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    KingFoxclaw - Team Fortress 2

  2. happy birthday

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    WTF is the blue target thing?

    Thank you! Nahimic was in fact causing the target thing to appear - the sound tracker. As it turns out it's this sound optimization app which came with my new computer (finally got off of that trash 2015 iMac). I must've pressed a hotkey by mistake.
  4. james8470

    WTF is the blue target thing?

    [Need Help] Blue target thingy? :: Team Fortress 2 General Discussions STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM Anyone have any ideas? It might be related to mumble but after looking though the settings I can't find away to remove this
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    What's your spirit animal?

    A furry thread? Not necessarily. I'm no speciesist! v_v Or would it be racism? I don't even know just answer the goddamm question
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    I'm remaining neutral as I have not seen him in-game and I don't play CS:GO (maybe on MC? ScottNi will have to tell me his username) but I still want to put in my 2 cents real quick. ScottNi has clearly made an effort to be kind and helpful, and I always appreciate that. ScottNi doesn't deserve to be shut down just because of PMs between him and a friend (for reasons which have already been explained by others). However, if I did play CS:GO servers I would -1 this app. I just don't feel super comfortable having ScottNi as staff given the stories of explosive immaturity - stories which have their truth enforced by the PMs (based on how ScottNi behaves and nothing more). I probably could've explained that better, but I hope you catch my drift.
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    Stepping down

    No You're a super friendly dude I hope to see you around :y
  8. james8470

    xG Charity Fundraiser

  9. james8470

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    So virr liked the post, so I guess the link was changed? Clicking the link in the post takes me here ME Association WWW.MEASSOCIATION.ORG.UK and clicking on the link to donate takes me here, which appears to be the same site which looks seriously dodgy? https://donate.justgiving.com/?uri=aHR0cHM6Ly9kb25hdGUtYXBpLmp1c3RnaXZpbmcuY29tL2FwaS9kb25hdGlvbnMvMDE0ZjlmZTYxOTczNDcwYWFhZGNhZjZkMjhmMzI1YzE= So how do I donate directly to the charity?
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    What's your favorite drink?

  12. james8470

    i dont know

    DAMM SPOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! fuckin roasted
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    Fun Fact of Yourself

    Oh dude, that's really tragic. They made a gofundme for him though https://www.gofundme.com/guy-who-builds-legos-got-robbed