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I've made a lot of progress on the new TTT server within the past week. It should be done in the not too distant future.


I was wondering if there are any TTT maps people would like on the server. So far, a collection of 22 maps has been installed. Steam Workshop :: xG TTT Map Collection


Subscribing has its pros and cons. Too many subscriptions *may* bog down game startup times. I've coded up a custom caching feature using Steamworks. For the first 45s after the client is connected to the server, it will download all the server maps onto their hard-drive; where it detects a subscription isn't present. This process will repeat each time the map changes until the client has all maps cached. After a couple map changes, they'll be able to rapidly load any of the 22+ maps that are installed on the server, without having to download anymore.

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These were my favourite maps back in the day

Steam Workshop :: ttt_67thway_v14

Steam Workshop :: ttt_dolls_day

An improved version of 67th highway is already installed.


I'll put on dolls, but will need to use the only smaller version, so it doesn't slow down map caching. Steam Workshop :: TTT_Dolls


Edit: Installed on server. It may be preferable to replace weapon spawns in the feature though.

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