be another generic, poorly written Visual Novel.

Gameplay and Story:

 Well, there is no gameplay. The story however, you are a teenager name Hisao, and at the beggining of the game you are diagnosed with Chronic Arythmia, and you go to a school for the disabled, because you are not able to go to a normal school due to heart attacks being easy to get with your condition.


 I guess I just told it


 Amazing story writing and character development 

The soundtrack is one of the best I've heard

It's free


If you turn on the block for NSFW content, you aren't able to get 100%

There were a few missed opportunitys for routes


Final Thoughts

Katawa Shoujo is one of my favorite games, due to the character development, writing, the emotions, and the soundtrack. I'd recommend it to anyone with spare time.

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