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  1. do you want to die?

    1. bagggel


      okay, WHO WANT'S TO DIE 😠

  2. Tatost

    Quick PSA: How to Civilly Discuss

    spam the link on surf
  3. power up

  4. Tatost


    can't remember if this is the guy who constantly grave digs threads...
  5. Tatost


    wait, who are you again? hi, my name is tatost : ))
  6. Tatost


    Just gonna say that it was me who kind of fudgeed up the Skelly vs Tuna conflict. I added him on steam and asked him to apologize to Tuna, but he was dead set on "ruining his life." If anyone is curious about the situation with Skelly and Tuna, I believe someone (giraffes maybe?) leaked my PMs with Skelly in his goodbye thread which also has a great deal of information on the subject there. (again, please note that this was quite a long time ago) Edit this section out if needed, I just thought I would shed some light. uh You still say some passive aggressive poop here and there, I don't really find it that odd that Tuna doesn't blow kisses at you. I don't really have any examples on hand, but I've witnessed a few first-hand. It seems to me that you may be the one who is stuck in your past. We're cool and all, but there are some things that you need to work on yourself still. People may be cocky and rude sometimes, but that doesn't mean you should mirror them. Usually, at least when I was staff (and I'm somewhat sure that people still do), a warning would be given before the slay. Tuna thought he deserved a warning and was genuinely upset that he didn't get one. I'll give you this, the situation could have been handled a lot better.
  7. I woke up this morning, walked straight into a wall and fell down.

    1. YeEternalTuna


      lol what a retard, amirite guys?

  8. Tatost


    You can have your own opinion of someone, but should you not be judging people by what they've recently done? By your logic, I should have been given twenty different minus ones in less than ten minutes on my member app because I started some serious poop after I was first demoted from staff.
  9. Tatost

    Smash Ultimate!

    hey that's TOXIC
  10. Tatost


    Some people don't like the other servers, or maybe the groups that play on them. I don't like TGH because I find the maps boring. I don't play on the surf server because it's not a skill surf server. Staff members do not have to play on all the servers, that's stupid lmao. I rarely played on anything but Pokemon and JB when I was staff because the other servers did not appeal to me. Plenty of the current staff members do not play on all of the servers.
  11. Tatost


    who are you
  12. Tatost

    remove trade_Rainbow_palace_v1b

    Why? It's slower when you hold W while strafing. Do you do this on surf? This video might help explain it, as I'm not very good at explaining stuff over text.
  13. Tatost

    remove trade_Rainbow_palace_v1b

    what I guess holding W would be the closest to what new players would do, but you're definitely holding W. You're not strafing at all, if you were I would see you moving your mouse left and right (while hitting A & D) to gain momentum. You're making it look harder than it really is.
  14. Tatost

    remove trade_Rainbow_palace_v1b

    Thought you said you were strafing... it looks like you're just holding W.
  15. Tatost

    Everything, everything.

    Make a list of everything