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  1. why dont the mods and admins just ignore that rule because its stupid and no one will complain since nom hardly goes onto the server anyway Edit: also the sheer fact that nom thinks that the mods and admins can cope with people complaining every 5 seconds about spawn-camping is unreal i mean most maps spawn are literally 10 feet away and the fact that nom can make rules out of his ass is another thing because he has the liberty to be a DL and because he cant take being called an abusing on the chin is another thing and also the fact that how he can just change rules cause hes a DL and he expect everyone to agree with a stupid fucking idea pisses me off
  2. i've been in xG for a year and over the past couple of weeks i haven't really played tf2 cause i've felt like i've forced myself to do so. this isn't out of spite its just that i don't find the server fun anymore and when dont get me wrong it is sometimes fun but my my charm for tf2 has diminished. also there is the fact that i do get frustrated that i'm literally playing at a disadvantage with living in England and all (that hasn't stopped me playing American servers though). And I feel that some parts of the tf2 div are not my cup of tea "cough" JB "cough". but don't get me wrong, this clan has given me very good moments and also giving me a chance to be a mod and an admin which i thank it for. i will join the server now and again and maybe joining TS but my love for the servers has diminished. so goodbye xG its been fun while it lasted. @kbrazz make sure the tf2 div stays alive and well will ya :3
  3. creating hats is srs bsnss
  4. i hate people who say "selling a hat" and when you ask what hat they just ignore you until you trade them. also hate it when African goes pyro
  5. magikkarpFAIL

    The Wu Tf2

    what the shit is this fuck
  6. tbh its really disrespectful to the fans of oculas rift because before they were bought out they were getting donations from people who thought that this was going to be a success or be interesting, and its just a big kick in the teeth to anyone who donated any of the $2 million for the kick starter only for facebook to go "NOPE.avi gunna buy this shiet for $2 billion cause we want virtual farmville N shit"
  7. solider stoogie having gentle smoke? people with super computer cant demoknight turn easier that normal ones? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3ALwKeSEYs
  8. magikkarpFAIL

    Game Giveaway

    i'm interested plz
  9. that was for a modding contest that tf2 emporium were doing to make people more interested and give more ideas for end of the line
  10. yeah but the end valve hasnt said jack shit about the end of the line or even if its confirmed, so were just going off speculation for this sort of thing
  11. the last time they added weapons was the mecha update which was over a year ago, there hasn't been that much of a gap since tf2 was made (at least there making shitty weapons better "cough" fuck the short circuit "cough")
  12. I don't see valves problem with not putting new weapons there just like "NOPE.avi GUNNA POOT MORE HATZ CAUZE THATZ WHAT PEOPLE LIEKZ" and not giving us new weapons on the steam workshop that look awesome. Maybe we can hope for a update that'll give at least one weapon per class slot. A man can dream
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    probably my favorite movies are Rush and the Cornetto trilody (shawn of the dead, hot fuzz and at worlds end)