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  1. I live somewhere with playable internet now so I am going to be around and probably playing some tf2 now and again.

  2. Moving somewhere with real, non satellite internet in early december. The nightmare draws to a close.

  3. Moosty

    Does tf2 div turn you into a furry?

    5 years later and no, people who "became furries" were just furries in denial and found people they were comfortable with in xG.
  4. Moosty

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    I just started it up for the first time in years and not only am I cute, I'm rich. Bonus points for whoever can guess what my brother's account name was
  5. Moosty

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    I still remember my account and have a bunch of rares because I used to be member over a period of like 5 different level caps, So I might Join just to be dressed as cringe as possible, like a Banana with a taco head, pink wings, and my second upholder starsword level cringe. P.S. Join /party
  6. Moosty

    Would you sing a scary song with xG

    I know the words and have made a fool of myself around here before, so yeah just tell me the time and date. Edit: I don't know how to read give me a day or two
  7. As a mona pizza veteran who has been playing WarioWare Gold, that version of the mona pizza song is the best and should be what any challenge goer trains with.

  8. Moosty

    New server time!

    The server being replaced is Highlander, which has been sitting empty and password protected for literal years, Since we pay hosting fees anyway, public, usable and empty is better than private, unusable and empty.
  9. Moosty

    New server time!

    I fail to see how a surf2 would fare any better than Jb2 did/has if it isn't dead. Therefore MGE because Surf and jump, while different, are just skill building at Source engine movement, MGE is wanted and it's own thing.
  10. Moosty

    Do we have many Uni students here?

    I'm almost 24 and halfheartedly tried to get a Political Science degree after high school, flunked out, worked for two years, realized hard work like that sucks and I should go back to school, and now I'm two terms away from transferring to a 4 year school for my last few classes to get an english linguistics degree with a certification to teach English as a second language. Then I'm dipping the hell out of America ayy lmao
  11. I'll miss you telltale games

  12. Moosty


    I loved maining sniper when I started tf2 and I loved avoiding his line of sight and frantically running away if I saw him as heavy/medic in highlander. Great class all around.
  13. Oof, I've been here for half a decade I want off the aging train.

  14. Moosty

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    Gotta bring up that the music was solely 8 bit with no lyrics and if you were unfamiliar with MLP you wouldn't know what it was, and was volume wise not overpowering, this isn't as in your face of a plugin as it sounds. also hard +1 they broke up the monotony of bad sounding maps and I low key miss them.
  15. Moosty

    Good luck this school year!

    I finished my last final of summer term today so now I get to enjoy 3 weeks of hard drinking and gaming