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  1. epic time on xg tf2 pokemon trade server i felt like a true xgv member


  2. Docterlat_

    Ski Runner

    After I uploaded that knowing either you or someone would try to top it so #dealwithit I'm going hard tomorrow morning
  3. Docterlat_

    Ski Runner

    @Legend This means more beating
  4. Docterlat_

    Ski Runner

    Here is how my story goes. I woke up thinkin' dem titties then I did teh dirteh ting and proceded to get on the computer. The computer felt warm and I thought to myself, did I soil my self? Sure as hell I did and proceded to logon. Put in the password and soon after everythign loaded and I open up Chrome which has TF2Outpost, bible.tf and xG as the websites and notice a post in general about the beautiful game I played in my child hood. I began playing and moving and moaning and grunting and sooner or later this score was reached. Now aren't you proud?
  5. +1 actually makes the map worth playing to go for a certain person and know who they are wihtout a doubt, also silence could could code in an option so only you can kill the person you're dueling and no one else can kill you
  6. Do you even Hail Stan 66
  7. +1 this is one beautiful tar baby
  8. Lol not once did you say you were testing or even checking a single thing so thats straight up a lie to cover your shit moves. Brian you know for a fact that changing a server without the people who have actually played that game and know servers in tf2 better than you is a dick move.
  9. +1 Brian does abuse because he is mad/irritated at what people make of his poor choices and well as you can see he gets over the edge with his higher rank. We can't kick him to get him to stop so he continues what he feels like changing a server to something the clan and division doesn't like at all.
  10. "+1 Used to be in xG, didn't cause any trouble, very good moderator, nice guy, active in all TF2 servers and is mature" -MuffinMonster