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  1. Uhh, don't you need more than 12 hours on servers to apply for membership? Also, by the way you wrote that makes me feel like you're not actually 21...
  2. john galt likes dogs

  3. -1 isn’t coming to the land of loaded cheese fries and extremely unhealthy fast food chains. ‘Merica
  4. +1 He’s a jokester and likes to fool around but that’s natural. He’s mature when needed and not toxic or seemingly bad. He’s on xG very often(unlike me). I think he’ll be a good mod in my opinion.
  5. "Geno, that really butters my eggrolls." (During a 10man. I may used to have owned a Chinese restaurant, but I don't butter my egg rolls.)

    1. Genocide
    2. Tatost


      who butters egg rolls wtf

  6. oh, if Darrth is gonna take care of it, can i take back my vote?
  7. TTT rdm is gonna happen
  8. hong is one spicy man

  9. I eat my popcorn very burnt.
  10. PotatoDoc

    Optimal Mouse DPI

    1200 dpi usually. CS:GO 1.05 sense. 240,000 dpi when bhopping. 1600 dpi for Minecraft and Terraria (ROG Gladius II Pro Gaming Mouse)
  11. no, we need more people to follow the sand crusade