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  1. This is a thread more geared towards coming up with ways to fuck with the scammers, not bask in the glory of our victories. Your thread is still relevant : )
  2. @virr @Jadow @Bonk @Lithium too young : (
  3. If your idea of mic spam and ear rape is just his voice being weirdly loud, I'm pretty sure he said his mic is just really loud and has trouble positioning it and remembering to keep it away. In no way do I think he's intentionally trying to make people's eardrums bleed. Nothing wrong with getting someone banned lmfao, if they did something wrong they deserved it.
  4. What kind of steak? There is only one correct answer to this question, and if you get it wrong you lose sausage privileges for a week.
  5. There's a hibachi grill near me that does this and that shit tastes amazing. Expensive as fuck though : (
  6. Destroyed is a regular on the server, it's pretty odd that you don't know who he is by now. Wawrxd is just under an alias, not a clue who it is
  7. @virr @Bonk @Jadow @Lithium apparently doesn't want to put his profile or name in, but he also doesn't have enough hours on the servers.
  8. +1 has improved immensely since his ban. Fun guy to play with. A little bit of a troll, but it's all in good fun. A: 8 M: 7
  9. I'll give it a +1, since he's actually somewhat enjoyable to play with and has a relatively decent grasp of the rules. Slightly immature, but I think that's just part of the package when you have someone as young as he is applying. If this application goes through, just be extra careful with the sort of things you say/do. Good luck on the application, man. Just a bit of a side note: those who have been denied member (application has a negative vouch total by the end of two days) must wait 30 days before re-applying.
  10. Tatost

    Mordeau Server

    it took me five hours to realize what my brain did in that sentence
  11. Tatost

    Mordeau Server

    What the in the FUCK is "Mordeau"
  12. No, because you technically can't prove that they're messing with you. If you think that they're messing with you, by all means, force them to play a game while your CTs (not you) rebel hunt. You just can't shoot them simply because they're maybe messing with you.
  13. who would this ever be referring to? yeah, you can't do that LOL