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    my ubisoft nickname shall go down in history
  2. this is still open @virr @hongkongatron @peoplewhocanclosethreads
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    he's cool bro
  4. Tatost


    We've known you for years, Crow. Your behavior has been consistently shitty since 2016/2017 when I first met you. That aside, it is evident that your accounts are often misleading recognizing the overwhelming number of hack accusations you have made just in the last year. Our lack of enthusiasm when it comes to addressing your concerns for the community are well-founded. As Thorax said, you should take some of your advice and take responsibility for your actions instead of dismissing it by simply stating "you guys don't know me!" It's a bad look. You're older than I am, yet you have the maturity and mental capacity of a fourteen-year-old, not unlike Box, who is fourteen. That aside, member protests are not to be taken lightly and we will not go off of hearsay especially when the accusing party is known to be rather pugnacious. If you want to provide evidence (properly recorded, capturing your input as well as others), then we have something. Regardless, I highly doubt that it will be substantial enough to warrant a loss of membership. Side note: Stop complaining that people are killing you as a result of your laughable behavior. This is the internet, and when you do stupid shit people are going to make it painfully obvious. Your incessant whining and vulgar behavior currently have you sitting on thin ice with our staff. We have been relatively patient when it comes to you, giving you plenty of warnings and chances to pipe down, and have recently decided that we're going to adopt a more stringent method.
  6. Tatost


    DM or I'm coming to Virginia to kick your ass
  7. Tatost


    He did just fine as a higher up the last time, I'd have no issue with him returning as long as he keeps connecting to the servers drunk/high to a minimum. +1 is also the more mature brother
  8. Tatost


    Understandable, but I think a good deal of what you've seen is my poor relationship with Mau. I understand that could pose an issue, but it shouldn't really impede on my ability to staff the server. Other than that 99% of my activity on the server is just me screaming "GET FUCKED" over the mic when I kill Pandora. It's how I've always been, and most likely will continue to be as people can very obviously tell that I'm joking over the mic. dub is my one and only
  9. Tatost


    i never did have admin noob
  10. Tatost


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name tatost Identity STEAM_0:1:54599372 Position Administrator Time Active on Servers like five years lol Information I think there's a general lack of experience among staff members, as a few have little to no clue on how to conduct themselves as a staff member and demonstrate a complete lack of understanding when it comes to deescalating a situation. I've been staff multiple times for both the TF2 and CS:GO divisions, along with one term as Discord mod. That alone should suggest I have the capability of handling a staff position. tatost for DM 2020 hi mau I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  11. +1 he healed me once when I asked him to
  12. Tatost


    I would just do one of these unban challenges.