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  1. -Diphikult

    Best mouse in a mid-low price range

    Logitech's G502 mouse is probably your best bet. If it's too pricey, the 403(?) might be better. It mostly depends on your price range. I always have preferred mice capable of rediculously high dpi, but overall I don't think that matters much. You should definitely get a Logitech mouse though. The software is easy to use and allows for a lot of customization.
  2. -Diphikult

    Taking a break

    Don't stress, stressing is stressful and you can't have fun if you're stressed. Find something to help relieve stress like naps or snacks. Hang out with friendos, or chill with family. Go for a walk in a park, or watch fishies swim. Do fun stuff. O(≧▽≦)O --Diphi
  3. -Diphikult


    Hai ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
  4. -Diphikult


    +1 Understands the rules, I've personally never had a problem with him. A:7 M:7
  5. -Diphikult


    +1 A:8 M:8
  6. -Diphikult

    Goodbye :)

    Let us know if you run into Florida Man.
  7. -Diphikult


    -1 Sadly I don't think you've shown much maturity with the whole leaving xG because you felt unwanted thing. the forum spam and tendency to attract toxicity doesn't help much either. (Im on mobile so sorry if this was formated weird or the spelling sucks)
  8. -Diphikult

    Cats or Dogs

    I love all animals, that being said, I hate cats. Dogs are much better. Unless you like cats, then they're better. It's all opinion. Dogs > Cats ∪・ω・∪
  9. -Diphikult


    +1 Has been pretty active, and has a good understanding of the rules. (`・ω・´)” best of luck to ya
  10. -Diphikult

    Promotions and Demotions #207

  11. -Diphikult

    Promotions and Demotions #207

    Super Neato
  12. -Diphikult


    +1 for sure, how is this boyo not a member yet
  13. -Diphikult

    Ass or Tits?

    Joke's on you, I'm too much of a sad virgin, who hides in the closet playing video games with furries and watching anime... I would say might need more experience interacting with people before I answer.
  14. -Diphikult

    Which is Better Thonk Or Think?

    you bring up an excellent point that brings basic human function into question. why thonk when you can think? why think in the first place? thonk works just fine, right? why would we need either when we can settle with the question mark? perhaps we will never know... thonk is better
  15. -Diphikult

    Good luck this school year!

    I'm trying kinda