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  1. It's been a while since the last time I check this account, huh.

  2. Haven't check this account in a while.

  3. It was just a small drawing that I made with the same artstyle of my friend, but I really don't like the way it looks BTW, Drach is my "artist" name, I no longer using Reiki or Reikirishi for my new drawings Made by me
  4. Reiki

    Back to work

    Well, this is the best I can do, still working on him What do you guys think?
  5. It is worth to get an Professional Killstreak for the Backburner?
    I mean, I play all the time with the Phlogistinator and I'm trying to set a loadout with my Festive Strange Backburner
    So just for curiosity, do you guys think it is worth it?



    ((I know that it is not an strange backburner in this screenshot))


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    2. Semper


      let me just buy you one reiki smh

    3. Red


      sell everything and invest in fortnite skins 

    4. Reiki


      Semper, you don't have to 

  6. Reiki

    Can you help me out?

    I will do my best!
  7. Reiki

    Can you help me out?

    That is actually not a bad point, I will try to give a few changes to the light effect. Thanks dude Those red lines were just me trying to come with an idea for the background. I'm actually planning to draw like a laboratory on the back, but at the moment those lines does not represent nothing I mean, in the past I used to draw the aura sphere like in the Anime, with a few lighting effects. Now, I was trying to recreate what I did in my last drawing of "Reiki", the same effect that I used of the chains, but i'm struggling to get it the same result In that case, I will be doing a new one with a more simpler effects this time You don't need to worry, your opinions are important to me Thanks you guys
  8. So, I started working on a new drawing a few days ago and this is what I have at the moment It's been a long time since I tried to draw something related with energy attacks like the Aura sphere of Lucario and I'm not completely sure if I'm doing it in a proper way. Can you guys give me your opinion about this? Note: I know that I have to add more lighting effects Thanks
  9. I have no clue, where else to ask this.
    But about your Lucario model.

    Did you go to college for this, or how else did you learn it? ? Any resources, you are willing to share?
    And what programs do you recommend for texturing? Or are you using blender for that? And if so, can it generate normal maps, light maps etc? How's your workflow looking there?
    I'm just asking, because I'm especially blown away by the love for detail on the Gallantmon armor!! Absolutely amazing work on the shading!
    But you didn't make the model for Lucario specifically, am I right? ?

    Sorry, if I'm overwhelming you with questions. I'm just really a fan of your work! If you haven't already, you should totally consider working in the game industry! ?

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Tatost


      I believe Reiki mentioned that they were using Blender, but I know nothing of the topic so I can't really say much else for what they're doing.

    2. Chaonic


      @Tatost As in blender for texturing? Because if so, that's impressive.

    3. Reiki



      1.-All I know on Blender was thanks for my friend that has experiences with it, but also by looking at different tutorials and practice by myself.

      2.-Majority of my models come from this website ( https://www.models-resource.com ) 

      3.-For texturing, you can actually create basic textures for models on Blender, but also use other programs like Paint Tool SAI.
      On my case, I use both of them all the time.

      4.-You can create whatever you want with Blender, maps, lights, water, clothes, etc. ((I will try to show you some screenshots of my works 

      5.-You need a lot of time and patience to get a good finish when doing the Render

      6.-No, that model is from Pokemon X/Y of 3Ds, I also have other models of different Pokemons, but I'm still trying to fix them.

      7.-I had a model of Gallantmon that I used as a reference to create that armor for Lucario 


      Thanks, it feels nice to know that someone love my work, hehe.


  10. Take care man and I wish you the best of luck
  11. So, it is a shame that I can't make a ban request without evidence, but I want to leave this here at least. 

    The names of the players are "[BIA-M] GarryTheSail, Triggered, and Sailsmi"

    So, Triggered and Sailsmi, these guys where just saying slurs each other, completely ignoring the rules of the server.

    In the case of Triggered, he is several times the N word as well as other slurs like r****d constantly against a player.

    Sailsmi also was saying some slurs like Triggered.. but in this case in Spanish

    Also I want to add that both of them made racist comments during the conversation

    Finally, this guy called "[BIA-M] GarryTheSail" was making mic spam just to annoying everyone on the server, repeating the comments of Triggered and Sailsmi several times.


    At that moment, I had some  issues with my game and I couldn't take a video to show you guys, but I can tell that other players like Palm Trees or [xG] Citizen Ekat are aware of what happened on the server.

    Of course, you can also check the chat of the server, but I don't know if that is enough in this case.


    1. YeEternalTuna


      When we use the term ''slur'' we tend to automatically think of it as a ''racial slur''. Depending on how you're using the word ''retard'' it could either be an insult or a (non-derogatory) way to describe someone who is delayed in terms of the development of the mind/body. In this case you can just write this off as trolling/toxicity rather than slurring.

    2. Reiki


      Okay, I will keep that on mind, thanks bud 

  12. A little practice that I did to test the water effect on Blender. I'm still to practice more with the texture effect. What do you guys think? Hehe
  13. So, which one you guys think is better.

    Unusual taunts, weapons, or cosmetics? 

    1. Tekk


      Easily cosmetics. Visible 24/7 and look the best imo. Weapons and taunts are cherries on a cake, but the hat is always what makes the loadout

    2. QueenOfHearts



      i would love an  unusual weapon but to many can not be skinned ?

  14. I have played on this map many times, and I can tell that this can be on the same level as Hotel Tower. Like for real, it is not fun to play against a whole sentry nest when the only way to enter that area is by the teleport of the map. Keeping in mind that something I have played with "cool" engineers that use dispensers to keep you trapped as soon as you use get there.