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5 years since mod, 8 total

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remember me? arminarmout, davepeta, darkness chan, whatever
just going on a nostalgia trip at the moment what a wild ride this was 

man this community really was such a huge stepping stone in my life even if i was only like 12 when i first joined in 2013 and  i was 14 when i got mod haha
i will always remember the connections i got here and i always think about all the great times i had on JB and TGH over years whenever tf2 comes up
looking back on these forums is such a wave of nostalgia

you guys were actually the first people i ever came out to as trans back in 2015, since i felt so comfortable here and stuff
still on shit terms with my parents sadly lol but college is going well

anyway have this funny meme from my favorite games (mgs2 best)

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