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  1. Not sure if CS has non-vote calling votekick (e.g. you have to manually type it, a server vote isn't called), but from my time modding TF2 a while back, it was abused fairly frequently on younger kids or annoying people (not that it makes it okay ofc)
  2. How long is it gonna be up for? I need a place to level my knife :coffee:
  3. My PS4 should be getting here on Friday, so anyone have any must-have exclusives? (I have a PC, so non-exclusives would be a waste of money). I'll already have the uncharted collection as well. Anything else worth of note? (other than TLOU and Until Dawn) I like chinese cartoon games as well. Tagging @Yu_Narukami since he said he'd get a PS4 around this time (lack of P5 may have affected that)
  4. Just as a note, I have a blue switch keyboard at my mom's place (currently using the red switch at my dad's) Some observations on the blue: Holy shit this thing is loud. Seriously. Amazing for typing. Some observations on the red: Not as loud, but there's still some noise. Very good for touch typing, but that means that you might accidentally press a key that you didn't mean to while resting your hand. I personally haven't noticed much of a difference between either one in terms of games. If you're set on blue switches, I really recommend that you buy some O-Rings, as they can help cut down on the massive noise that they sometimes make.
  5. Izanagi

    120 Hz Monitors

    o-okay, don't tag the guy who calibrated monitors for his school's photo club, o-okay. Jokes aside, any size requirements? (i.e. 23/24 inches or 27 inches)
  6. If that's all you're going to play, a GTX 980 is overkill. Most AAA games experience a moderate performance loss (10 FPS or so) while running on Wine and lose out on many features that you'd expect to have, since Wine has no plans to implement DirectX 10 or beyond in the nearby future, so most of the bells and whistles in modern games that will be using your GPU heavily will be missing. (See stuff like SSAO/HBAO, tesselation, etc.) Also, Linux GPU drivers are never as good as Window's. Just do what @Stickz suggested and pirate it. If you care so much about a company spying on you (which they probably aren't, aside from maybe running some metrics or some BS like that on which programs you use) then you should probably consider moving to the woods, as the NSA has spied on many, many foreign countries in the past couple of years, including Germany (Merkel's phone calls, I believe)and the UK. Also, you should be anonymous if they collect any data, especially if you pirate it and don't use a Windows account. Considering the games you play, a GTX 760 or 960 will probably be enough to drive you. All of those games that you mentioned shouldn't need anything beyond a GTX 560TI or its equivalents (closest thing I can think of is an HD 7850), which is ancient.
  7. I mentioned WoW. A raid is this. I would've capitalized it if I meant that kind of RAID (BECAUSE IT'S AN ACRONYM) As you can see from @Hushpuppy's post (thanks m8), there's concrete evidence. Between an i5 and an i7, there was almost no net increase in that example. A lot of other benchmarks, like Far Cry 3's, Far Cry 4's, and others prove this. You can also look at the links @Hushpuppy provided (seriously, thank you) for more. By Intel processors (especially considering this range) I'm talking mainly about the i5 and above. You know what I meant, but you're just trying to be a smartass. If I'm pulling stats from my ass, how about you back up yours? Please don't use games that are famous for being CPU dependent, since they don't show what the AVERAGE experience should yield. (I'm looking at you, Skyrim)
  8. lol wut. SSDs are nice, they speed up boot time and the general performance of Windows/your OS. You definitely don't need it for all your games, especially since loading times shouldn't be too crazy outside of heavily modded Skyrim (haven't played it in ages now, so vanilla might also apply) and other, similar games. What SSDs should have: Windows/OS (duh) Your most frequently launched programs/smaller games Games that have crazy long loading times/glitches/performance issues on HDDs (I think Arkham Knight got a slight performance boost from SSDs, but I can't remember where I read that) What HDDs should have: Most downloaded files Movies and general media Everything else. I don't disagree with where you said it helps changing maps, which it does, but most people that have been on our servers to be members usually have all the most-used/good maps downloaded already. I also agree that SSHDs are a really good way to make consumers lose money/performance (Jack of all trades, master of none argument). To finish off my insight into SSDs, 256 GB is probably enough. I have a 120 GB one (840 Evo) in my desktop at my mom's place and I have to go through it with something like Windirstat (did I spell that right?) every year or so, but it's good. Considering that you can buy a 256 GB SSD for around the same price as my Evo last year, it's definitely got a great cost: performance ratio. Mechanical keyboards are on a whole 'nother level though. I have two (one Kailh (sadly) blue switch and one cherry mx red switch. They have greater than longevity (for example, my dad's IBM mechanical keyboard lasted for over 20 years), are usually even nicer to type with, since you can get feedback (idk what the exact term is) and the actuation force is based on your needs/hands. They're not essential, but saying that they'd break quickly (or implying, which is what your post sounded like) is just incorrect. lolwut. Games rely a lot more on the CPU in nearly every case, with exceptions including the games you just mentioned and stuff like WoW, where raids and shit really depend on the CPU. Moving along, GPUs don't just take what's processed. GPUs are really, really good at doing a bunch (a bunch is an understatement) of simple calculations really quickly. CPUs love doing complex calculations. Most games (bar their physics engines and other stuff like that) don't use CPUs to perform most of the tasks, like Anti-Aliasing and rendering (exceptions to this include emulators like PCSX2, which are more CPU reliant.). While a good CPU is absolutely integral to the performance of Windows and programs that rely mostly on it, video cards have a lot more of an impact. If you want proof, look at benchmarks of games on sites like Tom's Hardware, where the CPU is kept constant and the GPUs are changed, then the opposite. In most well-made games (Read: Not a shitty port), the CPU will net, at most, a 10-20 increase in FPS. In most cases the difference between a GTX 960 and a GTX 970 (or a 970 and 980 at higher resolutions) will gain more. That 10-20 FPS estimate I made was based off of Skyrim. If we include just Intel processors, you'll be lucky to see a 10 FPS gain in most games. I definitely agree with you on the PSU. Since SLI 980s (or even 970s) for 1080P is overkill, 600w is perfectly fine here. Sorry if it seems like I'm being harsh or nitpicky, but I really hate faulty info being tossed around. @Hushpuppy (I'd quote your post if xenforo or whatever we're using atm wasn't being shit and not doing it properly), processors really make a difference in streaming games/video editing (CUDA acceleration my ass, Adobe Premiere). Aside from that, you're correct. Now, back to the OP @The_Unlit_Torch : If you're planning to stick to your monitor and are absolutely deadset on one of these GPUs, get a 980, since a 980 TI is beyond overkill, like others have said. You'll probably be fine with a 970, in all honesty. Manufacturer recommendation: I haven't shopped for cards in a long time, but I'd sincerely recommend EVGA (honestly not sure if they offer support where you're from). They have decent coolers (except on their first rev. 970s, which they've shuffled out). Their customer service/support is one of the best in the business. Their trade up program (not sure about the name) is also a consideration. [/wall]
  9. @Kyoko @SuperMaddud @Haxx I need a whitelist to the server. My MC name is Thanatos_Telos (Kirito already knows my MC name, but w/e.)
  10. @SuperMaddud @Haxx pls help with perms. Game is literally unplayable for me. Add me on Steam or just ask Kirito for more info.
  11. Ban Appeal: The Wraith-ist (please Move To The Appropriate Board) | Xeno Gamers Vector's story. Ban Appeal: The Wraith-ist (please Move To The Appropriate Board) | Page 2 | Xeno Gamers Bonfire's story. Ban Appeal: The Wraith-ist (please Move To The Appropriate Board) | Page 2 | Xeno Gamers Forest still being a CL. -1, see @Chrono's post for reasons, especially and my links inb4 shitstorm inb4 bugger off inb4 smelly inb4 drunk inb4 blaze it inb4 nerd
  12. Are you talking about this one? If so, he was ban-ana'd by IggyIgs (For 2 months, 1 week, 2 days, 10 hours, and 39 minutes-wow, that is oddly specific, random big number I guess?) Now, since it was done after this was posted, I'm assuming that either: A: @Bach or @kbraszzz told him to do it. B: Iggy thought that this was enough and went for the ban on his own. Probably A, since (read the thread that I linked). Since I don't play TF2 anymore, I'm just gonna +1 this ban, since he admitted it in that thread I linked and this proof compounds it enough. While the context isn't the clearest, he did admit that he did mass freekill. IIRC, when I used to be mod, I permed a member for massing and leaving. I don't know if he got unbanned, but I do remember that @Akatsuki (Espeon) is trying to use the same argument that failed back then.
  13. Izanagi

    Halp me

    What I'm saying is that CSGO trading is pretty different from TF2 trading, since ALL items have exact dollar values. I can see what's happening here. If you want to be successful, say they can make offers as well on it. Hell, try to see if it looks FN, if it does, screenshot and say so.
  14. Izanagi

    Halp me

    This is what I see. Nice try, git.gud @trading.