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  1. james8470

    Checking In

    Hey, Just wondering how everyone's been doing. I'm going to college tomorrow and I've been looking back at all the amazing communities and people that have been a part of my life. I don't see the TF2 servers having as many people these days. What's up?
  2. *I'll still pop on the servers on occasion and maybe even discord, I'm just done with the forums
  3. I wasn't talking about me
  4. Finally got around to reading this and you're spot on. I'm glad you brought up rule consistency because, if you know one thing about me, it's that I hate rule/rule enforcement inconstancy. I've literally asked for inconsistencies in the rule book to be changed at least 3 times on the forums and by DMs to higher ups over the course of almost 2 years and some of those inconsistencies are still there. And what you said about motivation is interesting because ha ha we had the exact same problem with the MC division. @Arthman does a good job though. ?
  5. Something needs to be said about this. Everyone in the TF2 division is quitting all at once and they all have the reason for it: The servers have gotten stale and 14 hours a week (2 hours a day) is too much Here's what should be done IMO: halve the requirement (7 hours a week). It's a matter of keeping good staff members for the long-term. I don't think the current model of cycling though staff members every few months is a good one. Also, with a 7 hour a week requirement, wouldn't the servers be understaffed? No, I don't think so. With the lower requirement, we can simply have more TF2 staff members for one thing, and !calladmin and discord and the forums exist for a reason (that reason being the servers can't be staffed 24/7 anyways.
  6. This indeed. I came to xG from a Minecraft community that I was totally addicted to. It broke my heart when I was harshly kicked out suddenly under mostly false pretenses (I was in fact disrespecting staff). I don't think I'd ever been more insulted and hurt in my life, with the exception of my mother's death. That being said I agree with @Bonk. What @Semper said is too simplistic. And what divisions/servers/platforms (discord/forums) is the bullying taking place the most @Tatost, because I rarely ever see anyone getting harassed.
  7. james8470

    On a Scale 1-10

    I told you before you're an annoyance. Your threads are all the same and I'm tired of them. Please just stop embarrassing yourself and go on with your life. ? I have to say nice drawing though ?
  8. james8470

    Its cold

    It's getting hot here. It was 80 degrees F when I was out walking Schuster. What could be the cause of these unusual temperatures? ? *not to be unsympathetic to you notherners
  9. james8470


    this guy is a genius
  10. motherfucker please do it I'll pay you
  12. Sorry you feel that way. You will be missed. I wish you well.
  13. I'm so sorry for what Stuart Little did to you and your comrades. No words can express the condolences I send. My heart goes out. ?