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  1. I used to get crazy fever dreams of super Mario 64 and half life 2 I also get nostalgic with tf2 and other orange box titles bc I watched my brother play though some of them back when we lived further north. Same thing goes for Minecraft I suppose
  2. I like the blue guy from super smash bros hes super duper fast!!!
  3. +1 if you add random weapons on surf A: Activity M: Moderator But you have to play team fortress with me bc I don't have friends
  4. Potato salad for sure I think I actually have a problem
  5. Whoa there, I almost didn't see this thread Random crits take away a huge skill factor from the game, and to die by one is incredibly annoying. It may be entertaining to get a random crits, but 90% of the time you no longer care about the crit moments later, when your focus moves on to something else. It also doesn't make sense to get punished for trying to kill enemies. Especially when you consider that enemies who are weak from winning a fight have a higher chance to crit you. Players that are getting kills in succession don't need the added chance to randomly do triple damage. The same goes for random bullet spread. Last I checked it's still enabled on surf, but not on tgh. These mechanics that only serve to induce randomness have no place in a game like tf2, even in a casual setting. The recipient of the crit feels cheated, and the sender of the crit shortly thereafter either forgets or stops caring in most situations. The only exception being when a group of people are hit with the crit, but in that situation there would be multiple affected meaning that one person is cheating multiple people out of a fun experience all because of rng. There's this arguement that random crits prevent stalemates and spawncamps. This is flawed by the fact that random crits are based on how well the player is doing and are, for lack of a better word, random. The team who's spawncamping is obviously going to be getting more kills, and relying on rng to end a spawncamp is a horrible plan when compared to a coordinated Uber push. And on almost every map there's not just one way to get into the jail. So there's always the option of surfing to a seperate jail I do understand that sometimes it's hard to coordinate a push with a bunch of people that you might not even know, but relying on a random mechanic is not a good solution. It only serves to make recipients feel cheated out of a fair fight Sorry for the horrible structuring
  6. Yes! I play Minecraft in my spare time, sometimes other stuff It's a great console!
  7. @ABlueSkittle123 get your ass on discord
  8. You can be assistant to the regional manager
  9. @ABlueSkittle123 I'm making terraria a division of xenoBumpies, you'll be the DM
  10. I wish to curse you with as many notifications as possible @ABlueSkittle123
  11. I posses immunity Also @ABlueSkittle123