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  1. hello fellow cs:s comrade
  2. don't forget to bring your girlfriend for this family friendly fun with friends ;)
  3. Stuff like this, and the "I don't think that's the way we want to be seen as a community." argument confuse me. How is a NSFW channel bad when: It clearly states with an alert the size of the entire discord UI that you must be 18+ to view upon first clicking on it we don't even accept people that young into the community it's used as a vent to keep some of that content out of other channels we (can) have a rank that you have to manually add yourself to access the channel (virr said he has this ready to go, so it's not actually implemented yet, but this can still be a point) and a few (respected, even) members here act in such a way during a normal day anyways? On mic, especially. Silence for goddamn sure. I don't recall this clan trying to cater towards creating a safe haven for 10-year-olds to play on tf2 servers and then not be allowed to join the community because they're not old enough? If anything, I remember kids around that age being restricted from talking on their microphones. Don't get me wrong, I know servers are supposed to be PG- 13, but I'm pretty sure it's because if NSFW was allowed, it would be taken too far, or be too far in the gray areas and make the entire environment an uncomfortable one, thus making it extremely difficult or stressful to moderate.
  4. Even if it's an NSFW channel, I still don't think it would give leeway for excessive or blatant negativity/bullying/death threats/illegal material/whatever else you can do to ruin somebody elses day. Those people, despite how rare they are, can still very easily be banned, and their messages deleted. I'd like to think that it's alright because it's usually just filled with butts (unless silence is online,) while also giving any curious onlookers a giant warning about the contents inside. But if some people *really* can't handle it because "I want the community that I'm in to be pg- 13 so children can show their parents" for god-knows what reason, then the best bet would be to just add an extra layer of pg- 13 and add a rank specifically made for the NSFW channel. It's really not that hard.
  5. bday boixx
    1. Tsuchikure


      Ah, yeah, forgot about that. Thank you. :d Lost count of how many birthdays I've had in here. Too lazy to spend 5 minutes to go back and check.
  6. Shit. I just finished typing my reply. Oh well, I'll post it anyways for the heck of it, just gonna make it less noticeable and for it to be the last one. Have fun scrolling past. :^) - Ah, that's a bit better. Hmm, I personally think that despite *trying* to be active (unless being on radio silence for a long duration, referring to HighSociety as an example), and you can't meet activity quotas under said *trying* conditions, then if you're doing a well enough job, you would probably be given leniency. That in itself should have little to do with trust. I don't know how well he did with his job while being inactive at the time, so I have limited ability to speak here. Though, I believe he mentioned that he had good reason to not be active at the time. Not sure who he may have mentioned the inactivity to, but that could also have been another time as well and I could be completely wrong.
  7. Without any more context, sounds to me like he finally stepped down when he was told he was being too inactive. Sounds like he did the right thing, then? Dunno. Anyways, this whole "I can't trust you since I thought you should be active, and you were in your eyes, but you weren't in my eyes, so I feel betrayed" thing is ..strange. Even if he's a mod or admin, shouldn't he be getting less leniency regarding activity now compared to a DM?
  8. I suppose ^ already spoke, with it being a case-by-case basis with this sort of context, and I don't mean to drag it on, but to add an extra voice: Skipping mod just means you're capable, trusted, and in most cases already well experienced. Which he is. As far as I know, and in my opinion, it does not, and should not involve a case of 'fairness' when you've already done the same job (or more) for the same group that you're re-applying to unless there's a strict nonmember->member->mod->admin->etc rule*, or if you've had some nasty interactions which got you... 'out of the job' in the first place. ...I guess that was just another way of putting what other people said. Why do i write this stuff? *This would probably have torn this place apart already.
  9. oh, hey, i remember you. how's it going?
  10. I had found GMod on my old windows XP, and I *sort of* liked it... Better than any games the garbage can of a PC could run anyways. But every single map was full of the accursed purple-black checkerboards, and after about a month I was sick of it. I decided to get some steam cash and bought a couple games that I knew would fix the errors and bad textures, but it seemed like a waste deciding to simply buy the games for their textures on GMod and not play them. I installed CS:S to see how it was, and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of server types there was, and how fast it started up and continued to run(Yes, my old PC was that bad). 'Course, my first thought was to join a server that looked like fun. In this case, "xG Jailbreak #1 Last CT | Bombs". Since it was very well populated, being near full and was playing an interesting-looking gamemode with features that I had never heard of before. I joined and simply watched everybody else play most of it. I was super worried about accidentally breaking rules, as I am today, but still had a lot of fun watching the shenanigans people were managing to pull off. So after a little bit I just played with the intent of trying not to do anything fishy, as well as never play on CT until I get the hang of the mode. Eventually I caught on and had a load of fun when i did it casually. Joined about a month after, and had the time of my life in future years. "Jailbreak" was the mode that had consumed several years of my life. After settling in for a while I don't think I had anybody who had negative feelings going both ways, and after a while, I played up to 17 hours a day. Nothing but jailbreak, practicing my bhop when nobody else was around. I was the first to join, last to leave the server, beating r0bot in the hiscores. Those were extremely fun times. Also, hub. [spoiler=I guess some screenshots work.][MEDIA=imgur]a/VQJQg[/MEDIA]
  11. YZ566-BQT0A-8W2IK Alien Run
  12. I don't think it really matters. People say that everything is being snatched up instantly, but those same people seem to find a key that's unused. I'm pretty sure it's just because some people are taking one but not posting. Doesn't really make much sense to take a couple and stop for those kind of people.