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    +1 to replace me He's shown he's improved, and activity isn't really a factor anymore with how little the servers see population But playing tf2 makes you cool so do it regardless
  2. Respond to everything they say with something like "k" or "?" Try to get them to buy a product of your choosing Spread the holy teachings of tungsten to bless their souls Speak the tongue: >[c)) '{!_<#| [-| -|)) {<[ {_ [-|? Ask them for advice on something of your choosing (house remodeling, baby names, whether you should go vegan)
  3. If you check the edit I originally put turkey on it, but I wasn't sure how people would interpret turkey so I took it off And normally I put mustard on both sides but this was confusing to type since I kept modifying it so I just missed it
  4. Oh oh here's a good one: Bread Mayonnaise Mustard Lettuce Salami Cheese Ham Mayonnaise Bread
  5. Bread Mayonnaise Mustard Bacon Tomato Lettuce Mayonnaise Bread
  6. Can't let goldfish win, he's too young
  7. this does put a smile on my face
  8. I'm conflicted because I want to agree with you to represent the place I live, but I also hate living in California,
  9. I used to get crazy fever dreams of super Mario 64 and half life 2 I also get nostalgic with tf2 and other orange box titles bc I watched my brother play though some of them back when we lived further north. Same thing goes for Minecraft I suppose