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  1. dude no way dude like im threatened by your manliness dude i dont want you steppin on my turf bro so its gonna be a -1 from me dawg
  2. I could honestly go either way on this topic. People wanted crits off of TGH because it's a very DM based server (At least that's what people use it as). And I don't play too much surf but the times I've been on, I didn't mind when I was killed by a crit because I was just sent back to the start to try again. If I went on there to Death Match I would mind, but that's never what I go on for. Again, I could go either way because if they were removed, that would be cool, I just wouldn't notice it too much. But if they stayed, I wouldn't mind because of the reasons stated earlier.
  3. cook


    Now this dude totally deserves staff. I'm not sure how active he is, as we are almost always on at different times, but I can definitely say that he has never broken the rules and he clearly knows them well. A: ? (Maybe 7) M: 9
  4. You better believe this Skittle Boi deserves Mod. He knows and follows the rules and he is extremely mature A:8 M:10
  5. As long as it doesn't spam the chat terribly, I don't see why not. +1
  6. cook


    Haha genocide i am included please love me
  7. cook


    I'm amazed that no one has gone on a rant about how he can kill anyone from any distance
  8. cook


    So. The Sniper class in Team Fortress 2. Everyone has a different opinion about this class and I want to here yours. Personally, I love playing sniper even though I'm pretty bad at snipping
  9. This is so off topic but so correct what
  10. cook


    I can say for certain that, judging by how Phil acts, we are definitely dealing with the same Phil
  11. I believe what I want to believe. And I believe that Frosty is the Queen of Traps
  12. cook

    Had to do it to em

    I regret clicking that link
  13. Peanut butter, jelly, and pepperoni tortillas are great
  14. Anyone else wake up to a good cup of depresso espresso?

    1. Dannypicacho


      no but i do wake up to depression

  15. cook


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Cook Identity STEAM_0:1:204782704 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 430 hours Information Sup. I have been wanting to apply for Mod for months now and finally I have made enough forum submissions to apply. (WooHoo) Also, I think that I have been on long enough to earn player's respect and establish myself as mature enough for Mod. I love this community and I promise to keep it as well kept as possible, for as long as possible.