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  1. I'll miss you telltale games

  2. Moosty


    I loved maining sniper when I started tf2 and I loved avoiding his line of sight and frantically running away if I saw him as heavy/medic in highlander. Great class all around.
  3. Oof, I've been here for half a decade I want off the aging train.

  4. Moosty

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    Gotta bring up that the music was solely 8 bit with no lyrics and if you were unfamiliar with MLP you wouldn't know what it was, and was volume wise not overpowering, this isn't as in your face of a plugin as it sounds. also hard +1 they broke up the monotony of bad sounding maps and I low key miss them.
  5. Moosty

    Good luck this school year!

    I finished my last final of summer term today so now I get to enjoy 3 weeks of hard drinking and gaming
  6. Moosty

    Tell me jokes.

    My social life both off and online
  7. Moosty

    Please help! What do i pick!?

    outside of instantly making you 5x better at tf2 an unusual won't help you long term. A great mic however, could last years if you take care of it and be useful for a long time. Go for a mic.
  8. Moosty

    Get rid of spawn protection

    -1 because it gives the camped a fighting shot against campers without waiting on RTD or taking away your ability to play the game to its fullest extent in friendly, and in situations like on pokemon where the spawn is a small room with one door, it stops campers from spamming projectiles through the opening and killing people continously as they respawn and try to RTD or type a command. I honestly feel like the system as is is the most effective I've experienced in the five years I've been playing here, plz keep.
  9. Moosty

    Bring back the open cyberpunk

    I didn't know it was removed, so I'll just give a conditional +1 which I'll take back if the big nude drawing and consistency with other rules was the reason, because fair.
  10. Moosty

    Your Top 5 Favorite YouTubers?

    #1 all time is cutewithchris, come back baby boy we all miss you 2. Preston Jacobs (Game of Thrones/ASOIAF content) 3. Richard Lewis (eSports content) 4. Alpharad (Smash/memes) 5. The bald melon with nice teeth
  11. Moosty

    Favorite comfort foods?

    baked mac and cheese
  12. Moosty

    Chicken, Beef, Or Pork?

    Pork because you can make basically any part of a pig into food and somebody somewhere in the world will eat it. we eat fried rinds of skin and ground up entrails and naughty bits thrown into a casing and ask for more because it's all delicious.
  13. Moosty

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

    I'm voting to keep it on the sole purpose that it's endearing and nostalgic to randomly thriller and get rekt when you were supposed to get an easy taunt kill. we were all raised by this jank and you are disrespecting your past by trying to get rid of it.
  14. Moosty

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    If people say one of the few words that are objectively bad in 90%+ of contexts they should be warned/chat filtered and muted or gagged if they continue. For everything else though, just have staff use judgement. a statement in passing probably doesn't matter unless repeated or taken specific offense to, and personal attacks whether using bad words or not should already be being punished. Just my two cents.
  15. Moosty

    add those map to tgh

    neutral on the minecraft one, -1 on the shipment clone for reasons already stated. more maps are cool, but as you said yourself we have multiple not getting played. we need more quality maps, not necessarily just more maps. If the good stuff gets drowned out now, imagine if we had 10+ pages in the nominate list.