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  1. Goblins

    Bias and hypocrisy

    Oh boy. So I sat back, but I figured I'd give my two cents. It's obvious that, yet again, the spray rule needs to be revised and published with clear guidelines. Your best bet would to state that sprays should be PG rated. That way no one is trying to push the boundaries of what's okay to spray, and what is punishable. +1 Rule revision. - 1 Krampus gets beaten up for a mistake. Yes and no. Krampus made a mistake, which is fine, but the result is clear. The rule needs to be revised and ALL of the staff need to be told exactly what is okay and what isn't. No more of this "let the staff decide if it's okay to spray" stuff. You're funny. You can still see both butts, just not what is in the cracks. How is that different?
  2. Goblins

    Preferred cuisine

    Lasagna or die. I'll make a whole pan and eat half of it. I'll eat a lot of pasta, but meats are dope too. I make some nice steaks.
  3. Goblins


    Going to have to lay a +1 on this. SIF Sister knows her stuff on being staff. Very friendly too. We missed you, fam.
  4. Goblins


    The only thing that worries me is losing interest in the game again. Why jump you up to an admin when your interest could be really short? I'd say give him moderator and wait a couple weeks before deciding on if Bonfire should be admin.
  5. Goblins

    Promotions and Demotions #199

    Go to hell!
  6. Goblins

    Promotions and Demotions #199

    Elcark, you have done an amazing job since you became DM. You'll do great as a DL. Congrats! Also, Kypari, I know we but our heads on some things, but you really deserve DM. Although I'm sure we'll still but heads on some things. Congrats!
  7. Goblins

    Help Me Improve!

    You can leave it thick, but you have to blend it better. Use your finger a bit if you haven't and smudge it around. It'll look a little bit cleaner, but still give shade from that light source you're trying to go from.
  8. Goblins

    Need Help Designing my Character

    This seems fitting.
  9. Goblins

    Anime Merch

    Right here is basically my anime merch minus a few shirts that I'll post later on:
  10. Goblins

    FF2 and PlayPoints

    I really enjoyed the system we had tried out last year with building your class throughout each match. Getting skill points to level up rate of fire, damage, hp, and so on. Rapid fire crossbow medic was beautiful.
  11. Goblins

    Remember me?

    What's up? Welcome back; Glad you're off of that stupid John Tron poop.
  12. Goblins

    Lyrical vs Mumble

    I'm going to go of the basis of that awful comparison video, since that seems to be the focus. I'm also going to go off the base of lyrical meaning that the lyrics of the artists are deep and meaningful, while mumble is just a good beat with some repetitive lyrics that follow suit (i.e. Lil Pump-Gucci Gang). Eminem, Logic, Tech N9ne, and especially Hopsin are like the Wal-marts of "lyrical" rap. Yeah everyone might listen to them once in awhile, but they're afraid of being judged by it. Eminem has some deep lyrics, but eh. Logic is the same way; He rubbed me the wrong way when he released his "Suicide Prevention Hotline" track. Saying "Woo!" after asking if anyone else feels the same over a suicide focused song just makes it seem like he is mocking those. Post Malone-Rockstar should have been put into mumble. I'd personally even consider Congratulations into mumble just for the flow and repetitive lyrics. The mumble portion felt fine although I'm surprised they didn't stuff Lil Uzi Vert in there. Lyrical Rap isn't bad and neither is mumble rap, but it honestly just depends on mood. Are you being a big brained king? Then go with lyrical. If you're being a deep fried brain king? Then mumble rap is your pick. Both are great, and I will continue to bump to either of them. Except Eminem, Tech N9ne, and Hopsin. They're just awful in my opinion.
  13. Goblins

    The situation as I see it

    It does though. Transparency helps the community out a lot in most cases. Especially issues like this. And like Aegean said, don't word your opinion so aggressively. Anywho.. I personally feel as people who become staff (mainly higher-ups), should take a portion of their time and dedicate it to bettering the division. Obviously people have lives outside of xG and sometimes it's hard to do their part. That is more than fine, but there should be no reason not to see things on the forums/discord. If the forums are down, maybe set-up a channel for higher-ups on discord to talk as a back up? Take initiative to do these things. Lets also not forget the age we live in. We can take things on the go, like using your phone if you're in town to reply to something or checking the forums/discord. Sidenote: I do notice that Virr helps out a lot with the divisions, and that's not entirely bad. The CLs should always stick their nose into things and help out when needed. Aeagan helps out with issues as well. Maybe not as many server issues (that I've personally seen), but personally issues that players have with the division. Obviously Rhodo does his own thing, and has been working on bettering the forums. So other TF2 DLs take that as a nudge forward? Try to make sure your thoughts and work gets noticed. Then everyone is happy!
  14. Goblins

    Sucy the Mushroom

    I see on the log that he has received two hour long bans and one day ban. A week minimum, two weeks maximum would personally be my choice. You really shouldn't try to justify the multiple mutes as the requirement for a lengthy ban. You muted the person, you had chances to ban that person, and you still chose to mute him? I could understand muting him a couple times, but why mute him seventeen times? It doesn't seem like people are using their head to make a rational decision. Then realistically, there should be a decision on the right way to handle this situation before Sucy receives a potential punishment. Because regardless the context of what he has done, he should receive a fair punishment just like future rule breakers. This needs to be a black and white area, not a gray area. Mega, I can see what you mean about just keeping him muted, however I believe it'd be best to keep Sucy off of the server. There could be a possibility that Sucy himself could be harassed by other players for what has done, and I wouldn't want that on anyone. Especially since xG doesn't want to condone harassment to realistically anyone. Lastly, we all have opinions on matters. Just because (not speaking for Sucy) someone doesn't like something and is verbal about it, don't take it to heart (to an extent). I don't like the whole furry idea, but I'm sure plenty of people don't like the whole weeb idea. In a perfect world, we wouldn't have issues, but perfection isn't literal. It's subjective.