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  1. why was i given a john cena'd on my application
    1. Thorax_


      You are gonna see that a lot.... :3 I mean a lot as in pretty much every post you see with have that rating.
    2. Flowey


      ok I get that but why do they have to randomly just give me a bad rating?
  2. Happy, hoping to be member
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    2. Tsuchikure


      *ahem* @[106722:@ArminArmout] *ahem*
    3. ArminArmout


      hello, im a diehard undertale fan. but idk your name on the servers so I don't know if you're active lot or not
    4. Flowey


      I like undertale too my name on the server was flowey but then i changed it to my original which is Cursed;luck
  3. Hey dude how do i rate you
  4. hey I would like to rate you but how
    1. Oden


      i guess just go to the ratings tab when you are posting a comment nut rating is really only for specific posts
  5. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: Flowey Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68317106 Banned: No Previously a Member in xG: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: 5 to 6 hours Age: 13 Further Information: I love this server its better than others the admins don't abuse and they are all very nice that is why I would like to become a member