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  1. 100% worth reading. Hanako and Lily's route were by far my favorite.
  2. Us Americans can be bartenders at 18-years-old too ?
  3. I sell car parts for NAPA. Get to deal with some people building nice cars every once in awhile.
  4. Just wanna say that I played on xG since 2012, but didn't every submit a member app until 2016.
  5. I have an iPhone 7 plus. I use it for all my weeb gacha games xd
  6. Interesting. The robot tried to leave us, but the fail-safe went through. Virr-bot is never leaving us. Have fun in Canada. Come to Michigan if they start to bore you. Tatost and I can show you the true way.
  7. Hello Juicy G, when is your new single dropping?????

  8. kush coma, i am in a kush coma!

    1. Goblins


      Degenerate xGDM Snackbello : Hello guys! I personally masturbate to asian booties. Haha! Thanks for considering. ?

  9. The only true way is from the cow's titty.
  10. In order to play online, you'll have to get Nintendo Online. I'm down for this though. Would it have the same rules as a normal smash tournament though?
  11. Yeah, it was you and I as DM, and Bello as our German DL.
  12. Goblins

    Its cold

    Still doesn't change the fact that it's fucking freezing.
  13. Goblins

    Favorite Anime OPs

    None of these are in sorted in any order.