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  1. Potatoes. Many Forms.
  2. John Galt beat Geno in an one vs one. 

  3. PotatoDoc

    Mordeau Server

    I actually completely agree with Egossi and see the logic in it. +1. Also Tekk, play Mordhau with the gang sometimes please.
  4. God bless your soul brother, speaking God's words.
  5. I don't have random crits. Just jumping smg headshots.
  6. +1 I'm still a little bit on the fence but I think he has improved to a tolerable amount. He was reasonable enough to halt an argument during a 10manner and instead of arguing, he was playing the game. I hope to see him continue that trend to avoid conflicts and to find a reasonable resolution and to not let his anger get out. Good job feller, keep up the good work. A:7 M: 6
  7. caleb is hella thicc

  8. PotatoDoc

    xG Gamer Revival

    Obata or Shogun Yao to come back from the dead
  9. Bonk is now legal

  10. +1 He's funny and great to be around at times. However, he sometimes gets out of hand but overall he's just fine. He's active for 10mans and does have some humor A: 8 M: 6
  11. Caleb is a hot piece of human flesh

  12. Division Garrys Mod (Segal) In-Game Name Potato The Chinese Identity PotatoTheChinese Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 4-5 Hours Information I think I would be capable enough for a staff role in GMOD. I enjoy TTT and I've played it numerous amounts of times so I would say I'm knowledgeable of rules and of what not to do. I want to assist in seeing this division grow and I want to have a part in that. I believe I am mature and active enough to do so. I would try to look at issues objectively and not have a bias when something arises. I'm reasonable enough to admit when I'm wrong and to accept my failures and to reach out to ensure those failures and wrongdoings are corrected so I wouldn't commit them again. I'm pretty active in the xG Discord server. To end this off, I'll ask of the people who post their vouches, who also -1 to explain why they -1 and how I could improve myself. [I couldn't fit my entire Steam Profile URL in.] I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  13. PotatoDoc


    +1 Darrth is a mature and relaxed person. He’s reasonable and capable at his staff job in CSGO in my opinion. I would expect him to do well as a gmod staff member. A: 8 M: 8
  14. +1 He’s intelligent, diligent at times, and reasonable. It’s an easy +1. He’s already proven himself capable by being the TF2 DL. However I’m going to ignore his Minecraft staff role as he doesn’t have Minecraft. A: 10 M: 9