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    Requested to be closed by submitter. Closed~
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    Caleb956 denied the submission
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    Unfortunately, your application has been denied. Closed~
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    Plz tell me im not the only one..?

    Hours on surf Hours on Jailbreak
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    General_Beret - Team Fortress 2

    I think this is more than enough reason to be concerned, whether or not they are taken as a joke or not, if there's a member making racist, sexist, etc jokes then it's not going to leave a good mark for the clan at all. This ties in with my above point, if you don't care about membership in the first place then how can we be sure that you won't abuse our trust if we did end up giving you member and spew out all sorts of defamatory comments just as an example. This sentence that I quoted seals the deal for me personally, I just can't be confident enough giving you any sort of positive vouch until we see you actually care about membership. I've seen a lot of people say membership doesn't matter, and it doesn't have any authority, well. The fact of the matter, is that members are the ones that build this community, higherups may add things or remove things, or adjust as requested, and the staff team as a whole enforces the rules put in place and tries their best to make the servers a fun and enjoyable place to be, but otherwise most of what is done is completely the communities decision as an entirety(votes, etc). Members are also the biggest group that represents the clan as a whole, so when people wonder what xG is, you are the one that is really showing who and what we are, and poor behaviour, negativity can only lead one to believe that the entire clan is that way, even if it really isn't. I can agree that he holds his opinion even if people hate on him for it, however that could be avoided entirely if that opinion was voiced more calmly and less aggressively. This has already been elaborated on by several others, but it's worth noting that in a situation like this, when a word is clearly provoking someone and making them upset, there comes a point when it's time to stop using the word, especially when it's being used just to bug them. You also note that Segger sounds nothing like the N word, and yet it's clearly the message you are trying to get across that it IS when it's used in such context. To put it short, respect eachother and realize when you've gone too far, I would expect you especially to know this @FrostyBoiGrim . You're membership application has been denied, feel free to reapply in a month.
  6. Caleb956

    General_Beret - Team Fortress 2

    I don't have a problem with you as a person Kiro, but you REALLY need to work on how you handle yourself on the servers. Sometimes you can be the coolest dude on the server to hang out with, sometimes you can be just downright rude and unpleasant to be on the server with, if I see improvement then I may reconsider in the future, but for now -1.
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    Promotions and Demotions #210

    Wow! Congrats to everyone promoted!
  8. Caleb956

    Teacher Rank for jump

    sure closed~
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    +1 has a mic
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    General Update Thread

    General MGE Server created in place of the old Highlander Server! IP to connect: Calladmin has been fixed and completely replaced. Being in the xG discord is now required to be staff in order to get calladmins! Reworded a couple things within the /rules menu The most notable being that we added a section that specifically states this is not a full list of rules, type !motd to read the full list. All chat now shows the staff member's name who issued the command, instead of [ADMIN]. Removed Frozen from the list of possible RTDs. Disabled the /me command due to chat issues. Surf When you !cpsave, your saved location will now persist through switching teams. Jailbreak Recently played list now affects less maps, so more maps can be nominated more often. For example: If we went from Minecraft to Mlcastle, Minecraft would be disabled. However, if we went from Mlcastle to Chretien, then Minecraft would be back on the list to be nominated, and Mlcastle would be disabled. Stock Rotation The /gimme command has been removed in order to stay true to the core gameplay of the server. Coming Soon! New Jump server! Updates to the Jailbreak Server MOTD in order to reduce the length of it
  11. Caleb956


    I'm gonna stay neutral on this one. You may not know or remember me well Brian, but around the time you were DL I was your typical squeeker on jb, but that's besides the point, I saw how things went down back then, and I saw what the outcomes were, and how people reacted to it. I would be able to justify +1ing this if it weren't for the situations I left for some time, or when I am around then you haven't been anywhere to be seen, and all I can go off of is what I remember from years ago. I can't really say anything else on the topic, but best of luck @Brian
  12. Caleb956

    New rule

    The rule is in place so even in the situation that you can't hit people that are on their own side of the surf, that it just doesn't happen period. A lot of the maps have teleporters that go to the other teams spawn, in which case you can still accidentally shoot people that are surfing. The rule won't be changing unless there is massive community demand for it, but as it stands it is the best course of action to prevent people from getting shot on ramps. ~Closed
  13. Caleb956

    Best mouse in a mid-low price range

    I use the logitech g502 proteus spectrum or whatever, its ridiculously customizable and very comfortable in your hand. Highly recommend, I think I got mine for like $60 so price is not too bad either.
  14. Caleb956

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

    If it's what the community wants then I personally have no problem making it how you guys and gals want it. In my eyes what happens to the servers in terms of how everyone wants them is completely up to you (I'm bad at words xd). I know I already said this, but that's why I like votes like this, if we made a questionable decision with changing something on the servers and people dont like it then by all means bring it to attention like this and we are more than willing to change it back to however you want it.
  15. Caleb956

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

    1000% yes to this, even though I've spent a lot of time working on the new plugins getting them to work together, it's clear that the wide view is that people enjoyed the old plugins better. I fought for sticking with the original rtd in the first place, glad this is being brought to attention.