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  1. Not sure where everyone went, but I wish you all the best

  2. btw am i supposed to be getting ads? Ever since the xG ads started showing in the middle of the screen i've been getting normal/video ads again
    1. realBelloWaldi


      No you're not [supposed to be GETTING ads]
  3. my old server shut down so i came right on over to TGH (it is 95% the same as my old server. only difference is a few RTDs and the bunnyhop plugin)
  4. am i going to need to pull up my donation receipts again and get my profile fixed? I am uber donator but my profile only lists me as having donated 20 dollars (i made two donations totalling 50). Just wanting to know incase my donator powers are at risk
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    2. virr


      It's windows 10 with classic shell
    3. realBelloWaldi


      @[107538:@virr] stop stalking me I can speak for myself
    4. virr


      No, no you cant
  5. oh man thank yall for adding low gravity! when does this take effect though? seems i cant use it on gaming history. and sm_gravity is for use in console and not a chat command right? UPDATE: After map change power still doesnt work. says [sM] no matching client was found UPDATE 2: gotta add @me after sm_gravity. works. ty very much!
  6. yeah msay can definitely be distracting since it affects your gameplay inputs. I don't use it for that reason.
  7. i never quit tf2, just im always off and on. if a new game comes out or something i disappear till i get bored of it, then hop back on. also out of curiosity, what are M: and A: for?
  8. Dunno if I am putting this in the right section, but I have a request. Would it be possible to add a Low Gravity power to the Uber donator tier? Though i am sure if this were made, you wouldnt be allowed to fight while using it. I mainly just like jumping around/flying around in low gravity. And yes I know there is noclip, but I figured I would ask anyway.
  9. In-Game Name: Dullapan, Butter, Araquanid, Officer Bad Touch Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40390154 Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: on and off for at least a year Age: 25 Reasons for Joining: I don't see a reason why not to apply. I played for a while, donated, and decided to see if I could join.
  10. dunno if this was reported yet, but i found another issue that can crash people's games if they use pyrovision. if using pyrovision, using the burning red unusual effects (donator plugin power) on a melee weapon (might work with other weapon slots) and repeatedly changing weapons back and forth causes the effect to stack over and over. if done enough, the user's game will crash. but if done right, it can reduce their fps to the single digits. Other people in pyrovision can see this as well and will suffer the same effects just by being around someone who has done this. So abusers can use this on other players and either crash their games or lag them to hell. Actually it could cause guaranteed crashes. the effect is there but only affects you if you use pyrovision, so the user can do the method without using pyrovision. That way they wont lag but can insta-crash anyone with pyrovision. UPDATE: with some testing from cooperative people, other players have reported seeing this even without pyrovision equipped. So this could be even worse than suspected. The effects are removed by either dying or using shred alert. Also, on an unrelated note, the entire unusual plugin doesnt work if the prinny knife is equipped. it causes a constant weapon switch and fighting is impossible.
  11. so a while back I discovered an exploit on cyberpunk and feel like i need to mention it, since it can really affect the gameplay. If you activate low gravity and teleport out of the DJ room, anyone who teleports out of the low gravity DJ room will have perma low grav until they die or go to a supply locker. Dunno if this can be fixed, but I feel like it is worth bringing this up.
  12. I have no idea where to post this kind of topic, so I guess here is my best bet. Applying Unusual effects via !unusual to the Prinny Machete causes an ammo weapon reset loop and you become unable to switch weapons or fire/attack. Wanted to report this so this issue could possibly be fixed.
  13. Hey, have you got your powers yet?