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    XenoGamers Monthly September 2019





    What’s New?

    • Minecraft is introducing 2x2G - xG's Oldest Anarchy server! Connect to mc2.xenogamers.com on 1.14.4 now!

    • Discord boosting is now available! We have 13 people who have currently boosted our server that made it so we have +100 extra emoji slots for the server, our audio quality got increased to 258kbps and we have an animated server Icon & a unique banner! We also have a 50 MB upload limit for high quality memes for all members. Have a suggestion for custom emojis? Let us know!

    • CS:GO Biweekly Pop Events! Feel free to suggest maps (for any server) in the map suggestion thread!  You can also play roulette using the !roulette command!


    Final Comments

    We are expecting to have dedicated nights for Halo MCC on steam when it comes out, and we hope everyone has an easy transition back to school! 

    Happy Gaming!


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