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  1. Heads, or tails? @virr
  2. The servers aren't dying because people are reaching endgame, that's a biased statement if you consider getting good armor/elytras endgame. Towny & Factions (if setup properly) adds extra elements to the game such as managing a town or base raiding. Unfortunately, every faction revision has ruined the server by having insane world borders which makes finding other factions an impossible task. Towny on the other hand has consistently retained population from those who enjoy building and the vanilla survival experience minecraft has to offer, but it eventually dies off because people get bored. The problem with minecraft aside from botched setups is that xG lacks players who enjoy raiding or building enough to sustain the population of our servers. We're also not gaining any new players, there are too many established servers that offer a better experience than our out of the box factions & towny. Mod packs is probably the right move to keep interest for longer but requires more resources and setup than your traditional spigot server setup. You also need a good computer to handle some modpacks so that might restrict a few interested players. Regardless I think its worth trying to setup, obviously factions/towny hasn't been working out so maybe its time to try something new........
  3. MineCrack


    I don't get this. @Topaz I don't want to argue over semantics, we're each entitled to our own opinions and how we view the situation. Your justifications to what I said won't really change my mind for the most part, although I do agree with most of it. P.S. I never said the mute had unwavering support, 3 people in chat disagreed with the mute and more in VC (hence why I said some people). Stop trying to argue for the sake of arguing (I'm really not interested at all). Regardless, as a staff member yourself you should realize the mute is a bit silly. Ig the additional warnings prior to that kind of justify the mute, but even then no one felt that way after the unmute so whatsup with that?
  4. MineCrack


    Why are you selectively reading my quote? I never said stopping the nonsense in #csgo was a childish power trip. Your participation by feeding Steven is childish, and calling it a "flamewar" when it was just Steven freaking out while other people are trying to input valuable opinions is borderline a power trip (hence, I never said it was actually a power trip).
  5. MineCrack


    Why are you taking that warning out of context? That was generalized towards people arguing over the 10man tag usage, not Rabid's response. Rabid's response to that is purely derived from the fact Hong not only participated in the argument, but decided to carry it on. To carry on an argument for as long as he did then threaten to end it by using his discord powers is extremely childish and borderline a power trip. It should have never happened in the first place. An argument is an exchange of opposite views with the attempt for parties involved to reason with each other. Saying an argument will get you nowhere and that people will "stick with their ideologies" is both false and projecting your own opinion. Chat spam is meaningless and pointless messages, an argument over certain policies is not chat spam (xD). You accidentally permanently muting him wasn't even the problem. The fact you muted him in the first place was the problem, and people even agreed it was unwarranted. If you actually believed the mute was deserved you would have proceeded to fix your mute to be 30 minutes. Instead, you decided to stop talking and not mute him at all (wow this probably should have been done by staff during the argument). Lastly, If you're going to be staff please don't be so sensitive. Yes, Rabid's comments were unnecessary but your reaction to the severity of what he said screams you are emotional and can respond irrationally if rubbed the wrong way.
  6. Sad to see you step down but your mental health is more important. Goodluck!
  7. Yadingo was just recently banned+demoted for cheating on minecraft and now he has his staff position back? That doesn't really make sense and deserves further justification. @Arthman @Aegean
  8. W-wow I didn't know cookie was so big.... uwu
  9. /baltop after kuntykweens fail raid said a lot about your resource pool.
  10. Yeah if someone destroyed my fake base I would be as composed as you.
  11. Yikes, what a shit storm for a base you guys supposedly abandoned. Hmm, maybe it wasn't 100% abandoned?