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  1. Reiki


    +1 He's a nice guy on the server It would be nice to have him as a mod keeping in mind how active he is on the server
  2. Reiki

    Working on an new OC

    It should be a "cockapoo"
  3. Reiki

    Working on an new OC

    A few months ago, my friend challenged me to create an character by myself. So, I ended up this female dog that it will probably be called Clover. I have the full version, but I'm still working on her body, so I will just let this piece here. What do you guys think? Hehe Created by me using Paint Tool SAI
  4. Reiki

    TF2 Loadout Sharing!

    As you wish
  5. Everyone enjoying Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Meanwhile, I'm still having fun with Super Smash Bros Brawl on my Wii

  6. Can someone give me a hand with CS:GO?
    Every time that I launched the game, it shows me a white screen for just a second and immediately the game close.

    I can't find an appropriate solution, can someone help me with this? 



    1. virr


      new patch broke things, give it a day or two

    2. Tatost


      What the Swedish robot said.

    3. Reiki


      Roger that

  7. Reiki

    "A Friend's Gift"

    Something I did on Blender to a friend. Made by me using Blender.
  8. I just joined the server, there were two guys having a duel, an this little fellow have the most terrible attitude I have never seen before.

    For real, this is how he had to respond to me just because I'm playing the game on a server that anyone can join in? This guy wanted the server just for him and his friend.

    Also, at some point he started call me trash, having a toxic personality against me.







    1. Reiki


      Yeah, sure. 

      Totally deserve that "lmao" after having that annoying behavior with me just because I was playing the game at my way.
      "Trash players don't get assists uwu" and "Bodyshot rifle cause you're too trash to kill me with anything else uwu" are not nice.


    2. Thorax_
    3. Goblins


      I mean, you kinda added fuel to the fire.
      You could have easily just got an admin on or made a ban request.

      Don't be petty.

  9. Reiki

    What’s is your favorite animal?

    My favorite animals are Reindeer Well, everything related to them and deers
  10. Reiki


    Well, everything is possible with practice! It took me 7 long years to earn my drawing skills. hehe
  11. I just told him "Not use the Boo ability of the map to hurt or kill players with it", and this is the kind of answer that I was expecting.

    It's a shame that my word doesn't matter on the server.







    1. james8470




      report him

    2. Kypari


      /motd it's literally in there

  12. I feel like Harvey Dent, having half of my face anesthetized.

  13. Hey guys, can you help me out with something?

    I tried to join the xG Discord a few minutes ago, and for some reason I ended up creating an account by accident called "reikirishi"

    Now my real account is "Aaron The Reindeer" ((I changed my name from Aaron to Reiki recently so you guys can recognize me))

    Can someone kick out that weird account that I just create? I still have no idea how that happened.


    1. Aegean


      someone already kicked it I think, but I removed the welcome message ;D

    2. Reiki


      Thanks dude ❤️

  14. Because No spawn Killing is the rule

    1. Tatost
    2. Tekage


      If you're referring to Reiki's post about the Hyrule map, you must be mistaken. You are allowed to spawnhit, kill and camp on Trade Gaming History. I'm not sure if you've confused it with the Surf rule where you can't spawnhit.

  15. Reiki

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 After looking at all commentaries, there is not much to say.