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  1. Tatost


    I would just do one of these unban challenges.
  2. four years pog

  3. Tatost


    I'd just like to make sure you've re-established a working knowledge of the rules since you've last been active. I've only seen you on recently after you popped up in the discord, so I'm skeptical as to whether or not you have refreshed yourself on the rules and made sure to check for any differences since you've last moderated the servers (ex. relaxed mic spam rule).
  4. Tatost


    shut up andrew
  5. Tatost


    -1 you're constantly getting into trouble despite having been given (multiple?) extra chances, you haven't ever demonstrated any change in maturity whatsoever. I can't see why giving you another chance would go well.
  6. it is just like caleb said in his thread omg........ it all makes sense now...... grape killed tf2. yup.
  7. Going to be honest with you man, shit does not look good for you. You're lying about what you were banned for even though we have ban logs saying that you were doxxing people (not sure if this is singular or plural). The fact that your English is incredibly inconsistent (terrible in OP, but actually readable on your profile) and that you pulled the "my dad died" card out of nowhere sends red flags. I can't say that you've really matured if you aren't honest in your own ban protest. I know I already gave my two cents, but this is a hard -1 for me. GIF by Gyazo GYAZO.COM accounts match up, I don't think anything else really needs to be said
  8. Tatost


    +1 is chill and actually uses the voice channels consistently
  9. Then please provide a proper steam ID or link to your profile and we can find the ban under the account. Those are the only bans that come up under the name "tykz."
  10. hey I didn't doxx that's not me 


    1. Tatost


      Those are the only bans under the name "tykz." Link your steam account, because you didn't provide a valid steam id on your ban protest.

  11. Yeah, uh... he was banned for doxxing people's numbers. Xeno Gamers BANS.XENOGAMERS.COM ~One year ago, but I still think that doxxing people is a little more serious than simply cheating or saying a naughty word. -1
  12. Tatost


    I can't really speak for how you performed as a staff member in the TF2 division since I wasn't exactly playing TF2 while you were staff, but I can say that what I've seen over Discord has been more or less positive. That being said, I have seen certain situations where you might have a little trouble keeping your cool- something you've already acknowledged, which at least demonstrates a level of maturity. It's not unusual to have a staff member show poor judgement, but I feel like if you're just a little more careful than most with keeping your cool it would do the Discord some justice to have you keeping an eye on the server since you pretty much read it all day. As a previous Discord moderator, I can assure you that the bot will suck major dick and learning how to use it will be a pain in the ass (pretty sure none of the staff members actually know how to use this one anyway, so try and be the first). If you're up to actually learn how to use the bot and you can handle upping the maturity when you're dealing with people, then +1. Just make sure not to join in on arguments, take care of them if they get out of hand. Not all arguments are bad, some are healthy and it's really up to the discord staff to discern whether or not they should step in. Generally this role is ridiculed much more than others, at least from what I've seen and personally experienced so growing some thick skin will be a big help. Please don't turn into a lurker staff member who forgets that they have discord powers.