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  1. +1 I think I can probably run this
  2. You fool I know every man on the face of this planet
  3. You wouldn't DARE bring him into this. Don't forget what he's done, don't you realize that he's part of the issue‽ Honestly I expected better from the sand Lord himself If you wish to take care of this issue, I suggest you do it yourself instead of bringing in an old "friend" into this
  4. Well it looks like I'll be running it alone I know a man who may be able to help me get to my location without Caleb's help. However, it may require the ancient art of cpsave and cptele. I hope it works, for if it fails I will be forced to use a secret method I've been meaning to keep secret.
  5. Thank you both so much for this information @ABlueSkittle123 I have a proposition for you... I say we work together to gather the souls we need in order to purchase this beautiful historical document We will each be getting a 50% share. Of course we need @Caleb956 to give us access to the land of Sanderia Brother Caleb, please, in the name of all that is Sandy, give us access to this sacred land so that we may retrieve this document for the sands
  6. Ah yes of course Caleb I'd like permission to enter this sacred land, if you'd be so kind.
  7. I'm not familiar with this holy creature. Where may I find these?
  8. I'm now willing to use tungsten as payment This has gone too far Skittle you can't win
  9. I am willing to triple skittle's price
  10. This is in very good shape for such an old historical document. I guess that makes sense though considering it's importance. I'd like to purchase this, how much for it?
  11. Looking at the chat logs will very clearly show that it's a phone number I've heard a lot of complaints about tykz breaking server rules while there's no staff on the server. assuming this isn't immediately closed for obvious reasons, -1 for unban
  12. +1 for promo/demo 221
  13. HECK If anyone else steps down I'll demote myself to virr²