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  1. Caleb956

    Locking boss in taunt in FF2

    I can see where the frustration comes from, but I don't think a rule prohibiting people from even doing it is fair. The taunt itself is very easy to avoid, so if the hale walks into it, then he should get punished by the reds for doing so.. or at least that's how I'm thinking of this. It's pretty tough to pull off a taunt trap the way it is, and if the sniper can consistently hit the huntsman taunt on you then he should definitely be rewarded. -1 for the reasons stated above
  2. Caleb956

    vsh map development thread.

    Looking good!
  3. Caleb956

    Halo 3 Online... Free?

    This looks super cool, I'm definitely going to hop in on some community nights if it turns out well!
  4. Caleb956


    Here's his ID in case you need it: STEAM_0:0:13693790 @Elcark @Vargas @mrnutty12 @Vexx Don't remember having any problems with you and you seem like a cool guy to hang around with on the server! +1 A: 8 M:8 Good luck!
  5. Caleb956

    Bhop on Deathrun 2: Hop Again

    It's pretty clear that its pretty unpopular to want bhop on the server, but I would be down to do a trial run of it on the server just to see if people DO like it, if it doesn't work out then we can remove it. Otherwise other than that I'm staying neutral since I don't play enough DR to make even a semi-educated decision on the matter.
  6. Caleb956


    I'll stay neutral for now, but best of luck on your application @Donakonda !
  7. Hope everyone is having a great day! 

    1. virr


      Good day to you too! ❤️

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  8. Caleb956

    Sera and Blaster wedding video

  9. Caleb956

    Selfie Sunday

    >obligatory prom selfie
  10. Caleb956

    Im out

    Damn, today is a sad day indeed. Glad we sorted things out before you left, hope you the best my man, see you around.
  11. Caleb956

    Im B[l]ack boiiis

    Shadower's Kitchen: A new reality show starring Shadower! Welcome back my dude! alrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalrightalright les do dis
  12. Caleb956

    Is Virr real?

    heh..so @Rhododendron has far surpassed our understanding of AI... he's programmed this..this BOT named Virr to act as a CM and post promo demos... it makes sense now.. Virr is phony confirm
  13. Caleb956

    My Application!

    Haha yes!!!!! Especially on sand!!!!!!!!!
  14. Caleb956

    My Application!

    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Caleb956 Identity you have it Position Sand Leader Time Active on Servers Too long Information Hello yes, it is I, Caleb956! I am here to apply for Sand Leader of the xG TF2 Division! I know I am very new to community but I like server! Please consider me to become this very prestigious rank! Sand means a lot to me personally, and I want to show that appreciation by taking it a step further... it would mean a lot!! Thank you everybody!!!! :DD
  15. Caleb956

    Coffee or Tea?

    Tea 100% Either Oolong tea, green tea, or Moroccan black tea