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  1. Give Steven the true rank he deserves. Let him to be to one to quench our thirst in our time of need. He is the only one fit in this community to have such a title. #Steven4JuiceBoxBoy
  2. Pepper


    -1 does not fit the requirements for this division
  3. Well now I know who to make the member protest on. +1 get Virr out of this community
  4. @Tatost I'd like to put my 2 cents in about the Icy situation. I am one who thought Icy was a bad promotion as soon as I had heard it happened. For long before he was promoted he was known as someone who had a toxic attitude and did not know how to work well with people. His attitude in 10 mans is just an example of how his personality was not a fit for his position. His reply saying that he was not received a warm welcome when he joined a channel is a direct consequence of his negative attitude. Honestly the people you've listed in this thread about being "harassed" ([email protected] bc i have hardly any interaction) have attitude problems that they need to work on to improve themselves as individuals. These attitude problems are due to age/maturity. Goldfish getting fatmanned constantly in 10 mans is a combination of him being bad at the game and his attitude when he is in 10 mans. When I am the captain in a 10 man I am going to pick the best players I can as far as I know and often that means Goldfish is not a part of that group. Also other people who are captains will refuse to pick him because he has quit/trolled in the past in the middle of games. I acknowledge there are a lot of times in this community where people take it too far but the specific examples you provided are of people who have issues of their own that they need to work on and have been told before about what they need to work on but have shown little to no improvement.
  5. Hey guys I'm gonna be putting together a GtaV playlist for Friday night. I'm planning on putting in a variety of games such as stunt races and wanted yalls feedback and suggestions for maps
  6. Im down for a GTA community night too. Do some races and other gamemodes
  7. I own 3 of the Jackbox box games (2,3,5) and I'm pretty sure @ThePenguin owns the other 2 so I'd be down for a big community night with some people to be in the audience too would be fun. I could stream it too. Im off of work tonight, tomorrow and this Friday if we want to set something up
  8. You mean like not cheating right?
  9. Do not let this man deceive you! he is the most British man i have ever met
  10. Alcoholic: Jameson with anything or an old fashioned Non Alcoholic: Do I need to say it?
  11. Pepper


    Why did you leave me bb
  12. Bleed has looked into this for a long time and there were some issues with the plugin that i dont remember what exactly those issues were but he could tell you.
  13. Well lime isnt here anymore so im good