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  1. StarmiX

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    I miss you babe.
  2. StarmiX

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    Wait who tf r u people (aside from caleb). The good old days were with Forge, Bach, Snipes, and other fucks, not you nerds. <3
  3. StarmiX

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    Fuck I miss those days.
  4. StarmiX

    Memory Lane

    I remember when I didn't know most of the people here now. Also I remember Forge and the xG "Highlander" team that we had.
  5. StarmiX

    What Made You Join Xg

    Soon, don't know how soon, but probably like HL3 soon
  7. StarmiX

    What Made You Join Xg

    I'm fucking masochistic
  8. Dihydrogen Monoxide creates a reaction within your body that simulates drowning. Studies show 100% of people who drink it die.
  9. StarmiX

    Stepping Down For Dm

    You lucky shit
  10. StarmiX


    In-Game Name: Starfaggot Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: Yes Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:58085242 Banned: Yes Active on Teamspeak: Yes Time Active on Servers: Hundreds of hours before I left Age: 16 Reasons for Joining: I miss you all Also I was banned on forums before for shitposting a member sub for that potato kid
  11. I just wanted to know what some of you guys got placed and what you are now. I was placed 48 after going 6-4 in my placements, and climbed to 65 playing mostly DPS and Lucio
  12. Is this almost at a shitpost level now? What's happened so far since like, the end of 2015? Have we promoted any more underage british girls that don't have a mic yet they have like a $2k PC?
  13. Are there any vods so I can see you guys miss your shots and get shit on?
  14. StarmiX

    Overwatch Team?

    @Forest you don't understand man, we're making an actual team, not the meme team