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    and then the sand nation attacked
  2. Set default map to legojail or sand kthxbai
  3. Just gonna drop some information here. ^Name history(False ranking) Not sure what you guys wanna do here considering he's banned as of right now but just dropping this here for quick reference for anybody. This is the right post
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    Ban in question: https://bans.xenogamers.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:0:107200529&advType=steamid In terms of getting unbanned, @Dylanm345
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    Ok so apparently this needs to be said and no one else will. This entire post is probably worded badly but I don't really care, hopefully you're able to read it. Let's go over a few basic building blocks for a community, you must: A. Have a playerbase B. Have communication C. You SHOULD seek advice, or guidance from your players. Now let's go through here and see what of these we have! The screenshots below are going to be your friend for the first part of this post. A. Have a playerbase - Uhh... Kind of? I'll give it a 2 at best. Any kind of playerbase you do have, I'd say a good majority leave after their first time connecting. B. Have communication - There was a post in October..and the (semi?)monthly newsletters.. I'll say a 4. C. You SHOULD seek advice, or guidance from your players. - There has been zero polls for who the fuck knows how long, except for Halo MCC if I remember correctly. 0 Ok so lets say you're left with 6 points out of 30. That's a 20 percent. If we followed this exactly, that would be saying your community is good as dead, or rather more than it already is. The fact that this kind of population has been plaguing the servers for months, and not a single event has been held, just blows my mind. How do you build a business? Or a club? Through advertisement. You know what the best advertisement is for communities? Your players. If there is never anything going on why should they tell others to join them or even stick around? I'm sure the majority of people won't think twice about stepping away from the servers and going somewhere else, but you get them to invite their friends, all of a sudden they became their go to place to play. That should be your goal. This is aimed specifically at the higherups. I don't know if anything may be going on in any of your guys' lives and that's why you aren't able to work on the community, and if there is then I hope it improves for you, but quite frankly if you aren't able to or just aren't willing to work on it, why the hell are you even in a position of power? I get it, motivation is likely at an all time low, it was even when I was DL, and I can only guess it's gotten even worse. But let me say this, how do you think it looks to the people that still care about the community, and the servers? Seeing the higherups not saying a damn thing about the state of really anything, and acting like everything is fine ( @hongkongatron )?? Here I'll say it for you. The majority of servers are completely dead, and the ones that still have population are only decreasing. And I don't want to hear the excuse of it being school time, that's bullshit and we all know it is, there are plenty of other community servers out there full all the damn time. Accepting the fact and doing something about it is a better choice, that is, if you care about the servers you claim to manage. Literally all it takes is ONE person taking the lead, and having more community interaction, and this community could be popping again, that's literally how communities work. They are based around communication. Run polls to figure out the future of the servers, do events with other communities to bring traffic to both, do SOMETHING, at this point literally anything is better than how it's been. I could be completely wrong, and everything could just be being posted to the discord, and if it is then fine but I HIGHLY doubt it, and if it is why the fuck isn't there posts about whatever it may be on the forums as well? Forums exist for a reason, it's kind of where, you know, COMMUNITIES get together.. To tell you the truth, the CMs should be the ones focusing on fixing this dumpster fire, and I personally have not seen a single thing out of any of them regarding the community in months, or longer. The most I've seen is promo demos, which haven't even been posted since October, Lithium and Bleed do CSGO I would assume, Virr I have no idea anymore. So really I just have one question, if it's taken this long to do anything, you guys must be working on something huge right? Maybe it'd be a good idea to tell your people about it, that is, if there IS anything. I'll wait I was gonna type more but then I realized all of this will probably just get ignored like everything else so fuck it, that's the motto around here right? I know I said I wasn't gonna care anymore, and after this I really don't give a shit what you decide to do, but it does push me in the wrong direction to see the current situation of literally nothing happening and the community being killed. I honestly give up with this place, if you want to ban me then please do so, if you want to actually take advice from anyone for once then please do so. And I don't apologize for being "too harsh" either, I can't believe I even had to make this post in the first place. I'm out lmao TL;DR - xG is supposed to be a community, figure out what the word community means, and what they are.
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    Oh I forgot, Nuclear Dawn has JB!