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  1. kbraszzz


    user is not a member -closed
  2. kbraszzz


    user is not a member -closed
  3. You fucking suck

    1. realBelloWaldi


      what the heck bro

      dont say that

      dan is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! -.-

  4. Giving out bans and such for credits? That is a whole new level.
  5. Like do you mean it this time? You came back like twice and then vanished into the void in less then a month. +1 still a great guy tho. M:7/10 A:??? ( Am I even allowed to put down ?)
  6. I've made a lot of tough decisions ever since I got DM then obtained DL then finally CL/CM but none of them are harder than this one I'm stepping down from CM to Member and will be removing my own powers shortly after posting this. Since @Aegean came back everything has gotten way better and there are no longer giant retarded shitstorms to take care of. @Bello has control of the TF2 division and is a great DL so no real problems there. (Besides valve forgetting about the game) @Lithium has a solid grasp on the ever growing CS:GO Division and @Bleed is his guardian angel. It would seem a good amount of people want me to step down now and I shall oblige them. I have been here for four years and I don't have the time or the passion anymore I much rather do something else then play TF2 or CS:GO with what time I have. I'm not active on teamspeak because most the people I enjoyed have left I only really come on to see @Vector and that is still not often. I'm not gonna make a huge list of tags because you know if I hate you or not. It was a fun run while it lasted. Goodbye.
  7. @Bello He has 3.3 hours when he posted this. Just giving you that heads up.
  8. I thought Vector explained it fine. I work full time at the dear old terrible Walmart and TF2 has been going down hill ever since 2015's halloween update. I'm also just not a fan of CS:GO's Jailbreak/minigames. Teamspeak activity dropped because most the people I enjoyed chatting have went somewhere else, So I have just been watching the forums and helping Bello when he asks. And the Caleb comment has to be the only huge asshole thing I have ever posted AND I don't regret it. That clear it up?
  9. Shit man this one is real? Hope to still see you around, I'm starting to feel the same way Valve has been really killing TF2.
  10. Promotions CSGO @virr from Moderator to Administrator @Stevenn from Member to Probationary Moderator @BullseyeX from Member to Probationary Moderator Demotions CS:GO @Charles from Administrator to Member (stepped down) @DrLee from Moderator to Member (inactivity) TF2 @TacoSmasher47 from Moderator to Member (stepped down) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible.
  11. He got on a alt and used aimbot again. He is now IP banned. -Closed