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  1. Is anything going to happen about this?
  2. Well I did get on for a bit yesterday, but I tried again today and was banned again.
  3. Thanks for the info. I just hope I get unbanned.
  4. I know, it's just doesn't make any damn sense why the whole group was even banned.
  5. This is exactly it. Does this strip me of the privilege of playing on your servers? Like if this was it then you should ban everysingle person on the server with a tag that isn't xG. It doesn't even make any sense.
  6. Division: Garrys Mod In-Game Name: [GG] Boxxy <3 aka no1dead Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:35980495 Information: Well first of all I don't think I should have been banned because I still would have played on your DarkRP server, and it's not like I was going to go on to deliberately fuck it up (RDM, Propkill, etc.), I just wanted to play on it. But seeing as not even GG has done that because we will wait for you to either RDM on our server or actually play on it and not perma you before you even step foot into the server. I don't know it's ultimately your choice Silence. If you want to talk more about it just send me a message on steam/teamspeak.
  7. So wait why was I banned? Was the GG tag why? If so why don't you ban anyone not wearing the xG tag. But well seeing as this was a dumb reason to perm me I can't say much, seeing as the only xG members that are banned are the ones who RDM'ed on our server, not every single clan member.
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    2. StarmiX


      https://xenogamers.org/applications/4/respond - Protest against your ban, it's not really necessary to bring it onto some guy's profile
    3. no1dead


      Already did and it also said on the ban description to talk to Silence/Rhodey.
    4. DarkWolf6052


      Silence/Rhododendron is the leader of XenoGamers, but as was said, use https://xenogamers.org/applications/4/respond to protest your ban.
  8. darkrp server isnt up yet, so just wait in the meanwhile by playing on TTT servers. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up.
  9. What is the IP, for the RP? I've been looking for it for a while now and I can't seem to find it, also I think there should be alot more shipments for the gundealers and the spiderman gun.
  10. I'll apply for this as well.
  11. Well you could like him if all of this bullshit gets cleared up. Cause really this is pretty dumb of xG, like really stupid.
  12. I honestly can't keep up with the amount of high-school drama that is going on right now. Considering the closing of the GMOD Division, which was the sole reason I joined xG is now gone I'm probably not going to be coming back for a while. (Only time can tell.) So I'm gonna be leaving xG for the time being.
  13. This is pretty much bullshit, I'm not even joking, Charrax was running the server fine and everyone was fine with the server, not one person I'm sure was having problems with it. But now that this is happening well that's just horse shit, it really is. If charrax is coding something for the server well he isn't gonna finish it in one second, shit takes time. Another thing is I did join xG cause of the gmod division, unless it comes back then there is no point of me being on xG. Seriously all was fine until this bullshit came up.
  14. +1 Is a very nice member, follows rules and is fun to play with.