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  1. PotatoDoc

    Official csgo 10man tier list

    "Potato is toxic" -Dingo
  2. PotatoDoc

    Official csgo 10man tier list

    Oh yeah, I havent played enough games
  3. PotatoDoc

    PotatoDoc - Team Fortress 2

    In-Game Name Potato The Chinese(Chance Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/ChancellorFrance Age 17 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers >50 Reason for Joining I jut wanted to join to be honest. Kind of slip back into the community after being gone for two-three years. Used to be really active when I was younger and made a decent amount of friends. (Callout to Caleb, Virr, Pepper, Insane, Ohstopyou, Colorparty, Sven, Thunder, etc.) i do remember wanting to apply when I was younger only to be too young. I’m old enough now and hope to become more active.
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    Bumpy Bump
  5. PotatoDoc

    Xg Event - Wub Wub Wednesday (wed. April 13th)

    Stuck in Washington, you picked the best dan Time!
  6. PotatoDoc

    Stuck In The White House Place Thingy

    Who's Cory, nonetheless, I said hi to some random person on the street, went to most of the Smithsonian on my first day, my feet ache and I went to "Chinatown" of DC and saw a lot of high people. 10/10 best walk. Also 6 dollars for a hot dog?!
  7. I'll be inactive for a bit since I'm in D.C and I only got this iPad thing :3 I'll see you soon :D
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    Bump bump
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  10. Left in-game in a CSGO comp with Insane for Friday Chruch Youth Group...
  11. The moment you're active for 3 days but was inactive for 2 months and then you apply for membership XD
  12. The moment you realize that you are typing this.
  13. PotatoDoc

    Hi Bye Hi Bye Bye Hi

    I come on xG:Jailbreak more often, I sometimes go on Saxton Hale but I wasn't really all into Saxton Hale that much to begin with.
  14. PotatoDoc


    Also by 8days and 22 hrs I mean that my playtime on the jailbreak server is 214 hours.