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  1. I think I got a flat... *air noises intensify*
  2. Counter Strike: @Bumpy Offensive.. LETS GO MY BOY
  3. We'll definitely look into modded minecraft, but for now, it seems that people are wanting towny. If there is overwhelming support for modded I'm sure we can work towards developing it while the current server is up.
  4. Have minimum 12 hours on our servers Also just because everyone else is doing it isn’t really a good reason, if your friends jump off a bridge would you?
  5. +1 Played a 10 man with him and he was very polite and nice dude. Ive seen him on JB aswell. Goodluck! A: 8.5 M:9
  6. Advance Wars on the gameboy, this game absolutely SLAPPED!
  7. +1 has the potential to be the most wholesome kid in the world.. If we dont corrupt him. A: 6 M:7
  8. +1 Always there for me in my lowest points on GMOD (I mean statistically I couldn't lose?) @Julian
  9. +1 Very nice person, fun in 10 mans, great person to talk to, and I never knew how to ride a unicycle before I met him.
  10. Congrats @hongkongatron And my baby @Thrillhouse
  11. What time does the community night start? ? @hongkongatron