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  1. i mean, as a person i think he's stupid but as a youtuber he's funny im not super into jontron anymore anyways, i got banned from the jontron server i was in so it kind of drifted away i still watch his videos when they come out every other year
  2. howdy 


  3. Hi, its me davepeta/armin/whatever theres a lot of catching up to do, first i should start out with that my personality has changed a lot since i was last playing, im now a huge weeb and dont really care what people say to me. i was offline off of steam for a year lol. the big part is that im still a tranny, and i came out to my parents around the same time i left. i got into a car accident and was perfectly fine, but it gave me the courage to tell them. we got into a huge fight and it didnt go well, and it still hasnt for them a year and a half(almost) later. confession time: I'm 16, I lied about my age when I first joined to get mod. which means i would have been 13 when I first joined and that same age when I got modded, and 15 when I left. its why my birthday is at 8/20/1900. (really was 8/20/2001) i should have said that after i stepped down, to be honest. so i guess clocktown got updated, and tf2 looks weird as fudge now ill be playing tf2 and using discord i guess, i know that we didnt have a discord server before but maybe we do now. they added JOJO hats though. thats me, hbu discord: Darkness-chan#6584 (best girl)
  4. i finally come back and this is the one of the first posts i see, rip ?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_T1oVPkVvY
  6. update: i'll probably come back in like the summer when school ends when i havent played tf2 in a while to play again
  7. congrats @BlankuChan and @Egossi also rip
  8. yeah that's probably one of the biggest games I'm playing now
  9. https://xenogamers.com/threads/39662/
  10. So after playing tf2 for almost 4 years, I'm finally getting burnt out. I'm just not having fun playing it anymore, and my activity really has gone down. Every time I go on the servers now it feels like a chore and I'm just doing it to log hours, and not enjoying it. So I'm stepping down. I've been a mod for a year and 1/2+ and I've been playing on the servers for even longer but I'm getting tired of tf2 now and would rather do other stuff, and school is a thing too. I've met a lot of a cool people when I've been here and it's time to say goodbye. :waving: cya
  11. CIV 6666666666666666
    1. Egossi


      civ 666 ???? İLMUNİATE CONRFIRN :OOOOOO ??!?!??!?!?