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  1. I was 14 when I got Div Leader, 15 when I got Co-Leader, and never programmed in my life before then.
  2. This is a furry thread isn’t it?
  3. 2012 TF2 xG best TF2 time in existence. Nothing else even comes close. Back then, staff flung shit at each other but in a playful way. The servers were constantly filled. TF2 had just become Free-to-play so people became more interested. We even had a fully working goldenrodcity 24/7 server, a populated FF2 server, gaming history was starting, 24/7 dustbowl was full and even had a warioware server for a small time before the plugin broke. Plus, we still had CS:S minigames and jailbreak, which in my opinion were the best xenogamers servers ever, no questions asked. Now, The only servers that are full are surf or trade and I have to be careful what I say for fear of getting banned, which sucks but whatever. EDIT: Hopefully I didnt just gravedig
  4. I don't mind it too much. I've become comfortably familiar with it. Currently, I'm learning how to use it to write a shell using only some Posix libraries, which is a gigantic pain in the ass. Never use a functional programming language for anything low level. Forking has issues with recursion that annoy the piss outta me.
  5. Right here. Haskell, Go and Lisp, with some C++/C on the side.
  6. MC NAME: TheRealBrian POSITION WANTED: Builder / Moderator WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE DIVISION TO HELP: Started playing on the old Minecraft server, and every iteration of it afterwards. Even managed the Minecraft server for a little bit. I build in minecraft in my freetime, and play semi-regularly. COMMENTS: Contact me on discord if you need a refresher on who I am.
  7. Probably Go and Bash, if not just for their usefulness. Bash scripting is easily one of the best things to learn, and makes your job automating tasks ten times easier.
  8. Brian


    I'll acknowledge that I was being an ass back then. Some of the stuff I still see as funny banter, but I understand that the comments about management were out of line. Causing grief was never my intention, just to have some banter with someone and see who could throw it back harder. Again, I know this was inappropriate.
  9. Brian


    This pretty much. I've accepted that I'll never be perfect, but I can try being less of an ass.
  10. Brian


    Division Discord In-Game Name Brian Identity OnlyBrian#9562 Ban Type Server Ban Information Took some time to cool my head. Looking to get unbanned from discord, and only discord. Thanks in advance.
  11. Considering there's nothing left for me here, I'm out. I think I'm done with gaming communities and gaming in general. Peace out to everyone. Go ahead and remove my member tag.
  12. Yeah, I know. People that were once part of the community they loved dearly, and helped establish a great server with wonderful people, cool organization and leaving it in the hands of some great people come back a year later, and find that it's been dumbed down and replaced by people who defend fetish porn sprays then asks themselves "Why does this person hate me" is the worst thing to ever happen to this community. Gain some perspective. You think I do this for fun? Spend my time looking at my past work, at the community's past work, talking with older members of the clan like some jaded football players, reminiscing about the good old days back when it was a fun? I do it because I give a poop about stuff I've helped the community worked on, and don't like it being ruined by immature kids who think they know everything about the world when they haven't even hit their twenties. This is the exact behavior I'm talking about. Instead of asking "Where do you think this is going on?" or "Where you do think we need to improve?", you immediately start defending yourself and then complain that all of your problems somehow involve old members. And threatening to leave? If you can't handle criticism, you don't deserve to be here. Get gone and stay gone, or grow a spine and ask what you can do to make this a more enjoyable experience.
  13. Enjoy the show, because its probably the last popcorn moment from me.

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      please add me, i want to have your children


  14. Can we have a serious discussion about the nepotism going on in this clan? It's absolutely absurd. Take this thread for instance... It's about an admin using a suggestive furry porn spray. I personally believe that this shouldn't be happening, especially by someone who represents power in the organization. One person, @NitNat offers this suggestion: He made a simple statement, and within five minutes, he got four replies and the thread was closed by the very same people he's referring to. It's the community right now. A lot of them don't want to admit it, but the best way to get moderator isn't to show that you're hard-working, constantly on the servers and reminding others of the rules, but instead get real close to the current administration until you've got a spot in their private discord, at which you're pretty much a shoo-in all the way to administrator. Nobody wants to admit it though, because if they did, the facade would crumble, and they would have to take responsibility for their actions. If you looked at XenoGamers in the past, the best way to get staff positions was to be hardworking. Now all you have to do is talk up admins, and if you're a furry, it helps. I'm really sad to see the dying division head down this path, but there's not much you can do besides look at them and laugh. Take what happened to me for instance. I changed my name to "tired of the tf2 badmins" and had the same group of people defending that it was justified, and not the clear overreaction it was. Was anybody punished for not obeying the handbook? Nope. I got my sentenced reduced to a day, even after the leader told them it was ridiculous. There's a reason I take breaks for months, and come back for a few weeks at a time. I enjoy playing TF2, but the community here has gone to poop with all the favoritism and staff taking things way to personally. I really hope yall can get on track with this. I'm tired of having to walk on eggshells, but if you can't handle some banter or even some lite playful trolling, then what the fudge are you doing being a mod in the first place. I refuse to acknowledge anyone that gets seriously angry about what a person says about them on the internet, especially if they have some semblance of power. Grow a thicker skin, or step down. I tried to put this as civilly as possible, and if the thread gets closed, then so be it. This is pretty much the last post I'll ever make on these forums anyway. Maybe a goodbye thread.