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  1. Best Milk WWW.STRAWPOLL.ME Vote Now! [Bagged Milk (plastic)] [Carton Milk (cardboard)] [Milk Jug (plastic)] Which Milk do you think is superior? Vote now! If you wanna be extra, state your answer and defend it.
  2. +1 SHAKA DUDE LETS SURF IT UP HOME SLICE (If you didn't know we don't get many of your kind here, but you're welcomed nonetheless! I hope you visit us Jailbreak regulars eventually)
  3. You're one of the most wholesome members in our community. Big F
  4. +1 Activity. 10. Maturity. 10. High marks right? Wrong. You're just nothing compared to John. Get in his way and you're gonna get Galted.
  5. That’s a big f in the chat boys Youll be missed.
  6. How could I forget our favorite CS:GO division mod!?!
  7. Honestly I haven't had ice cream in a long ass time, however Mint Chip, Vanilla, black tar heroin, and Strawberry shortcake
  8. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name @@@@ Offender's Identity STEAM_0:0:141130857 Ban Type Communications Ban Explanation and Evidence Players SteamID: STEAM_0:0:141130857 Players IP: (If you have this.) Im assuming this is a steam profile link? If not, N/A http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198242527442 Players Nick Name/In-Game Name: @@@@ Your Name: onlyalittlegay Reason why: DDOS Threat (not to me) + loophole racism. The kid is a prick who really doesn't know when to shut the frick up. When he says "not a threat a question" that was in response to me saying "Don't make ddos threats" in VC. In addition to his already lasting CT ban for massing awhile ago (video from @Soulify). Im sure there are more instances where he does this, however these are the ones I caught solely this morning.
  9. onlyalittlegay


    Better question.. Are you?