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  1. Wait who tf r u people (aside from caleb). The good old days were with Forge, Bach, Snipes, and other fucks, not you nerds. <3
  2. StarmiX

    Memory Lane

    I remember when I didn't know most of the people here now. Also I remember Forge and the xG "Highlander" team that we had.
  3. Soon, don't know how soon, but probably like HL3 soon
  5. I'm fucking masochistic
  6. Dihydrogen Monoxide creates a reaction within your body that simulates drowning. Studies show 100% of people who drink it die.
  7. In-Game Name: Starfaggot Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: Yes Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58085242 Banned: Yes Active on Teamspeak: Yes Time Active on Servers: Hundreds of hours before I left Age: 16 Reasons for Joining: I miss you all Also I was banned on forums before for shitposting a member sub for that potato kid
  8. I just wanted to know what some of you guys got placed and what you are now. I was placed 48 after going 6-4 in my placements, and climbed to 65 playing mostly DPS and Lucio
  9. Is this almost at a shitpost level now? What's happened so far since like, the end of 2015? Have we promoted any more underage british girls that don't have a mic yet they have like a $2k PC?
  10. Are there any vods so I can see you guys miss your shots and get shit on?
  11. StarmiX

    Overwatch Team?

    @Forest you don't understand man, we're making an actual team, not the meme team