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  1. Comes back the millisecond I step down, I see how it is.
  2. Cyberpunk 2077, excited for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and Doom Eternal
  3. Tomorrow, be there
  4. Unfortunately I can't accept your application right now due to the following reason(s): In order to become a member of xG, the applicant must meet the following requirements: Have minimum 12 hours on our servers I may have missed playtime on other servers, but if you could provide info showing your playtime it would be much appreciated, as this was the only one I was able to find: Showing that you only have an hour on the servers. I noticed @Meaty said he saw you on Jump so if that is the server you play on most of the time just let me know in a comment down below. I'll keep your application open for a few days to give me the information needed for playtime wise @Doge42013.
  5. Caleb956


    -1 on banning him for shitposting, +1 on removal of membership. Attention all 9 year old gamers, Shadower is in trouble and needs your help to not get banned from xG, but to do this, he's gonna need a couple of -1s, a skullcutter, and your credit card number, the 3 digits on the back, and the expiration day month and year. But you're gonna have to be quick so Shadower can win the jailbreak round and make sand great again!
  6. Caleb956


    I really don't see why there should be any debate here, the ban was declared as a week ban, it's been a week. If people want him banned longer then a ban request can be made after the fact, but that should be a separate thread. +1 to unban him, ban times are ban times, there is no in between.
  7. Caleb956


    Yo fuck dis dood
  8. Caleb956


    -1 is @ScottNi's friend. Fuck that dude.
  9. Pop event on the greatest map of all time


  10. That's right folks, we are hosting a mcflippin pop event on the one and only ba_jail_sand_b2 on our very own Jailbreak #2 server. You might be wondering, what's the importance of sand in the first place? Or maybe, why sand of all maps? Well I'll tell you. This, this is why. Memes aside, we'll actually be hosting a pop event on Jailbreak next Friday (June 7th), the premier map will of course be sand (unless of course we rtv off of it), we'll be doing credit and title raffles throughout the event and whatever else people can think of. Event will begin at about 6 pm est ( @Egossi ), and will run for a few hours after that or however long people are on the server. Spread the word and get ready to praise mcflippin sand
  11. I just wanna say, this is one of the most well organized and informational hello posts I've ever seen Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay!
  12. @Caleb956 hi dad