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    TF2 Admin Handbook

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    Server Staff!

    Moderator [xG:M]:
    Watches the servers, makes sure there are no rules breakers, helps to keep the servers nice and controlled. Has the 5 main commands: mute, gag, slay, kick and ban. Can use !admin to see more usable commands.

    There are also Probationary Moderators, which only have the essential commands. Probationary Moderator comes with a much stricter tolerance for following the rules/abuse.

    Administrator [xG:A]:
    Simply put, a more trusted moderator. Has all the same commands and responsibilities as a moderator does, but is the more experienced and trusted staff when compared to moderators. Has the 5 main commands: mute, gag, slay, kick and ban, along with several other commands that moderators do not have access to. Admins have also got the power to permanently ban someone from our servers. Can use !admin to see more usable commands.

    Server Leadership

    Division Manager [xG:DM]:
    Helps run the division outside the servers. While watching over the servers like moderators and admins do, they must also control the forums and discord. Division managers decide if a person should be un-banned, promoted, demoted, etc. Has all the commands admins do and a few additional commands. Division Managers do not get access to all of the commands, however, certain commands are reserved for Division Managers and higher only, such as sm_map.

    Division Leader [xG:DL]:
    One of the more important positions of a division. A division leader does exactly what a division manager does, but has one main difference between each other. Division leaders have access to the servers. That means they can fix the servers, add plugins to the servers and do what they please to them.

    Responsibilites and tasks of either of these positions may vary, communicating with each other makes it easier to fully cover all of the division's tasks outside of the servers.

    Community Leadership

    Community Manager: [xG:CM]
    This rank is higher than any division-specific rank. Typically, CM's will also have all the powers of a Division Leader, but are also involved in clan-wide decisions and changes

    Co-Leader: [xG:C] OR [xG:CL]
    This is the highest rank in the clan, and are tasked with the management of the entire clan.

    To see an updated staff roster, click here!

    Staff Expectations

    (NEW 10/27 - 2018) Discord
    Staff are required to join the xG Discord in order to recieve calladmins. Being active in the discord itself is encouraged but not required.

    Activity requirements
    The activity requirement has been reverted to a set time of 14 hours biweekly. The higherups decided that leaving it up to "be as active as you can" left too much gray area, and they believe that the staff prefer set hours

    Staff members must show respect when dealing with players
    Although some people are incredibly hard to deal with, as a staff member you must treat others with respect.
    Starting to disrespect rule-breakers or even harassing them will most likely result in a removal of your powers and possibly a ban.

    Players should know why they were punished
    When you punish a player, make sure to let them know why they were punished so they can improve.
    Example: Person Y freekilled person X, you slay person Y and respawn person X. You need to tell person Y why they were slain. Something like "You were slain because you freekilled person X." works. If someone begins to argue with you about the said warning or punishment, calmly and supportively direct the said person with a link to the forums and inform them that they can contact the higherups or create a form of ban protest/abuse thread.

    Staff should wear their tags when playing on the servers at all times
    Going undercover is allowed, but do not stay undercover for long periods of time or when other staff members (wearing tags) are on. This should only be done if there are complaints or a calladmin request of a specific person breaking rules when no staff member is on. You obviously do not have to wear your tags when you're playing a different game or on different TF2 Servers, only if you play on xG servers.

    Staff should remain unbiased and try to not show any favoritism
    Staff should be something like a third unbiased opinion on things. Showing favoritism to certain players will result in a removal of your powers.

    Staff shouldn't deal punishments based on the words of other players
    Unless you saw an offender breaking rules yourself, you should not do anything about it.
    Staff must have their game details and active hours in the past 2 weeks visible to the higherups
    In short, make sure that you don't have a private profile and the privacy setting about "game details" is set so that the higherups can see them.
    If a player wants to raffle away an item or play a game that involves gambling or an entry fee, you are encouraged to put yourself forward and middleman for them as a trustworthy individual to avoid the potential of scamming to occur

    Abuse and fun commands
    Abusing your powers is forbidden.
    Abusing is doing something for your own personal gain at the expense of the people in the server and doing things just because of your position.
    This can include but is not limited to:
    Banning people you hate for no reason at all
    Killing people while in god/buddha mode
    Slaying everyone in any server for no reason
    Using any of your commands against random people that don't deserve it
    Going against/breaking our own rules
    While we strictly prohibit negativly influencing a players game with your powers, there are a few commands that make the game a more fun experience for everyone.
    In order to use these commands on everyone, you must start a vote that has to pass with at least 70% to make sure the majority of the server agrees with it.
    Votes like these cannot include favoritism (i.e a vote that says "kick person Y").
    Furthermore you should not be doing these votes too often.

    How to make a proper punishment

    Warn, then slay/mute (sometimes optional), then kick, then ban [WSKB]

    When you get to the point where you have to ban them, make sure to use your common sense for how long the ban should last. Don't permanently ban a guy for mic spamming. Mute him and if he continues ban him for a few hours. However, using the WSKB approach isn't always required.
    For certain situations you can instantly ban for situations like:
    • Abusing !calladmin (A day ban)
    • Majorly intending to troll the entire server (A day ban)
    • Hacking (Permanent)
    • Mass freekilling (Permanent CT ban)
    • Mass freekilling then leaving the game (Permanent)
    • Ban Decay: Do not go onto the next step for bans if there is a gap of a year or above since their last ban, related or not.
    • For donator abuse: Warn -> Kick -> Day Ban -> Warn -> Week Ban + Removal Of Powers. Inform higherups when possible to remove powers swiftly. If someone has a day ban for bodyblocking and abuses their powers, do not kick them and then jump to a week ban. Ban decay DOES affect donator abuse. Do NOT skip steps.

    We now do extended comms bans. If a player is doing something on mic or chat, but without bad intentions, use the appropriate ban method (gag/mute/silence). For example, bad mic. Follow 30 minute comms ban -> 1 day -> 1 week -> 1 month -> perm. If a user has a previous ban for one of these reasons, go to the next time level but with a comms ban instead of a server ban.

     However, if a player is communicating with malicious intent, follow standard procedure. (warn -> gag/mute/silence -> kick  -> ban)

    We heavily encourage using /silence if the user can break the same rule in both communication methods.


    Important: Following protocol for punishments are important (Standard: Warn > Mute/Gag > Kick > Ban)! You should follow these steps as it is the best way to handle issues. However there is times that you can skip a few steps. For example: If a player is breaking multiple rules (ex: exploting and spamming), then you are able to jump to kicking the player from the server. If the user returns to the server and resumes doing what he was doing to get kicked for, then you should follow up with a ban.



    You can only ban a hacker if either evidence (demos, screenshots of malicious activity, etc) is included and substantiated. If unsure, ask for help from another staff member.
    If the evidence is substantiated, it is a PERMANENT ban.

    Sprays, Avatars and Customizable items

    We're gonna use an inappropriate spray as an example.
    If someone sprays their spray, you need to issue a warning and let them know that their spray is not allowed on our servers.
    You can remove their spray by typing /removespray while facing the spray.
    If they spray it again, you can kick them and remove their spray again.
    If they rejoin again and spray their spray again, you can issue a short ban (i.e one hour) and remove their spray again.
    If they come back after an hour ban and spray the same spray again, you can remove the spray again and issue a one-day ban.
    If they come back after a one-day ban and spray the same spray again, you can remove the spray again and issue a one-week ban.
    If they come back after a one-week ban and spray the same spray again, you can remove the spray again and issue a one-month ban.
    If they they do it again after a whole month of being banned, you can remove the spray again and permanently ban them.
    TL;DR: Warn + Removal of spray -> kick -> hour ban -> day ban -> week ban -> month ban -> perm

    The rule for customizable images on the servers for the most part covers the majority of what would not be allowed to be shown, but even then there will always be cases where something that is borderline will come into question if the rules allow it or not. Below is a short list of common obscurities that would not be allowed.

    • Sex toys or anything that appears like literal genitalia
    • Nipple bulges
    • Outlined genitalia/camel toe
    • Exposed butts
    • Semen

    Remember you always have jurisdiction to step in for the betterment of the server even if the issue at hand isn't something explicitly stated within the rules. If a spray is going to disgust, offend, or otherwise disturb the server as a whole or any large amount of peoples, that is not a spray which should by any means be allowed to be used.

    Server commands and more!

    Refer to the following part of the guide if you forgot a certain command or if you are new!
    The commands listed can be used by either putting ! in front of it, or a /. Using ! will make the command typed show up in chat, while the / will hide it.
    EX. /mute or !mute. All of these commands can be accessed in the admin menu.

    Chat messages

    Staff has special commands available for chat to make communicating with people on the server easier.

    All Chat

    Used to send a message to all players on the servers. Easy way to distinguish yourself from other players as a staff members, so please use it when warning and for other staff related discussions.
    To use it, type in normal chat "@" followed by your message.


    Private Chat

    Used to send private messages to once certain user.
    To use it, type in normal chat "@@" followed by the players name, and then the message.

    Admin Chat

    Admin chat:
    Used to communicate with the administration currently on the server. Can be used by both regular users and staff members.
    Regular users will not see what others will type into this chat, but the staff members can. Can be used by typing @ at the beginning of your message and in team chat.

    Admin Menu

    Usage: sm_admin
    This brings up a menu where you can access most of the commands (ban, kick, teamswap, etc.). This is handy if you forget some of the commands, but most of the time it's easier to just use the commands in chat.
    See here:


    Ban is used to keep a user locked out of a server for a certain amount of time. The time of a ban is measured in minutes.
    Usage: sm_ban [name] [time] [reason]
    1 hour = 60 minutes
    1 Day = 1440 minutes
    1 Week = 10080 minutes
    1 Month = 43829 minutes


    Teamban is a jailbreak only rule, which bans a user from a team on the server.
    Usage: sm_teamban [name] [time] [reason]


    Kick can be used to kick a specific person out of the server.
    Usage: sm_kick "name" "reason"


    Slay can be used to kill a certain user on the server. Make sure to tell the user why they were slayed.
    Usage: sm_slay "user"


    Vote can be used to make a vote (quite obviously). It can just be a simple vote that's outcome doesn't affect anything or it could affect something. It could burn all, slay all, etc. If a Yes/No Question, No ALWAYS goes first and Yes must receive a 70% or higher vote.
    You can only have a maximum of 5 choices with vote.
    Usage: sm_vote "question" "option 1" "option 2" etc...


    Who can be used to figure out who is a staff member on the server.
    sm_who "user" -> See if a specific person has staff/donator powers
    sm_who --> See if any staff member or donator is online


    Will make you Invisible to anyone on the server.
    Usage: sm_stealth
    In order to use these commands on other players, you'll need to know how to target them. Typically, in the commands listed above, you can replace <player> with a fragment of their name.
    For example: [IMG] yields [IMG].

    Sometimes, this won't work, if two players have the same name or have untypable characters in their name. In that case, simply type status in your console. This will provide you with a list that looks like this:
    First, you need to find the player you want to target, and find their userid - the first column. Then, you can type the command followed by #userid.
    For example: [IMG].

    Here is a list of various default targeting methods available in SourceMod.
    • #steamid - Matches by Steam ID. If you use colons :)), you must enclose in quotes. Otherwise, you can use an underscore (_) instead. Examples: "#STEAM_0:1:4433", #STEAM_0_1_4433
    • #<name> - Exact name match after the # sign.
    • @all - All players (available on most commands).
    • @bots - All bots (available on most commands).
    • @alive - All alive players (available on most commands that accept alive players).
    • @dead - All dead players (available on most commands that accept dead players).
    • @humans - All non-bot players (available on most commands).
    • @aim - Current player the admin is directly aiming at.
    • @me - Target self.
    • @!me - Target everyone but yourself.
    • @red - All RED team members
    • @blue - All BLU team members
    Note that name matches occur last, "magic targets" (such as # and @) are processed first. This means that "@all" will target @all players, even if there is a player named "@all". You should target "#@all" instead.

    How to get staff

    There are two ways to get staff.
    You can either earn it or you can create a moderator application here.
    Earning staff: Basically higher ups pick you.
    They will take you into consideration if they see you a lot on the servers and consider you mature enough.

    Moderator Applications:
    To submit a moderator application, click here.
    However, you should read through these guidelines first.

    Both of these ways require you to be active on Discord, the forums and TF2. You are expected to be mature enough to handle a position of power.
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