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    CS Setups

    Thought I would bring this thread back with another set of questions-- This is mainly directed towards those who have poor eyesight but generally dislike playing games with their glasses/contacts in. What is your ideal resolution? For example, are you near or farsighted? Do you use 4:3, 16:9, or 16:10? Do you like to use smaller resolutions and stretch them, black bars, etc.? How far away are you from your monitor? Any other responses are welcome, even if they're not in my list. I cannot stand playing games with my glasses on due to constant headaches, essentially making it harder for me to focus and have fun. I'm nearsighted, so I can't see things far away, but my vision close-up isn't outstanding either, so it sometimes gets pretty hard to see heads/small details while playing. I'm probably slightly below two feet away from my monitor while I'm playing games. I use 4:3 stretched resolutions to try and supplement my poor eyesight. 1280x720 is generally my goto, but it isn't exactly perfect.
  2. 69 credits lol


  3. bruh moment lmfao tagging the boys @Genocide @Darrth get a slice of this lol
  4. you weren't out of the womb when this was a joke @bagggel made this among others
  5. As in a vote at the start of the match?
  6. congrats on snow mexican @Dannypicacho, I knew you were fit for the position the entire time
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    there's basically one or more every single day.
  8. TTT is gonna be dead except for the very small group of players, most likely from the CS div
  9. Because the last post before mine was in August of 2018...
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    This is a prime example of what people should act like on their own staff application in regards to negative vouches.
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    I'll just remain neutral here, as I don't run into you extremely often unlike other people, Scottni and Danny are examples. I will, however, add that I haven't seen any rule breaking whatsoever from him if the activity is improved on to the point in which I get to know him better, I'll vouch then (if this is still open at that time).
  12. bruh moment @Darrth