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  1. @@easy HA no way. I knew I didn't know an easy. You ever get that mop haircut cut down? lol @@Gawd Thanks man. Sorry to see them leave. Speaking of, adios. I'll stop by next year if you're all still here. This clan isn't what it used to be...
  2. Heisenberg


    Do you want to, I don't know, REJOIN XG PLEASE? yeahno Thanks anyway, but I have better things to do. Plus no offense, but it seems the general age of members has slipped. I miss the 16+ only rule
  3. Haha missed you too. We had some fun times reboobleing in JB. Does rabid still with you guys? How about Aegean, Serbian, and the Duckiis?
  4. Heisenberg


    This. Seriously, at least consider community college.
  5. I meant my family's house lol, I still live with them and commute to college
  6. @@MineCrack OH LAWDY. I've already had to break that habit once like I was a herion junkie. @@Chrono The real question is, when don't we fuck? My butt is still gaping from this morning ;)
  7. Heisenberg


    Why not? Idk Be that way then If you aren't, go into a trade. Tradesmen make a lot more than they used to, and do better than most post-graduates within their first 5 years of graduation.
  8. @@Reflex Ah, that's cool. I actually lost interest in the show after season 4, and recently I watched all of Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Moral Orel, and The Venture Brothers. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD @@xShadowSpyx I miss the good old days, especially that one time I abused you by accident XD However, I won't be coming back/playing CSS since my life is so hectic, so I'm just stopping by for a few days to say hello.
  9. Hey guys, Heisy here. What's going on? Anything new? I've moved on to my second year of college alredy (wow, I remember playing with you guys in high school. Feels like yesterday.), got a job at Dick's sporting goods, drive, had my house and 4 cars crushed by a tree last October, but I came back. That's pretty much it except for the occasional terrible relationship or depressive episode. Also, I lift and jog now. Getting in shape feels good, you guys should try it if you want to change your life. You guys still playing jailbreak?
  10. Heisenberg


    Housatonic Community College, transfering to some big place like Southern CT uni or UCONN next year
  11. Heisenberg

    Never drink

    "Hurr durr alcohol bad because I can't do it right" Seriously, if you can't pace yourself or hold your liquor, don't drink or complain about it. Don't be a moron and you'll be fine. It's elementary, Watson.
  12. Heisenberg

    Muh Freedoms

    What's that Aaron? I can't hear you over the sound of MUH FREEDOMS [clap]
  13. So following a near-death experience, I decided to become inactive on the forums too. I hope you all have fun in the clan and it continues to prosper. -Hiesy [ATTACH]4477.vB[/ATTACH]