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  1. How would I have done anything as not being part of the community because of being banned? I couldn't have had much reputation on any server ideas, anything like that. I'm not asking to become a member. I'm not asking to become staff. I only want unbanned.
  2. I was hoping to sort of stray away from my past self. I want to start more new..
  3. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: DarkWolf6052 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47897537 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Well I've been convinced to finally appeal my ban from xG. I put Counter Strike as the division of ban even though I believe my ban is a server-wide ban after looking it up on the ban list. My ban was set over two years ago on February 11, 2014. I don't plan to ever have that day repeat and highly regret every action of mine that led to me being banned permanently. A lot of people might not remember me and some aspects of that are probably better that way. I did enjoy my time in xG before the entire February 2014 problem happened. I'm asking to have my ban lifted and try to make a better impression in the community, considering how rough of a past I had here. -DarkWolf6052
  4. He did activate his mic though, @HaplessIdiot @mtown81 were there
  5. Division: MMO In-Game Name: DarkWolf6052 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47897537 Information: This is a ban protest for Teamspeak. First of all, the thing I would like to point out first is that the exception to Rabid being unbanned on Teamspeak was that he had to stay in Warriors room, not join any others, or he risked being banned. Rabid got on the Teamspeak and messaged me. Note I didn't say anything previous to him cause, quite frankly, I don't like him, and I know he doesn't like me. He joined my channel soon after with the name I had believed that agreement was still in valid standing, so I permanently banned him for breaking the rule/agreement. I was then banned shortly after by The Penguin permanently for abuse of Teamspeak powers. I'm not protesting my ban to get my Unique ID unbanned, I've already talked with Silence and gotten those powers removed, but he told me to make a ban protest for any further action. I don't want my Unique ID back, I just want my IP address unbanned from Teamspeak. I've been cut off from XenoGamers from everything, the only thing I want is Teamspeak. Please take it into consideration. @ASock I'm sorry for banning you if the agreement was changed, I had actually thought it was still valid. @Hidingmaster @ThePenguin @diabeetus @Forest @Nomulous I'm sorry for abusing the Teamspeak powers I shouldn't have had. @Rhododendron @Kyoko @Warriorsfury
  6. R.I.P. Furry Division Counter Strike: Source...
  7. [attach]6687[/attach] CONGRATULATIONS! You have been accepted to join Xeno Gamers! To begin your membership, familiarize yourself with our rules listed here. This is highly important and knowing these rules will keep you safe from bans! Want to get Moderator? There are a few ways to earn admin! 1. Be active on TeamSpeak! To download TeamSpeak click here and then click 'Download Here' and download the appropriate client for your OS. Then just install, follow the 'Easy Setup' guide, and finally, click 'Connections' and 'Connect' and enter 'voice.xenogamers.com' in the 'Server Address' field. 2. Be active on the forums! This is one of the best ways to get your voice heard in Xeno Gamers! 3. Be active on the servers! This shows that you are committed to the clan! For a server list, click here. Come check out our staff list to see who is who on the servers, click Updated Staff Roster | Xeno Gamers WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY! -Dis furfag be closin' ur thread
  8. I believe it's set to 1 map previous. But if they want to start complaining again, its on them. I'll double check it when I get home, I'm at school right now on their MacBook, so I can't check it [No FTP abilities even allowed on this computer]
  9. The amount of complaints was too damn high. I thought I lowered it though. I looked and changed what Bleed told me since I looked and came across the wrong one.
  10. Everyone needs to tag Tsuchikure all day, every day.
    1. Crona


  11. All the good pics are blocked by Trustwave filter and IBoss here at school :l
  12. It might be caused by a bad connection or something, I don't know, it's random, the sound from file thing would unlikely be the cause.