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  1. i still have full source bans access

    1. virr



  2. guys !? how do i delete my account    ?            ?

  3. there's no way this guy is over the age of 13. kids do dumb shit like that all the time, i won't hold it against you in the future. goodbye mr 1488 if you actually are above the age of 13, please go outside. you're taking yourself way too seriously. nobody cares.
  4. left you (the cool one ) right kypari (the smart one )
  5. I have like 10€ left on steam, is there any game i should get during the sale?

  6. i hate to be that type of guy but this website is so boring nowadays

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    2. ScottNi


      true true 😥

    3. Tatost


      it's because no one in the community is funny anymore 😞

    4. Forest


      Because nobody has an active interest in taking initiative at the moment. Mind you, I'm inactive as hell so I can't really be one to talk 😂

  7. 37°C here. thats 98 fahrenheit. help

    1. mrnutty12


      Perfect weather for me. 🙂
      Would advise going to a pool or something tho, staying indoors with ac is a popular option too I'm told...

    2. Giraffes


      You're fine! Try Arizona  WE HITTIN TRIPLE DIGITS BABY!

  8. hi

    1. realBelloWaldi
    2. hongkongatron


      when are we playing overwatch

    3. realBelloWaldi


      overwatch is such a shitty boring game i am unable to comprehend how people even remotely enjoy playing it

  9. you must mistake me for @kypari lmao im neither from the uk, have watched exactly one anime in the past three years and am as far away from a furry as you could be
  10. damn would really love to play but i feel like my ping would kill me, nevertheless a great idea
  11. Win! I turned Shadower's burial ceremony anthem into a revial song!


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    2. PolarCoded


       imagine trying to talk as hood as you can🤣🤣

    3. Goblins


      YEAH HOE

    4. Tatost


      thank you for blowing out my ears at 1:40 in the morning