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  1. Moosty

    Casual 6’s?

    Maybe if valve didn't de_stroy my fast gloves heavy could be at midfights and viable to switch out the demo/pocket for, leading to more variety in the mode, but valve listens to b4nny and not me, so that's none of my business... #ExtremelyNotSalty
  2. Moosty

    Promotions and Demotions #199

    Ayy congrats @BonfireCentiped! and I guess the rest too.
  3. Moosty

    Remove trade_3d_land_v3 from TGH

    +1 simply because it's so much lower quality and less polished than the other maps we host
  4. Moosty

    Remove Cyberpunk 2_2

    I'm proud of you, tf2 div, you're finally doing it. +1 all day, every day
  5. Moosty

    Henlo! (◕▿◕✿)

    I'm pretty sure neither Nozomi or Hachi is actually your name but welcome back anyway my dude
  6. Moosty

    Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    a huge portion of my gaming is done on the switch now and my friend code is SW-5871-5813-9401 the multiplayer games I have are Mario kart 8, pokken tournament, Doom, and I think DB Xenoverse 2 has multiplayer I haven't used. (I swear this isn't a gravedig it was top thread still)
  7. Moosty

    Remember me?

  8. So my math class rounds up any grade within 0.5% to the next letter, and after bombing the first test with a 53% I clawed back to 69.7%. Dreams do come true.

    1. Rhododendron


      College is amazing

    2. Giraffes


      Don't worry, my math teacher counted any assignment that wasn't a 90% or higher as a 0

  9. Training to get stomped in Pokemon Battles at Portland VGC regionals

  10. Moosty

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    fucking same tbh
  11. Moosty

    Remove trade_masscc

  12. ya boi has a switch now, with BotW and Xenoverse 2
  13. Moosty

    The roles of staff in our servers and community

    AYYYYYYYYYY This is that shit I've felt for years and couldn't explain.<3+1
  14. Moosty

    What regular TF2 maps do you like?

    koth_king for sure
  15. I'm still alive, famsquad.