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  1. Tatost

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    he did something wrong as CT, and instead of slaying he walked to the side of the line and shot everyone in the fucking head.
  2. Tatost

    Sniipz - Counter-Strike

    +1 massed multiple rounds in a row complaining about how bad the server was.
  3. Tatost

    I swallow dick - Counter-Strike

    +1 I was actually one of the people who got massed
  4. Tatost


    I'm rusty as fuck in Mania, I haven't been able to play well for about a week. Looking for more maps to get PP on after I switch rooms again since my brothers are coming home and I took shelter in their room for the last few months. Hopefully, there are some actually decent maps out since I haven't downloaded shit for about a month.
  5. Tatost


    I've already hit top 10k in Mania and I'm still climbing
  6. Tatost

    It's starting to look a lot like ch

    congrats to @Jaydow on DM, he deserved it.
  7. Tatost

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    Only thing I dislike about using the voice channels in the xG discord is that people will just randomly join, scream, and leave in a matter of seconds. It gets annoying, especially when you don't figure out who did it.
  8. Tatost

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    I'm braindead right now so if I download the game before the 18th I can keep the game for free and still be able to play after the 18th, right?
  9. Tatost

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    +1 I've been in multiple discords that have Tatsumaki, it's a pretty nice bot.
  10. Tatost

    6s Tournament

    I would scream at you if you even tried to play pyro or spy in competitive matches.
  11. Tatost

    Longjump - Coolduck - Counter-Strike

    STEAM_0:1:179247466 Steam Community :: - cool duck STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM hi
  12. Tatost

    Longjump - Coolduck - Counter-Strike

    +1 He slurs even with staff members online, idk how he hasn't gotten a longer comm ban.
  13. Tatost

    6s Tournament

    That is the actual 6s team composition, two scouts, two soldiers (pocket and roamer), demo and medic.