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  1. //[xG] I am Da Law "STEAM_0:0:20413386 " { "tag" "[Law] " "tagcolor" "#686868 " "namecolor" "T" "textcolor" "#800000" sidenote sending my proof to DW qq
    1. Aubri.


      wow that's a greatly put together sentence you have there huh
  3. Back from otakon c:
  4. Sporky

    Community Nights

    GG ill probably be finishing last, but its the fun we have as a community night right? :] I'll be sure to join in.
  5. Mah Birthdayyy <3
  6. Doesnt even mention me, #DenyMyExistence Hello Leezaaa. Im glad you are enjoying our presence, and our community. I hope to see you become an active member of our community and blah blah blah Lets go rape people in league. :D
  7. yea repromoted, due to Higher ups being noobs. Suck it nubz. #Scarra4lyfe STEAM_0:0:20413386
  8. Sporky


    -raises hand- We shall conquer the land with our mighty empire of rapist
  9. Finally, I have the better interwebz. from a measly 8 mb max to a 30 mb. Woot i can play lots of games nao
  10. HueHueHue it should be Sporky[i am Da Law] aka Scarra. Demotion. and wasn't i an admin? lol well not much use for powers, until i get a better laptop/desktop and better internet. i cant handle css.
  11. Sporky


    Welcome to xG. Hope you enjoy your time here with us. I use to be very active on CS:S and currently an Admin but most of these days you will find me playing league. i come on from time to time but get bored easily. Add my steam as im usually on most 24/7 for when a admin is needed on any of the servers. Cept for TF2 and Gmod :P.
  12. If you cut through a specific part Virginia you should like hit me up naggaro. #ICreepOnYou
  13. my +1 to unban. Is a good kid. Never did anything wrong and never had any problems. Played with him alot when i went on to JB . Havent seen him for a while due to him leaving and school. Other then the fact the ban was for the steam group i don't see anything else that's wrong.
  14. Division: Counter-Strike: Source In-Game Name: YouMissed #Matty Mullins Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41668541 Information: He cant seem to post for on here for some reason. Ban Reason : Joined the Wolven community Group but never joined the actual clan. He went inactive due to school so was unaware of the Ban. He was also being stoopid and didnt know that he had to click forms on top to submit a request. #ggnore