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  1. onlyalittlegay


    @Dannypicacho THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. We want to see this map that you've worked months on.
  2. onlyalittlegay

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    Not a dickhead. Pretty Chill. +1 A:8 M:9
  3. onlyalittlegay

    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

    being part of the CSGO division (as a member), we're basically the new fortnite. come play with us
  4. onlyalittlegay

    The future of xG

    What the hell did I just read..
  5. onlyalittlegay


    -1 not ready, but perhaps in the future.
  6. onlyalittlegay

    Do u wipe sitting down, or standing

    Im not that stupid to rub my hand in shit. I don't want to get shit spread on my cheeks as I stand up.
  7. onlyalittlegay

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    Holy crap I havent even sent my letter to Santa yet! It doesn't get too cold in Southern California, but our family is pretty festive so I look forward to the coming month.
  8. onlyalittlegay


  9. onlyalittlegay

    Any games you would recommend on st

    Although I haven't personally played Hollow Knight or Enter the Gungeon, I can attest to Borderlands 2 being a great choice for SP and occasionally you can still find multiplayer lobbies. With the DLC its really worth getting for all the shenanigans you can do.
  10. onlyalittlegay

    Icaybaby - Counter-Strike

    +1 Fun to play with, can get... Intense. But I love his passion. A: 8 M:9
  11. onlyalittlegay

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    I'm Asian.
  12. onlyalittlegay


    Hope you feel better bonk, and enjoy yourself this Thanksgiving!
  13. onlyalittlegay

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    +1 Although my activity on JB hasn't been the best this week, I've seen this guy follow the rules, he's chill, and basically everything that Tope said.. A: 8 M: 9-10
  14. onlyalittlegay

    What is a cupcake...

  15. onlyalittlegay

    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    +1 chill to play with, frustrating to play against A: 8+ (has been more active recently) M: 9