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  1. Goblins


    Didn't even see this before. PropaneSales's profile | osu! OSU.PPY.SH osu! - Everything you ever wanted to know about PropaneSales! I need to start playing again. Like really badly.
  2. Goblins

    Selfie Sunday

    Anyone else think that lasagna is the only food?
  3. Goblins

    Good Mobile Games

    Like Tekage said, Pokemon Go is a good option. Other ones I play daily are: Fate/GO, FE:Heroes, Girl's Frontline, Honkai Impact 3, Azur Lane, and Dragalia Lost. Honkai Impact 3 might be the best choice since it always has stuff to do.
  4. Goblins

    Does anyone hink im decent?

    Implying that any threads made in the past few months had any substance.
  5. Goblins


    No reason to be a cock over something you dislike. Keep that shitty attitude out of here.
  6. Goblins


    You're all acting like it's the end of the world. Chill out. None of you guys have really gave a good input to be against the bot. The only somewhat good reason I saw was from MJP, and even then you can just mute the channel(s) and hide them. They'll be out of your way and it won't be cluttered. Yeah the discord is to communicate, but having bots the enhance socialization around us, damage us? No. It's a shame we all have different interests People that have alike interests help us prosper. People enjoy the games in the community, so we talk about it. Why not add something else? It's one more bot and I don't think it will hurt anyone. It'd be a nice addition to be honest. For those who talk in #anime a lot.
  7. Goblins


    Everyone becomes member to become staff someday. Even the members that are floating around the servers want to become staff I’m sure. Real talk though, I can’t vouch for you since I don’t play surf to really see you. However, you seem like a pretty reasonable guy. It seems like you’re trying for another chance, but are getting pushed away. I’m honestly sorry. Best of luck on your application, bud.
  8. Goblins

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Sesh is more so talking about the Twitter community, not Twitter's TOS. The Twitter community will tear someone apart if they even attempt to make a joke or post something even slightly offensive to some minority that no one really knows.
  9. Goblins

    Fortnite (Don't lynch me please)

    I love shitposts!
  10. Goblins

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    I doubt people would leave over banning a word (which still shouldn’t be banned). It’ll just leave a disgusting taste in a decent amount of the population’s mouth. Queen, can I ask if there was previous incidents where you were attacked by players using “faggot”?
  11. Goblins

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    It's sad that we're paper-skinned anymore. Any water dumped on you and you guys shrivel up. Can we just keep the basis that if someone is harassing someone, we punish them? Can we also keep in mind that the people are behind a monitor acting all tough; Literally ignore them. Punish them if they're harassing someone/you. How hard is that? xG can be a welcoming place without being a Hitler with slurs. Obviously racial slurs are no good, but come on. If we ban the word faggot, we should ban weebs and furries alike.
  12. Goblins

    Best way to kill time?

    I play a lot of mobage to kill time. Like a lot.
  13. Bless Rotom

  14. Goblins

    Denied Memership

    No it means that you have to work on stuff. The only reason you think this, is because YOU feel like we hate you. You actually seem upset over being denied. Literally no reason to be upset. Spending money doesn't mean you get a free membership card. It means your helping xG pay for servers, the site, etc. Knowing people and actually socializing with the community in a positive manner gets you in. Again, no. No one who joins is "perfect". Almost everyone here started at the bottom and worked their way to membership by BECOMING friends with other members. I literally started out as a random and worked myself into the community. Christ, I worked all the way up to a division manager. Now you're going to regret making this thread because you assumed the worst and in turn makes you look like a fool. I'm kind of sorry, kind of not sorry for the tone of my reply. Your ignorance just seems silly and left a really bad taste in my mouth. Work on the stuff people suggested and you're bound to get into xG when you re-apply.
  15. Goblins

    add the filter back to the servers?

    Unless there is a way to also filter the words on the rank site, it seems like a waste of time to invest in.