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  1. Reiki

    A little practice with Blender

    Well, I started practicing with Blender a few days ago Here is my customized Lucario made in Blender, Reiki! Made by me using Blender
  2. Reiki

    “koth_oofbay is the new best map”

    Still better than Bunker or Hotel_Hell on the server in my opinion.
  3. Well, after my Win 10 downloaded a new update, all my games can't run on Full Screen for some reason.

    It is annoying to play TF2 or even Paladins using Window mode.

    1. Precious


      looks like it decided it was just gonna muted you

    2. Semper


      i had the same issues reiki, you just gotta change them every-time you load up a game and make sure it saves to the steam cloud, but you have to do it every time you launch a new game

    3. Reiki


      I had to check that out, my friend is also having the same issue when his Windows downloaded an update yesterday.


  4. Reiki

    Anyone else still love gorillaz?

    I haven't listened to their new songs..I lost all the interest I had to this group years ago.
  5. After watching this player for about 15 minutes to get proves that he's using aimbot, this is all that I wanted to see on chat and I'm so satisfied.



    1. Dannypicacho



    2. TheSupremePatriot
  6. Reiki

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

  7. "Hope you all have a nice weekend over there folks"


  8. Reiki

    What things freak you out the most?

    Scorpions... Those things just freak me out.
  9. I'm not having a great time over here. 
    My health condition is getting worse than I thought.

    Just my luck.

  10. Reiki

    Best Unusual?

    "Terror Watt" Man, I miss my scout's unusual "Fortunate Son" with that effect.
  11. Can't play TF2 since for some reason my game is running at 5 fps on every single map.

    And yeah... don't know how to fix it.

    1. SegFault


      p.m. me on steam if you want some help troubleshooting. I have about 6 years of professional IT experience lol

  12. Reiki

    Whats your favorite resturaunt?

  13. "Pyro + Bunker = This kind of crazy score."


  14. Reiki


    +1 I usually see him playing on the server and I can tell that he's a good guy.
  15. Reiki

    Stepping Down from member

    It is sad to see you go, but, if it is for the sake of your health, then we will be waiting for you. So good luck out there pal!