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  1. Nothing going on in CSGO I see :(
  2. Oden

    this thing on

    I would to, but seriously lets bring back CSGO
  3. I am not inactive I am just trying to fix my CSGO. The event Viewer log says Event ID 1000, plz help
  4. Hey Guys Sorry for not being as active, I am getting an error when ever I join a game on CSGO. Event ID 1000
  5. SOS! CSGO is DEAD!!! Please send HELP
    1. S1mpleDuck


      csgo is not dead it is just chilling while dying
  6. Oden

    Looking For Staff

    I would love to give you guys a hand
  7. Joking or not that is still a threat but I know you would never ddos the server you have been here to long for that nonsense. +1
  8. I know we have a teamspeak and all but, I was wondering if xG CSGO division (if not all of xG) could get a discord server. It is totally free and discord is overall more user friendly. This is just an idea that i hope you guys will look into. @Chrono
  9. hmmmm...good so far but I am going to stay neutral for now:coffee:
  10. Enjoying Life...well trying to