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  1. MineCrack

    Promotions and Demotions #215

    Yadingo was just recently banned+demoted for cheating on minecraft and now he has his staff position back? That doesn't really make sense and deserves further justification. @Arthman @Aegean
  2. MineCrack

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    opt me out of the raffle
  3. MineCrack

    Nutty x ❤️cookie❤️ - A fanfic

    W-wow I didn't know cookie was so big.... uwu
  4. MineCrack

    Oh Honey

    /baltop after kuntykweens fail raid said a lot about your resource pool.
  5. MineCrack

    Oh Honey

    Yeah if someone destroyed my fake base I would be as composed as you.
  6. MineCrack

    Oh Honey

    Yikes, what a shit storm for a base you guys supposedly abandoned. Hmm, maybe it wasn't 100% abandoned?
  7. MineCrack

    Oh Honey

    You might be wondering what this thread is about... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4 Oh you know ;) nsfw WARNING!!!
  8. MineCrack

    Regarding Current raiding conditions

    Sounds good. Its like one or two lines in the faction config btw. offline tnt or something like that.
  9. MineCrack

    Regarding Current raiding conditions

    +1 suggested this on the suggestion thread. @Rhododendron please make sure atamoose gets access asap.
  10. MineCrack

    Minecraft Suggestions/update Megathread

    Oh, Make sure all staff ranks have a timer for teleporting. For example, co-leaders currently do not have a delay (they can /home instantly, etc). Make sure donator ranks are not children of staff ranks, it is unfair for them to have these perks since they did not donate.
  11. MineCrack

    Minecraft Suggestions/update Megathread

    @Atamo @Kart Hello, not sure who is doing the server stuff now but I just want to make suggestions and point out issues. Featherboard is currently disabled/broken. I created a config for fb+deluxe chat to display information on active auctions. Since fb is disabled, whenever an auction is started only the item is announced in chat but no information. This should be fixed as Silence paid for the plugin (and it is really nice). If the config isn't on the server, me or owl can send you a backup. You currently cannot TNT factions while the members are offline. I haven't been able to thoroughly test this if its for online factions as well. This should be changed because it ruins raiding and removes the need for investing into obsidian vaults for protecting loot. The nether should be enabled. From what I have been told, the nether+end is disabled for future "quests" that are not ready and progression. I can understand the end being disabled because of loot you can get+xp farms (obviously it should be enabled eventually). However, the nether should not as it just removes a lot of content from the game (various blocks and potion requirements). The /bal and /pay commands are currently broken. Guests should have access to commands such as /tpa and /sethome (afaik they cannot tpa, not able to test /sethome). It's just inconvenient not having it, my friend was complaining when he joined the server. Other incentives should be given to members (money, kits, cosmetics, etc..) instead as the member rank is the only way you have access to teleport commands. I had other things on my mind but I forgot, will post anything else if I remember.
  12. MineCrack

    Stepping Down

    @james8470 Honestly, the server hasn't been in this good of a state for a very long time (maybe Arthman era). I can understand the stress of configuring (and building) a minecraft server during your own free time for hours on end loses its charm after a while. The release, aside from the donator /economy stuff (which would take a few minutes to fix), appears to be pretty successful compared to the past few launches. Delays are not a big deal, you shouldn't feel as if you did not deliver because it was not on time. These type of things should not have deadlines. Some of your other points seem like excuses, although I understand you want to keep your grades up. You should reconsider stepping down and wait a while before you make a decision (unless you are truly unhappy, that's not my business). edit: forgot to mention the spawn looks really good edit2: you should ignore that person who went at you in discord, he's a sad person and his word holds little value
  13. MineCrack

    The roles of staff in our servers and community

    So slaying someone for an obscure rule, not telling them what they did wrong when they asked, then banning them for a month after they called me stupid is not the right thing to do? Oh, okay.