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  1. Tatost

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    That's nothing compared to Wario suicides, try again, idiot. @hongkongatron
  2. Tatost

    Selfie Sunday

    rip lights ok this was a lot darker on my phone wtf
  3. Tatost

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    Rebinding your c-stick to tilts is much better than having it on smash attacks. For basically everyone that I know of, tilts are really annoying to pull off when you're using tap jump, or you're trying to do one right out of a dash. Also, rebinding your d-pad to shields allows you to get four inputs per rotation when trying to mash out of something.
  4. Tatost

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    switching grips is actually easier than you might think, especially between standard/stock and double-claw
  5. Tatost

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    I'm a retard and didn't include anything in my first post, so I guess I'll do it here because editing blows There are different grips for GCN controllers (these are the only ones that I'm aware of), but there is standard, claw, and double-claw. Standard grip is how most players usually hold their remote, where their thumb presses basically everything on the front side of the controller. Claw, however, allows the player to keep their thumb on the c-stick, while their pointer finger covers A/B/X/Y. Obviously, you shift your middle and ring fingers forward one notch, so you can shield and grab effectively. Double-claw is similar to normal claw, but instead letting the pointer finger rest on X/Y while the thumb does the works the rest of the buttons on the front. Try experimenting with some of these grips. I've been a standard grip user for over 11 years, but I find that double-claw suits my hands a bit better. The below video explains these grips much better than I can.
  6. Self-explanatory, post any cool tips, tricks, combos, whatever for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I see a lot of really cool things getting talked about in Discord, but they get drowned out by chatter. I thought it might be nice to have a thread where newer people can learn the nooks and crannies of Smash. For some reason, tagging messed up and I can't really @ anyone, so I'll just try and post this in #smash LOL
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    Guess My Name!

    already made that joke
  8. what the fuck dude image.thumb.png.9758c5bc346cdcd1ff17b0ff52c23896.png

    1. Tekage


      I tried to paste it as plain text but it didn't work so I just thought "eh fuck it". I'm so sorry for grossing you out 😞

  9. Tatost


    His point is that there are so many staff members that play on surf that he wouldn't really provide anything that isn't already there, as it is already so heavily staffed. Much like how I was denied staff as a Discord moderator because we already had plenty. The entire point of my post, although poorly conveyed, was that Skelly is known to have a rather short fuse (see "Goodbye for now" thread and read my logs with him) and if given staff should definitely be on thin ice and/or under constant surveillance. Just staying neutral still since I haven't really been on to talk to him, my posts only act as a warning.
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    Guess My Name!

    Jumbo Junto
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    I mean, I dislike you for very obvious reasons, but I don't play on the TF2 servers anymore so
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    Guess My Name!

    Jaydo @Jadow
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    Promotions and Demotions #215

    don't get your hopes up, and mom said you have to take me with you if you're getting banned or you're not allowed to go