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  1. its not viewable, what is it?
  2. Dylanm345


    Anyways, im just going to do one of the unban challenges
  3. Dylanm345


    If I came off as a whiny child my apologies, i just thought it was unfair. I simply wanted to get my point made which it has been. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  4. Dylanm345


    Yes thats true, i hacked on the alt, came back and told everyone it was me trolling and then banned me. I didn't realize telling the truth was considered evading, thanks for clearing that up
  5. Dylanm345


    i didnt even evade punishment so I dont know why skeletal put that as a reason for banning, I also think it was a load of horse shit because an admin was busted hacking and abusing his powers 3 days before my thing and was let right off the hook
  6. Dylanm345


    you dont know the whole story
  7. In-Game Name DylanM345 Primary Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member Yes Profile 76561198174666786 Age 18 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 216 hours Reason for Joining id like to come back and have fun and play on the surf server with vacindak and all of them. I was banned a long time ago for coming on with an alternate account and aimbotting as a joke after seeing someone do it. I will do nearly anything to be able to have fun and play on these servers again
  8. Dylanm345


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name DylanM345 Identity 76561198174666786 Ban Type Server Ban Information I will literally pay to have my account unbanned i was aimbotting as a joke along time ago, please I really want to come back and play on the xg surf servers of tf2 where I spent my time growing up
  9. I just cant, i need a break right now im having a lot of family/personal issues, i wont talk about it here but dm if you want to know.
  10. im really camera sensitive, i cant donate right now and im just going through alot, im just gonna hold off for a bit becauase times are pretty tough right now(for me at least)
  11. im just gonna have to leave it in its place cause i cant do those. sorry i let everybody down:(:cry:
  12. i know it was a bad idea, but i confessed to skelly cause i thought worse was gonna happen, anyways how to I get unbanned?
  13. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: xGVENOMxx Identity: STEAM_0:0:107200529(i think) Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Look, I f***ked up, i heard people talking about hacks and such. I got bored so i got lmaobox(trigger/aimbot) and came on. I was only gonna mess around for about 15 min or so but i got perma banned. After that, i got scared and told an admin that that was me who he banned recently for hacking and he told me he had to perma ban me, im not gonna do it again i was just curious about hacks. Im sorry
  14. thats actually pretty cool, im just trying to save up for 250k credits to get it. Wish me luck im at 10k lol
  15. true, i really only use teamspeak for some xG friends on tf2